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Jan 1994Jun 1997

Associate in Applied Science

Sep 1988Aug 1992

Bachelors of Science

Sampling of Published Articles

Work experience

Feb 2008Present

Consultant, Council Member, GLG Educator

·Member of Media, Tech, and Telecom Council, GLG Educator.

·Focus on South Korean market, emerging iPhone competitors

Apr 2007Jan 2008

CBS News, Seoul Bureau

·Edited and researched; events covered included Pyongyangsummit, street protests, and rallies.

·Contributed to coverage of Virginia Tech tragedy and of kidnappings in Afghanistan.

·Adept at press conferences, on-camera interviews.

Apr 2007Jun 2007


Company Confidential

·Investigated and mapped U.S. Beef supply chain to Korea in preparation for market reopening.

Feb 2006Apr 2007

Editor, English Language Section

The Maeil Business Newspaper

·Established the English Language Section ofa giant Korean business newspaper.

·Hired three direct-report Korean translator staff and a vice-editor.

·Produced daily news reports and formulated oversea marketing strategy.

·Anchored subscription-based video web-cast,CEO Briefing.

·Wrote editorials promoting domestic and foreign business opportunities in Korean market.

·Identified best practices and trained staff to write in AP Style.

Aug 2005Jan 2006


Unico Executive Search

·Teamed withLarge Industrial, Pharmaceutical, and Consumer sections on joint projects.

·Conducted global search to identify and persuade U.S. and Canadian aero-derivative turbine alloy experts to interview with major Korean conglomerate; negotiated compensation; placed best candidate.

·Wrote psychological screening test for engineering candidates; closed contracts with India-based firms.

Nov 2004Aug 2005

Marketing Manager

Hyundai Information Technology

·Marketed biometric solutions, CRM, ERP, AFIS, and digital Seafarer ID to Middle East and S.E. Asia.

·Provided foreign government delegates technical tours, presentations of the Yong-in Secure Data Center.

·Business contacts made in Middle East, S.E. Asia, and Pakistan; gained knowledge of Islamic customs and banking.

Aug 2004Oct 2004


Seoul National University, Graduate School for Public Administration

Proofread and edited academic articles which were published in the book, “Hanbando Boongwae” (The Coming Collapse on the Korean Peninsula) ISBN 89-255-0175-9, with subjects that included German food aid to the malnourished in North Koreans and future scenarios for Korean unification.Learned about the strategic diversion of foreign food aid from starving villages to military bases, based on North Korea’s “Military-First” policy.

Project affiliated with the Free University of Berlin and the Hanns-Seidel Foundation.

Nov 2003Feb 2004

Television Actor/Announcer

Li Yang Corporation

Promoted English language cassettes on live television broadcasts; seen Korea-wide. 

Networks included Woori, LG, and Nong-su-san.

Jun 2003Sep 2003

Graduate School Summer Intern

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Researched North Korean threat to Japan, U.S., and South Korea at Institute for Foreign Affairs and National Security and Ministry of Unification’s North Korea Library.

Jun 2003Sep 2003

Graduate School Summer Intern

Hyosung Corporation

Rewrote Annual Report and promotional materials for product lines.

Sep 2002Jun 2003


Shinsegae Corporation

Copywriting, planning advertising campaigns, promotions, website changes.

Feb 2002Mar 2002


American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) Korea

Organized document files on American business interests in the Korean market.

Transcribed interviews for the Publications Department.

Removed student-built furniture barricades from the office after their violent takeover and subsequent eviction by riot police.

Sep 2001Feb 2002

English Instructor

Yonsei University

Taught college-level English to law and engineering students at a top Korean university.

Wrote syllabi, enforced standards and created specialized lessons to test and improve upon their skills.

Dec 1998May 2001

Advise/Assist Contractor

Sonseca Seismological Research Station

Relocated to Spain with Seismic Array advise/assist contract in support of U.S.-Spain data-sharing MOU.

Trained Spanish Government personnel and prevented damage to valuable precisionequipment.

Advised/assisted Spanish government personnel in their role as operators/maintainers of U.S.-owned seismological equipment, digitizers, data processors and waveform analysis gear.

