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Facilitate technology adoptions, communications plans, organizational transformation for diverse organizations. Deliver successful marketing, training, tutorials and educational content for today's diverse business environment. Background as change-management consultant, media producer, technical writer, project manager. E-learning, international sales/marketing, multilingual and multicultural localization, computer-based training. Audio production, voice recording, sound FX, original music for interactive, online and video production. Experienced voice talent.

Languages: Bilingual Spanish (spoken/written), basic Catalán; very good reading comprehension in most other Romance languages. Accustomed to dealing with multiple languages, cultures; understanding of technical issues for multicultural communication. Author of various books, interactive CD tutorial titles in the computer-assisted audio field, as well as marketing, proposals, newsletters, articles, etc. AUTHOR (books): Pro Tools 7 Power, 2nd Edition, ISBN #1‑59863-473-9, Course Technology/Cengage Learning (1st edition, ISBN #1‑59863-006-7) Pro Tools 6 Power, ISBN #1-59200-505-5 Pro Tools Power, ISBN #1-929685 (also available in French, ISBN #2-212-11190-8) Digital Audio Dictionary, ISBN #1-929685 AUTHOR (CD-ROMs): Pro Tools 7 CSi Starter: ISBN #1-59863-145-4, Pro Tools 6 CSI Starter, ISBN #1-59200-570-5, CSi Starter – Pro Tools LE: ISBN #1-59200-169-6, Cubase SX2 CSi Starter: ISBN #1-59200-368-0, CSi Master: Cubase SX: ISBN #1‑59200-164-5, CSi Starter – Pro Tools LE: ISBN #1-59200-169-6

CO-AUTHOR (CD-ROMs): Cubase SX3 CSi Starter: ISBN #1-59200-621-3, GarageBand CSi Starter: ISBN #1-59200-490-3 Also technical reviewer, copy editor for various other book and CD titles in related fields. Edited regular newsletter and two business-article blogs for area's largest translation company. VOICE TALENT:

Audiobook: "The Book of Right and Wrong," by Matt Debenham. Audiobook: "Peaceful Intent," by Harris Tobias. Five of the above CD tutorials, plus multiple online courses for corporate clients. Also 'Any Small Goodness,' 'When Tía Lola Came to (Visit) Stay,' 'Esperanza Rising' and 'Taking Sides': audiobook fiction for young people including some Spanish dialog (in addition to 15-20 other shorter works for Zaner-Bloser). Many other training/informational pieces for e-learning, training, corporate video.

Work experience




Content development, author of various books and tutorial CD-ROMs (for Course Technology/Cengage Learning, Delmar Publishing, Cool Breeze Systems, Prompt Publishing), creation of online content; VO scriptwriting/recording, technical editor and reviewer, sound design, original music for interactive, video and awards events, voice talent, consultant. Expert producer, project manager for multicultural, multilingual communications. Created a very large volume of video tutorials related to Office 2010 (Win) and Office 2011 (Mac) applications, recording voice narrations for these and similar educational products - in English, Spanish, etc., as well as dubbing video/interactive projects to diverse target languages.


Sr. Change Management Consultant


As a member of the Change Management and Learning team at Bluewolf, I facilitate our clients’ adoptions of new technologies (including, transformation of workflows and human interactions, and full engagement of all participants—through strategic change management planning, clearly defined goals, and tangible metrics that will lead to success. My responsibilities also include media production for eLearning narrations and also leverage my background in language localization.


Senior Media Producer

ASIST Translation Services, Inc.

Responsible for translation, localization of audio and video content to many different languages and cultures. Project management, process development, consulting for cultural diversity and preparation of content for multilingual delivery, casting, script development, in-house and subcontracted production. Proposal writing, marketing copy and corporate newsletter content. Voice-over recording, script development, original content production for multicultural audiences.


Account Executive & Producer

The Media Group

Account exec, producer, business development for one of the Ohio's foremost media production houses serving large corporate, healthcare and government clients. Exceeded sales targets and produced consistently successful, profitable projects. Project design, management, direct oversight for video production, audio recording, audiobooks, interactive, multimedia live event production, etc.


Writer, Interactive Content

Cool Breeze Systems

Developed text content for a series of interactive CD-ROMs and online courses, interactive glossary. Member of the development team that produced 6 interactive titles in the first generation of the CSi series distributed throughout the world, related to computer-assisted audio/music/broadcast production, and the CoolSchool Online learning environment.


Director Comercial

Ventamatic, S.A.

 As "Commerical Director," responsible for business development, distributor channel management, product evangelist for premier importer/master distributor of hardware/software for audio, music and broadcast production in Spain and Portugal, plus many other products related to "informática musical." Based in Barcelona, Spain.



Electronic Music Composition

University of Colorado at Denver


Composer, Musician, Engineer


Change Management

Sr. Change Management Consultant with a proven record of success. Adoption, Learning, Curriculum, Training, Communications design and execution, Change Strategies, Risk and Barriers to Change assessment, organizational change, process improvement.

Media Production
Technical Writer/Editor
Translation/Localization Project Mgmt
Digital Audio Editing/Production