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Work experience

Jan 2014Jan 2014

Junior Programmer


Creating a fully interactive and functioning clothing website for the companies client. The completion of the project took 2 months, the reason for the long duration was because the client requested that the website consist of a number of different functions, to allow the website being built, the ability to be fully interactive and functional as per the clients specifications and requests. As an end result in the completion and countless de-bugging and testing of the website, the client was very satisfied with the final product, as all his specifications and requirements as well as expectations were met. This project was part of my work integrated learner ship,  while i was still in college finishing off my diploma in Information Technology.


Jan 2003Dec 2010

Eden College Lyndhurst

Went to school at Eden College in Lyndhurst, Matriculated from Eden college in 2010.


English, Afrikaans, Maths Lit, Tourism, Hospitality, Computer Aided Technology, Life Orientation

Feb 2012Feb 2015

Diploma in Information Technology

Damelin College, Bramley

Studied at Damelin College, Bramley to achieve and acquire a diploma in Information Technology. I graduated and received my Diploma in 2015, where i was also presented the award for Top Achieving student in the entire college of Damelin Bramley having acquired 19 distinctions in my diploma of information technology. 


Feb 2012Feb 2015

Diploma in Information Technology

Damelin Bramley
My diploma in information technology allows me to either further my studies in the field of IT, or apply for employment to put the knowledge which I have captured from my studies into productive use, enabling me to assist the company in achieving its goals. Based on the knowledge that i have procured from my studies, i have a great knowledge pertaining to programming, web development and design as well as networking, data-basing and information systems.


Computer Literate, Computer Proficient, Creative, Good Problem Solver, Good with people, Programming/Web Development Knowledge, Networking Knowledge, Information Systems/Database knowledge.
Web Development and Design
Basic knowledge on how to design and build a website in HTML, HTML 5, XML, ASP.NET, PHP, CSS.
Java Programming
Basic knowledge of how to create applications and programs in the java programming language.
C# Programming
Basic knowledge of how to build and develop applications and programs using the C# programming language.
Presentation - Microsoft PowerPoint
Good knowledge of presenting and presentations, using Microsoft power point to present a product in an interactive manner.
Spreadsheet - Microsoft Excel
Good knowledge on creating, editing and formatting spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel
Word Processing - Microsoft Word
Good Knowledge on the creation, editing and formatting of a word document.
SQL (Structured Query Language)
Knowledgeable skills when it comes to creating and formatting SQL queries.
Databases - Microsoft Access
Knowledgeable skills when it comes to creating, editing and formatting a database using Microsoft Access.
Networking and Hardware
Knowledgeable skills relating to networks and networking, such as router configuration, line setup, Server setup, LAN setup etc.
Visual Basic.Net Programming
Basic knowledge on creating applications in Visual Basic.Net

Character Traits

In closing i would just like to add, that I am a friendly, well spoken, ambitious, committed, strong, articulate, focused, patient, responsible and well qualified individual who welcomes any challenge.

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