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Best Work

One of my best work is my movie for Video Tech "Brain Dead". I put a lot of effort into this and it payed off in the end.  I had help from my other classmates, Luis Larin, Wyatt Bennet, and Brody Ford. Brody was the biggest part in this project.  Brody editied and was the camera man.  Luis was the boom mic.  Wyatt was the music and actor.  I was the main actor.  This movie has taught me a lot in this class and am looking forward to it next year. 

My next big project was my cover of "Let's Go" by Trick Daddy ft. Lil Jon and Twista.  I made this video when i first downloaded my first movie program so it's not the best but at the time when i didn't know anything about editing, it was great too me.

My last big project was my cover of "Stay Together For the Kids" by Blink 182.  The same thing about my cover of "Let's Go".  I hardly knew anything about it all and my guitar playing sucked in the video because it was when i first learned the song but other than that, the editing was alright.  Not the best but it was good!


I am curently trying to find a band to jam with in the summer after my select baseball team is done!  I play for the Allen Barons for baseball and am really enjoying the play time I get.  I will play better this summer and for the school.  I will get a whole lot better in sports and guitar this summer. Guranteed!

Personal Initiative

My initiative this year was making the baseball team and making my guitar playing skills a whole lot better.  I made many efforts for the baseball team by training hard and working at my skills each day.  My baseball game has improved as well as my guitar playing.  I made efforts with my guitar by practicing a lot each day and by the end, it pays off.  Baseball and Guitar take a lot of practice and when you master it, you will be an awesome person! :)

Goals for next year

My goals for next year are too make starting JV for catcher, Hit a homerun in baseball again over the fence, make A's and B's in class, get into a band.  I also want to get closer to my family and want them to love me more than they do! :)

My Highlight

My single best highlight for this experience this year is the movie project.  I have gotten so much better in movies and editing because of that move I made "Brain Dead". I learned new shots and new editing skills.  I am glad I have gotten the opportunity for this experience and am looking forward to next year in this class! :)

Right and Responsibilities

The right and responsibilites vary many different ways.  We have the Camera man, Actors and Actresses, Boom Mic, and Editor.  The camera man films and shoots the shots and actions.  The actors basicaly act like you would expect them too do so.  The editor edits the movie and cuts out sounds that don't need to be there.  The boom mic is probably one of the most important.  The boom mic hold the mic to the camera so no unecisary sounds will be heard.  When everyone puts effort into the movie, and they all come together, the movie will be amazing. :)


I have learned many skills this year.  I learned how to edit movies which I will use more and more each day.  I learned different camera shots that I will need to use when filming.  Mrs. Henderson has taught me a lot this year and I respect her for that.  Thank you Mrs. Henderson! :)


The character trait i picked is respectful.  At the beggining of the school year, I was so disrespectful but then after homeschooling for a month or so, i kicked in and my teachers started to like me.  My respect towards other teachers and students have changed so much. I like the way I am now and plan to keep it this way untill the day I die.  Thank you GOD for helping me succed in many ways and for respecting others and their personal space. :)