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Work experience

Jun 2014Aug 2014

Archery range master

BSA Del Webb scout camp

As a Archery Range master i would over see all of the lessons taught about archery, i taught how to string a bow and how to make arrows and bow strings, how to shoot, and i would watch the range.

May 2013Aug 2013

Archery and Rifle instructor, Archery Range instructor.

BSA Thunder Ridge scout camp

As a Archery and Rifle instructor i would teach scouts how to use, care for, and safety measures for the bow and any gun.

As a Archery range instructor i would watch the range to make sure no one got hurt, to add up scores, instruct on range safety, and run the range.


Aug 2014Present


Snow College
Feb 2013May 2014

High School Deploma

North Sevier High School


A good listener
I am very good at handling feed back and can respond to anything to the best of my abilities in a calm manner.
Social media knowledge 
I know how to run a FaceBook account, I have a YouTube account with subscribers, and i know how to run a Twitter account. 


Hi, my name is Collin Oleen Jensen, i like to ride bikes, play the flute, draw, write stories, and play PC games, i have a YouTube channel called Acronza1 where i have done mostly game plays and game reviews, i also run a Twitter account and a few FaceBook accounts.                                                                                                                                                                                    I am honest and truthful, I will state my opinion in any situation and can be unmovable, I am true to my word and I never back down.                                                                                                                                                                                                              I am good at giving feed back and can handle stressful situations while staying calm at the same time.