Trained personnel how to disassemble, troubleshoot, calibrate and reassemble delicate electromechanical seismic transducers, adjust oscillators in custom digitizers, replaced custom chips, and more.

Adjusted radio transmitters/receivers and performed VSWR checks on all data links, verified C2 conditioning on the array-wide cable plant and assisted the host with upgrading the facility electrical system to modern European Union standards.

Maintained the U.S.-owned technical library and updated configuration documentation.

Designed and then persuaded the host nation to fund an integrated lightning protection/grounding system for the seismic array to end high voltage damage to remote equipment located on high impedance granite.

Analyzed, compiled and provided performance data in monthly reports to the U.S. Government contracting client.

Administered client and commercial seismic processing software used with Sun Microsystems workstations, which included vi, partition restoration, filesystem maintenance and archiving in a Solaris UNIX environment.

Was on-call to travel to Turkey as needed to assist mission support at the Ankara Seismological Station.

Found and eliminated a backdoor from the Spanish NDC to US AEDS Headquarters.

Detected a trail of unauthorized remote logins from a third-party U.S. government organization through US AEDS and blocked the repeat of such activity.

Assisted the Spanish with building new power supplies for their requisitioned Canadian-made digitizers.

Motivated teams to achieve goals that benefited U.S.-owned equipment by marketing to their needs.

Jan 1998Dec 1998

Intermediate Maintenance Technician

Geophysical Services and Products Company

Installed and upgraded seismological and hydro-acoustic equipment networksanddocumented Plant-in-Place surveys in Ivory Coast, Botswana, South Africa, Newquay, England, and Ascension Island in the South Atlantic Ocean.

Purchased new power systems, digitizers, hydro-acoustic amplifiers and related equipment for oversea trips. Built test beds for seismic data processors at the Dallas-based depot.

Solved logistics problems for Africa shipments.

Brought Southern Texas Array digitizer on-line and mission-capable.

Jan 1994Jan 1998

9S100 Applied Geophysics Specialist

Air Force Technical Applications Center (AFTAC, U.S. Air Force)

Monitored and directed worldwide maintenance and communication circuit restoration for 241 U.S. AEDS seismic and hydro-acoustic sites and their 74 long-haul links.

Troubleshot/installed/repaired the following: Tactical Information Broadcast System (TIBS) workstation, satellite transceiver and antenna, KG-84 and KG 194A COMSEC units, Heurikon VMEbus Data Link Processor minicomputers, building-capacity UPS.

Used STU-III encrypted telephones, secure facsimile, CC:Mobile, and Sarah-Lite.

Managed a legacy network of 21 LANs, a WAN, and programmed Cisco routers.

Used Borland, Vixta, Xave, dBpick, and analysis workstations for nuclear detonation (NUDET) waveforms.

Went to Alice Springs, NT, Australia to troubleshoot intra-site communications and assist with the Pine Gap data cassette airlift.

Provided numerous tours for military officers, journalists, and other un-cleared persons at the Operations Center.

Wonju Seismological Research Station WSRS (1994-1996)

Maintained a 26-instrument seismic array for US AEDS

Installed, maintained, calibrated, retrieved, and troubleshot Long, Short, and Broadband-configured KS36000 and 23900a sensors in a cable plant and mountaintop radio-data-linked system in central South Korea.

Troubleshot computer components to the IC pin-level and climbed mountains to install, aim and test antennas.

Volunteered and was appointed by the Commander as the unit Public Affairs Representative.Published an article and updates in the Monitor magazine. Gave Distinguished Visitor site orientation and tours.Explained Korean customs, culture, and history to visiting American military officers and WSRS technical orientation to the first contingent of Korean government scientists.

Technical School (1994)

Military Seismology, electronics, et al.81 college credits.Electronic Principles from the beginning up to microprocessors, including tank circuits, waveshaping, ELI, ICE, RCL calculations, Ohm, Kirchoff, binary, hexadecimal, nuclear device fundamentals.A 40-hour class week for over 9 months, all under military instruction.

Top Secret/SCI