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Jun 2009Present


WFM, Inc

Interactive Web application design/development for the home healthcare industry to support the 'aging at home' population. 

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Jan 1987Jun 2009


Investigator, Screening and Compound Profiling (2007 to 2009)

Assumed leadership role in assay development and compound screening with the strategy of developing focused chemistry screens for SAR support.Continued support and consultation of automation efforts within the department. Researched current topics in inflammation (COX1&2, HTRF), cancer (EGFR/ErB, HTRF), and diabetes / obesity (7TM, taste receptors, Melanophore assay).

§Automated 12 simultaneous chemiluminescence assays for specificity studies of Melanocortin receptors — reduced assay time more than 50% and increased throughput 300%.

Automation Section Head, Investigator, Screening and Compound Profiling (2001 to 2007)

Appointed to define, develop, and implement automation strategies for the Screening and Compound Profiling department, working with global senior managers supporting 53 local research staff. Led a 5-member team in the delivery of automation solutions to increase assay sample throughput. Directed facilities operations for the department.

§Managed $2 million annual CAPEX budget, created a CAPEX tracking method for worldwide application, and saved more than 10% of budget per year through quote due diligence.

§Developed and instituted a standardized QC methodology and storage / retrieval database for laboratory liquid handlers that was implemented across the global company and introduced a QC tracking and data reconciliation solution that resolved data integrity issues.

§Organized and expedited implementing an automated data collecting process to eliminate related bottlenecks, reformatting and standardizing hardware to match downstream requirements — recognized as the only site worldwide without transition problems.

§Trained all departmental personnel on new data collection automation processes and created instructional documentation.

§Reduced capital expenditures by using Lean Sigma (5S) principles to implement Lean workstations that reduced the number of liquid handlers needed per person.

§Established the site’s first nanovolume NCE distribution system, reducing costs by enabling smaller assay volumes.

§Designed and employed a cost-effective mechanism for multi-day sterile assay procedure — mechanism enabled automation, reduced assay labor 75%, and cost a fraction (10%) of commercially available products.

Senior Scientist, Automation/HTS section-Assay Development and Compound Profiling (1998 to 2001)

Led efforts to develop assays that were consistent with automation hardware. Supported workstation systems and departmental centralized integrated robotics for high and medium throughput screening. Developed and automated assays for ELISA, SPA, and HTRF assays.

§Redesigned NCE distribution paradigm, resulting in an 80% reduction in dedicated personnel, 80% decrease in plate production time, and 75% reduction in capital investment over existing conventional method.

§Decreased workstation downtime 20% by coordinating software version control.

§Increased conventional distribution production 15% by reprogramming OEM software.



University of Missouri



I am currently developing an interactive web application to aid home health care with the goal of providing a service for the Geriactric Care Management industry to improve the services they provide. I am interested in discussing with local GCM's the daily issues they face to better scope our product.

I also am continuing to pursue my interest in basic biological research with the hopes of applying my acquired skills regarding automated liquid handler applications for improving laboratory processes while maintaining a high level of data integrity.


I am a research scientist with 30 years experience in basic research and in assay development and compound screening for large pharma.I started automating biochemical processes over 15 years ago and found I had high interest and aptitude for the subject.My experience in establishing automated processes using hardware from dozens of different companies has lead me to an understanding of what the typical researcher wants, and more importantly, needs for daily work that may be addressed with automated liquid handlers.My approach is very practical with consideration to the ROI, the user’s interest level, their time bound goals, and daily work load.

I like to get my hands dirty with the basic work that all process development requires, it gives me a better understanding of what path to take in planning and implementing projects.  Knowing the basic components yields better control over the integrity of the data produced.  

Pharmaceutical Research Scientist

Automation Expertise § Laboratory Technical Support Management §Compound Screening & Profiling

Automation applications specialist with an accomplished record of planning, implementing, and maintaining hardware / software systems to execute protein and cell-based assays across a range of therapeutic areas. Energetic leader leveraging hands-on research and management experience to deliver process improvements that reduce costs and improve laboratory efficiency for low- to high-throughput screens and New Chemical Entity distribution. Core competencies include:

§Assay Development & High throughput Screening

§Integrated & Workstation Robotics

§Staff Management & Training

§SOP Development & Documentation

§Project Management

§Automated Hardware / Software Solutions

§Instrument Procurement & Qualification

§Lean Sigma / Laboratory Process Improvement

§Budget Management & Asset Tracking

§Quality Control / Data Integrity

§Facility Operations & Safety Regulations