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IT Professional -- 26 years experience. Started my computing experience at age three. Started Applegate Consulting at age nine. I am delightfully personable and my communication skills are excellent. I look forward to meeting and working with you all. I'm sure it will be a pleasure. I am working on acquiring as many certifications as I can over the years :) I play tennis, ping-pong, many video games, and very much enjoy using the "super computer" I built recently.

Intel Core i7 8-core Haswell-E
48GB DDR4-2400
1.2TB Intel 750 Series PCI-E SSD
GeForce TITAN Z Series 12GB 768-bit GDDR5
Razer Mouse and Keyboard
4K Monitor by Samsung

Active Certifications:

  • A+ IT Technician
  • Network+
  • Server+
  • Security+
  • Mac 10.7 Basic Integration

Plan to acquire:

  • Linux+
  • CCNA
  • CCNP
  • CCIE
  • Apple Certifications

Consulting Rate - $45 - $800
Ideally, one day, say, when I'm 75 years of age and my corporation is making trillions of dollars, my consulting rate will be $72,000,000/hour. :)


Develop what I love to call "The Startrek Enterprise with a customizable music studio" and deliver it to every human being on the planet that uses mobile broadband services. My technology does not use cell towers, something top secret and far superior! ;-) The technology is light years beyond what Research in Motion, Google or Apple has to offer. I have begun to develop true superiority. Eternity Incorporated will be based in Washington, DC. I seek great riches to lift the poor out of poverty. The world needs help. I'm going to do my part to the best of my ability. And I want to live in a castle with a moat. no crocodiles though. ;)

Work experience

Oct 2014Present

Chief Executive Officer

Eternity Incorporated

Primary Innovator and Manager of the Corporation: 0-Day Tech in All Eternity Inc.'s ventures rolled into production within 24 hours of innovation. Mobile Devices and Networks -- MY TECHNOLOGY DOES NOT USE CELL TOWERS! Cell towers are _VERY_ ANTIQUATED and HIGHLY INEFFECTIVE. TIME FOR AN UPGRADE! :) Operating System Development & Virtualization of All Known OS'es within My OS @ Faster executed instruction rate than Native x86_64 CISC Processors Top Secret Revolutionary JITC to Unite Computing Across Architectures; Enables True and Complete Binary Transparency. Write code for any OS and/or processor architecture and enjoy your hard work on any computing platform! THE FREEDOM TO RUN ANY OS'es APP ON Eternity OS without booting that OS into a VM! M$ Office for Windows, Pro Tools for OS X, Wine for Linux, any binary your heart so desires. :) Native API Implementation and Customization & Optimization(for RISC) of: Core, Quartz Extreme, Qt, GTK+, DirectX 11.2, OpenGL [ES], X3D, WebGL, Glide API, Renderware _AND_ THE UNREAL ENGINE; more to be supported in the future. Algorithmic API Optimization by Developer Extrapolation per architecture; hybridization of CISC/RISC API algorithms is a given. Can you feel the speed of my OS, yet? Oh, I can. I'll be writing libraries for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but hey, they're worth trillions of dollars. Do work! Eternity OS's kernel is being written completely from scratch with a transparent hardware abstraction layer enabling cross-processor architecture compatibility on any of my devices running Eternity OS. Biomedical Engineering: Cure for HIV/AIDS is #1 Priority Perpetual Motion Fuel Cell Research Terraforming Space Travel Beyond Light-speed / Teleportation Technology Consulting Computer Repair Hardware Fabrication

Jul 2013May 2014

Chief Technology Officer

Atlantic Mortage Direct

I develop turn key solutions for AMD's IT infrastructure.

Sep 1995Present


Applegate Consulting

I have run and managed my own IT Consultancy since I was nine years old. It has been an absolute PLEASURE working with my clients. Not once have I failed to fix a problem. I do not charge if I cannot fix the issue at hand. No trip charge. Just an hourly rate. I absolutely do not lollygag, I work hard for my clients. I want to give them the best value for their money.

Aug 2012Feb 2013

Desktop Support Engineer

TeamLogic IT

All IT needs technician.

Nov 2010Jun 2011

IT Help Desk Technician

Henderson Hall

Managed most of the base's IT needs.

Mar 2009Jan 2010

IT Consultant

Commonhealth Chiropractic

For any and all IT needs they have, they ask me to implement the solution.

May 2009Aug 2009

Linux Systems Administrator

Metro Hosting

I manage all of their clients' Linux needs and help grow the business, eg. bring my corporate clients to Metro Hosting because we are cheaper and just as reliable!

Jun 2008Aug 2008

Field Engineer / In-house Tech


On-site technican for multiple clients. Managed Windows and Linux servers. Repaired desktop machines and servers.

Jun 2007Aug 2007

Head of IT

American Audio Video

I was the contracted head of IT. I setup multiple servers using Ubuntu Linux and manged their every day technological needs.

Sep 2004Aug 2005



I developed the first working prototype of Edubuntu. I also conceptialized Ubuntu Lite, which has since been picked up the open source community and developed.


Aug 2015Present

Double Major in Computer Science and Biology with a Minor in Political Science

Virginia Commonwealth University

I love academics. I will finally return to my true love, VCU! Eternity Incorporated is paying. :-)

Jan 2009Jan 2010

Computer Science and Biology

Northern Virginia Community College

I am absolutely passionate about education. I know enough to know how much I don't know. I'm trying to fill in as many gaps as possible. My two true loves are computers(and all things that revolve around them), and medicine. I plan to ultimately transfer back to VCU and graduate with a BS in CS/Bio. I shall attain a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Fiber-optic Telecommunications in my later years, two of my true loves. If not VCU, The University of Vermont, or perhaps NYU. I don't know yet :)