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     I am a software quality assurance professional with just about fifteen years of agile- and scrum-team experience looking to make the jump into full-time agile coaching or scrummastering, agile tools development or project management. I think my extensive and multi-faceted background in software, as well as my consistent exposure to both pure and mixed Agile and Scrum environments makes me a great candidate for a role in one of these fields. I have filled the role of scrummaster in the past, worked directly with some gifted and talented agile coaches, actively experimented with team structures and methods and have always been a willing participant in such processes.  If you're looking to fill a QA job that isn't a people manager- or lead-type role, I'm probably not the right candidate for you.

     I am also a songwriter, humanist and budding tech entrepreneur. I love Music and putting it near the thumping pulses of Culture. My prior job experience is within the Gaming, Advertising, Music, Healthcare and Private Transit industries. I feel I am at my best when I realize I am helping to calm the chaos and noise between talented, motivated people and the achievement of their creative and professional goals.

     But I'm not interested in starting things off with the wrong  foot forward, here.

I am looking to collaborate with others who share my interests and I love connecting people from both inside and outside my networks who are, likewise, seeking what I call: rec(u|oo)peration.

This is my expertise, via practice : Information systems architecture ; Manual UX testing and critique ; Co-operative education management ; Agile and Scrum Teamwork ; Software workflow and process improvement ; Online community analysis ; Slacktivity Software development pair- and mob-based collaboration ; Mentoring via a blended Suzuki-Coyote method ; the REAPER DAW ; Musical composition ; Drumming ; Good will generation ;

PRIMARY Modes of communication

Spoken (Socratic English, primarily.  Hoping to soon grasp español or język polski.  Spanish so I can tell my wife I love her in a language she loves.  Polish so I can read the foundational works of Dabrowski in the language he wrote them.  Biggie ups, Duolingo!) ,

Typed (Slack [including API crawling and bot development], Email and Technical Documentation. Consistent, adjusted 100+ WPM),

Imperative (Python, preferred.  Ruby- and Java-capable.  Learning Lua) ,

Functional? (capable, though I didn't really "get it" 'til way after college) ,

Body(Language) Booty(Shaking)


Work History

Nov 2013Present

CTO, Founder

Prints Media Group

At the Prints Media Group, I am the lead architect and engineer on a next generation music composition engine.

Since PMG is very lean, I focus on helping my collaborators with any responsibility I can. This includes but is not limited to: business development; social media management; software and UI development; musical composition; audio production; music studio automation; human-computer interfaces; IT, networking (both URL and IRL)

Apr 15 2015Present

Senior Quality Engineer, Platform

Zipcar rents cars by the hour or the day.

At Zipcar, I am a senior quality engineer working on next generation, flexible, urban transportation initiatives. I use our products. A lot. Both at work and outside the office. Weekdays and weekends. I believe they are making the world a better place.

I'm a multi-disciplinary contributor. I contribute as I am able to these areas of the business: coordinating software testing; engineering hiring and co-operative education management; manual UX/UI testing; test planning;  audio/visual solutions for improving collaboration; voice and push-to-talk communication; documentation boilerplate.

With the help of others across the engineering department, I run the engineering co-op and internship program. I started out mentoring one co-op who was embedded with my team. I now hire and manage 10-12 students with technical backgrounds or majors on a twice-yearly cycle and place them with teams that match their interests. Two terms ago, one of four co-ops was offered a full-time position after he and I worked together on making it happen. Last term, all four co-ops were granted extensions on merit. I'm aiming to repeat these successes this term. I have a vision for the program that expands well beyond the numbers and scope of the engineering department and I am achieving goals to realize it.

I helped mob programming find a place at Zipcar. I think it is a beautiful way to work.

My teams have received awards at two of Zipcar's hack-a-thons, one for a project involving a mobile vehicle fleet service tool and the other for helping others learn about Slack chat bot design.

Significant projects: Zipcar's core libraries, Localmotion by Zipcar: a fleet management as a service product, production issue communication analytics, engineering on-boarding documentation, next gen continuous delivery pipeline, our One>Way responsive web app, multi-client API middleware proofs of concept, an easily searchable company directory

Jun 2013Aug 2014

Quality Assurance Engineer

Gazelle provides a managed marketplace for personal, electronic device trade-ins and certified purchasing.

At Gazelle, I performed software testing and other quality assurance tasks in support of seven software and database engineers in an Agile development environment. I managed triage and reproduction of defects in our software and then re-tested fixes for those defects.

As the Release Manager on our team, I coordinated our production releases with others in the engineering department, like the net-ops and front-end teams.

As part of my contributions at Gazelle, I designed a new task and issue tracking board within our Jira Agile system. I travelled to our warehouse in Louisville, KY, on multiple occasions to observe and gather software requirements. I photo-documented countless handheld devices for use in our software and testing.  I helped facilitate our stand-ups during scrummaster absences.

Oct 2010Mar 2012

Quality Assurance Engineer

PatientsLikeMe is a health information sharing website for patients.

At PatientsLikeMe, I was the sole and primary quality engineering contributor. I performed software testing and other quality assurance tasks in support of a mixed group of twelve to fifteen software engineers and user-interface designers in an Agile development environment. I managed triage and reproduction of defects in our software, then tested fixes for those defects and shepherded those fixes through to deployment to our production environment. I coordinated pre-release feature and regression testing.

