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My personal interests vary greatly. I have a great passion for reading, and especially love crime novels and mysteries, but have read many other genres. I enjoy the outdoors and staying active; sports and athletics have always been a major part of my life, and I participated in volleyball, basketball, and track and field from a young age, and continued my volleyball career through my first two years of university. I am an avid amateur photographer, and am slowly building my personal portfolio and collection.

I enjoy personal, social, and professional networking, taking on new tasks and adventures, as well as exploration and travel. 


Still being a college student has left my mind open to new opportunities. I am studying Communications, Public Relations and Marketing, about to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts. I have current experience in all of  these fields through working at an internship at St. Mary's Food Bank Alliance this past spring, and currently working as a summer employee for the Health and Home Care Society of BC, in the Community Relations and Communications departments, respectively. I have learned many applicable and industry-related skills through my schooling and these two jobs: I have written a great number of press releases and newsletter articles, including putting together two electronic newsletters for the Health and Home Care Society of BC. I focused a lot of my time at the Health and Home Care Society on social media, especially Twitter and Facebook, and at St. Mary's I was able to participate in a number of fundraising and awareness raising events. My work experience before this has varied, including reception work at a rec center; serving, hosting, and bartending in the restaurant industry; and working as a daycamp and birthday party leader for children. These employment opportunities allowed me to grow as a person: I acquired the skills to be able to communicate to various audiences, all on a whim. Through my experience as a birthday party leader, I was able to learn how to focus individual events and parties towards specific age groups and genders, in order to have the greatest amount of success. I learned proper customer service techniques, organizational skills, and found my own personal creativity.


My career objectives revolve around advancing in the Communications and Public Relations industries. I am a young, up-and-coming aspiring professional who is looking for experience, looking to gain knowledge of the industry, and looking to grow both personally and professionally.

I currently have experience in the Community Relations/Communications departments of two separate not-for-profit organizations, but I would not like to limit myself to this industry. I enjoy challenges and trying my hand at new tasks; I thrive on new opportunities.

I have experience in customer service, public speaking, creative writing, social media and networking, and event planning and management. I am personable, and have the ability and knowledge to reach out to various audiences, all while keeping my own integrity, and the integrity of the organization that I am advocating for.

I am proficient in Microsoft Office, Mac OS X and Windows operating systems, with some experience in Adobe Photoshop and inDesign. I enjoy working with computers, and am able to pick up new programs quickly.

Work experience

May 2011Present

Communications Assistant

Health and Home Care Society of BC

My duties and tasks at this non-profit organization vary greatly. I focus a lot of my time on social media, specifically Twitter and Facebook, writing posts and creating awareness for our organization. I also write press releases and newsletter articles, including putting together two separate bi-monthly electronic newsletters. I design posters and flyers when needed, including an advertisement for potential sponsors and participants for our golf tournament fundraising event. I was in charge of re-writing the copy for the Health Promotion Services section of the website, and edit and format all other sections, as well.

Jan 2011Apr 2011

Communications Intern

St. Mary's Food Bank Alliance

I participated in a for-credit internship program through my school. I was offered this internship by the Chief Communications Officer at St. Mary's Food Bank Alliance, Beverly Damore, after completing a marketing research project for her through a marketing research course I took in the fall semester of 2010.

My tasks were mostly focused around writing press releases, newsletter articles, and social media posts for various events, announcements, and calls to action. I was also able to participate in a number of fund raising and awareness-raising events for the Food Bank.

Oct 2010Apr 2011

Student worker / Front Desk Attendant

Grand Canyon University Student Recreation Center

I was a front desk attendant at the Student Recreation Center, where my duties involved supervising the center, checking student, staff, and employee identification, cleaning the center, and other clerical work.

Jul 2007Aug 2010

Hostess, Server

Boston Pizza

Boston Pizza was gracious enough to employ me for a total of four summers in between my school terms, between the two North Vancouver restaurants. For the first three years I was a hostess, with tasks such as seating guests, answering phone calls, receiving take-out and delivery orders, and cleaning tables. The final year of my employment with this company, I became a server, which also included some bar-tending. 

Jun 2006Jun 2008

Birthday Party Leader, Daycamp Leader

North Vancouver Recreation Commission

I started my relationship with the North Vancouver Recreation Commission in 2006 by joining their volunteer program, and volunteering as an assistant coach for their volleyball and basketball camps. Through my volunteering, I was able to secure a paid position later that year as a Birthday Party Leader and a Substitute Daycamp Leader.

As a Birthday Party Leader, I was in charge of customizing each party to suit the age groups and genders of the children attending, all while sticking to one of five different themes. It was also crucial to be able to converse and communicate well with the parents, to make sure that all party attendees were satisfied. These parties varied in size from six to twenty children. In the last year of this employment position, I became the Head Party Leader and was in charge of training new hires.

My Substitute Daycamp Leader position allowed me the opportunity to become the Head Spring Break Day Camp Leader for the 2008 camps. I organized and oversaw two separate camps with the help of one other leader. We were in charge of around fifteen children per camp.


Sep 2008Present

Bachelor of Arts

Grand Canyon University

Currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts in Communications program, with an emphasis in Public Relations, and numerous marketing and business courses as electives under my belt. I currently have a cumulative GPA of 3.97 on a 4.0 scale, and was invited into the Grand Canyon University Chapter of the Alpha Chi National Honor Society in February, 2011.


Public Speaking
I am comfortable speaking in front of a crowd. I developed this skill throughout high school, tweaked it by leading birthday parties, and perfected it in University by presenting class projects regularly and taking a public speaking course. A great public speaking accomplishment of mine was when I presented a marketing research project to the St. Mary's Food Bank Alliance's Board of Directors in January, 2011. I presented with just one other student.
Target Audience Identification and Communication
I first discovered the importance for proper target audience identification as a Birthday Party Leader, having to customize each party for the children and their parents. This skill transferred to my time in the restaurant industry, since it is crucial to be able to properly speak with and communicate with each patron.   In university, I learned the technical aspects behind this task, and was then able to further advance my skills and put them to work in a more professional manner in the Community Relations / Communications industries.
Digital Photography and Photography Editing
My skills for photography are quite advanced, as it is a passion and hobby of mine. I specialize in nature and architecture photography, but do not limit myself to these subjects.   Through my love of photography, I have picked up a hobby of digital editing. I have experience with Photoshop, Picknik, iPhoto, and Windows Photo Gallery.
Social Media and Networking
Started my personal Facebook page in 2006, and joined Twitter in 2011. At my summer job at the Health and Home Care Society of BC I focused a lot of my time on their social networking, and increased their Twitter network by over 250 followers. I have tried my hand at personal blogging, as well as mock professional blogging for school projects, and I recently opened a Flickr photostream to share my personal photography.
Microsoft Office
I have great amounts of experience with both the Windows and Mac versions of Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and Outlook (Entourage), and have recently mastered the Windows version of Publisher.


Serve It Right

British Columbia Liquor Board
Apr 2007Present

Principles of Healthy Child Development

High Five
Oct 2010Oct 2012

CPR and AED for the Community and Workplace

American Safety & Health Institute
Oct 2010Oct 2012

Basic First Aid for the Community and Workplace

American Safety & Health Institute