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Professional Experience

Jan 2011Present

Researcher, Copywriter and Copy Editor

  • Develop, design/execute analysis, write and edit content for high-level research reports, executive summaries of consulting reports, B2B communications, research results communications, and grant proposals
  • Review language, style, and content for books, reports, articles, digital and print advertisements, Ph.D. manuscripts, grant applications
  • Clients include international organizations (UNIDO, EU EEAS, European Parliament), university departments (KU Leuven Faculties of Law and Social Science), professors, junior researchers, law firms and non-profit organizations (Serve the City)
  • Draft and design news blasts, online B2C advertisements, and large format booklets
Sep 2015Present

Account Manager

  • Designed and implemented statistical demand forecasting research to aid company investments and track movements in local real estate sector
  • Managed housing solutions for 50+ international clients relocating to Brussels, handling the care, upkeep, and rental of 800 apartments.
  • Liaison between property owners and renters, drafting contracts and managing maintenance and cleaning teams in four languages.
  • Delivered thorough client relations experience to maintain occupancy rates between 78% and 85%

Research Fellow

KU LEUVEN, Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies
  • Managed the design and execution of a 7-year team project on Democracy and Global Governance. Conceptualized and implement long-term project on international trade and investment agreements.
  • Assembled dataset of 192 economies and employed Network Analysis, Actor-based modeling, document analysis, interview methods to analyze data. Presented work at 5 international conferences and 2 workshops.
  • Team member, Democracy and Global Governance Project. Executed case studies on governance institutions. Drafted 1 book chapter, 2 articles and 3 research notes on global governance and global public goods. Copy editor for project team, including 300+ page book.
  • Team member, UN Industrial Development Organization collaborative projects. Responsible for primary data collection and calculation of Connectedness Index for 190+ economies. Managed relations with organizational stakeholders. Lead author and editor of UNIDO's 2012 Connectedness Index. Conducted core research on trade and environmental issues for a chapter in the 2013 UNIDO Industrial Development Report.
  • Collaborated with private sector to generate original research on EU trade conditions, US-EU research and development policies, Rules of Origin, and legal barriers to EU market entry. Designed, administered, and coded surveys of 50 R&D firms. Co-authored and published 2 papers and presented results at 4 international conferences.
  • Organized PhD research sessions for 20 colleagues
  • HERCULES database manager and tester (A database containing 7000+ variables of economic, political, and legal data)
  • Teaching assistant (2013, 2014; 2 courses of 60+ students) and Masters Thesis Assistant (4/4 successful completion rate)
Jul 2012Sep 2015

Research Assistant

  • Coordinated research and grant proposal drafting on international trade, tax, and investment agreements. Empirically investigated Bilateral Investment Treaties, Preferential Trade Agreements, and the role of the EU Institutions (Parliament, the Commission, and the Council) in negotiating and executing trade and investment-related policies.
  • Authored and co-authored 4 research papers for presentation at international academic conferences. Published paper on trade approaches of various EU Commissioners.
  • Collected, analyzed, and calculated data for a database covering 16 international trade variables such as directional trade and the Revealed Comparative Advantage.
Jul 2007Apr 2009

Research Analyst

  • Provided quantitative and qualitative assistance in economic and financial analyses as support for expert witness testimony in engagements including antitrust, securities fraud allegations, patent infringement, labor discrimination, and valuations, as well as damage assessments in other types of economic litigation.
  • Create and analyzed data sets from information obtained in discovery, as well as related company, industry and academic literature; developed analytical economic and financial models; assisted in drafting expert reports/testimony; and managed casework and directed analysis.
  • Managed teams of 3-15 colleagues as well as relations with contracting firms in cases treating the technology sector, car industry, the healthcare sector, the grocery industry and the news/research sector.



Advanced Masters, European Politics and Policies (With Distinction)


Specialization in International Political Economy

Member, KU Leuven Model United Nations Team


Bachelor of Arts (Honors) 


Triple Major in Economics, International Affairs, Spanish Language and Literature

Summer Coursework at the United Nations, Fed Challenge Competitor