As part of my contributions at PatientsLikeMe, I designed and helped implement brand-new quality-control processes in the absence of formal processes prior to my employment. I designed and subsequently managed a company-wide bug database and triage process. I developed automated means for performing repetitive testing tasks.

Jan 2009Dec 2009

Web Quality Assurance Lead

Harmonix aspires to be the world’s leading developer of world-class music experiences.

At Harmonix, I worked on the web team with a mixed group of designers, developers, testers, writers and producers responsible for creating and maintaining all major websites of or relating to Harmonix Music Systems, Inc. and any of their games such as Rock Band, The Beatles Rock Band, and Guitar Hero I and II.

I led a team of three testers and one build engineer testing multiple, feature-heavy web sites in both pre- and post-deployment states, and was also regularly expected to provide feedback regarding the quality of our live websites to my superiors and the community team.

As part of my contributions at Harmonix, I communicated per project testing needs and requirements to superiors and teammatesI administered the web team's bug database (Bugzilla). I created macros and automated scripts for both the actual website testing, as well as bug assignment & organization. I oversaw monthly deployments of a popular, community-driven website with a large code base containing both proprietary and third-party code and multiple MySQL databases.

My team at Harmonix won the 2010 Webby award for best games-related site.

Oct 2007May 2008

Implementation Consultant


ChoiceStream is a data-driven advertising partner that runs cross-device branding and direct response campaigns for brand and agency clients.

At ChoiceStream, I worked in a group of implementation consultants responsible for providing recommendation and personalization consultation to multiple entertainment and retail clients, as well as testing all client implementations of our software prior to going live with our hosted service. I was also regularly expected to provide live support to our clients, and conduct internal support tasks on our production software. Some of the clients I worked with include MTV, Comcast and DirecTV.

As part of my contributions as an Implementation Consultant at ChoiceStream, I created and implemented testing strategies and pass-fail unit test plans for client implementations. I interacted with client technical teams including teaching them how to properly embed our software and communicate with our recommendation servers. I configured and deployed proprietary batch recommendation request software. I performed data integrity and consistency checks before and after running our client data builds.

Jan 2007Oct 2007

Quality Assurance Engineer


As part of my contributions as a QA Engineer at ChoiceStream, I performed ad hoc and test plan-driven quality assurance tasks on software and documentation for EPD and ChoiceStream Anywhere products. I was responsible for go/no-go decisions on major client deliverables (Comcast, DirecTV) early in my tenure. I designed and implemented a standardized, spreadsheet-based test plan template to replace a non-standard, Word document-based test plan format.

Aug 2005Dec 2006

Systems QA Engineer

Turbine, absorbed by WBGames

Turbine has worked with some of the world's most popular and iconic properties including The Lord of the Rings, Dungeons & Dragons and DC Comics to develop award-winning connected entertainment experiences.

At Turbine, I worked with a group of engineers responsible for testing all front-end Service Engine components, and supported system integration between these components and all of Turbine's game franchises. I was also the engineer primarily responsible for planning and implementing automated testing of our front-end websites.

As part of my contributions as a Systems QA Engineering at Turbine, I designed, executed and maintained e-Tester scripts for functional and regression testing of our web-based billing software. designed, executed and maintained e-Load scripts for load and performance testing of our SOAP- and SOA-based backend architecture in a multi-server, load-balanced environment. I performed ad hoc and test plan-driven quality assurance tasks for internal and external websites, billing applications, databases, installers, launchers and our back-end service platform. I created and implemented testing strategies and pass-fail unit test plans for our Front-End application releases. I developed scripts and other small applications to automate quality assurance tasks. I installed and maintained websites, databases, Windows services and Web services on a variety of operating systems and hardware configurations for use during testing. I helped evaluate third-party QA software for use on the Systems QA team. I coordinated game launcher and installer gold master testing with the International/Third-Party QA group.

Jan 2005Jul 2005

Game Tester


As part of my contributions as a Game Tester at Turbine, I executed on countless unit tests and hundreds of "out-of-the-box" scenarios. My team successfully shipped Asheron's Call: Throne of Destiny after a very difficult production cycle.



B.S. Major in Information Systems, Minor in Anthropology and History

Carnegie Mellon University

I achieved a B.S in Information Systems with a Minor in (Cultural) Anthropology and History.

My studies involved computer science courses, software design courses, team-based software projects, and project management courses.   I once wrote an anthropology seminar paper called "An Experience in Digital Ethnography: The Online Culture of Asheron's Call". 

I definitely had some peak experiences at CMU, these among them:

. Learning about the historical context around computers and computing at CMU from Dr. James Tomayko (renowned expert on NASA's digital fly-by-wire technology)

. Meeting Dr. Herb Simon (Nobel Prize winner, Economic Sciences, for his pioneering research into the decision-making process within economic organizations)

. Meeting and conversing with Jaron Lanier (a founding father of Virtual Reality)

. Crawling through steam tunnels to sneak a peek at the simulated Mars environment (lol)

. Exposure to the Entertainment Technology Center (learned how to build virtual worlds without taking Building Virtual Worlds)

. Taking the Green Visions, Grey Infrastructure course with Reiko Goto and Tim Collins

Collegiate activities: Soundbytes a capella group; CMU Steel drum band; Spreading good will