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Tim O'Brien


Fluent in Spanish with career focused in the Environmental Sciences and policy, natural resources protection and sustainable agricultural development. International environmental diplomacy in Latin America, including seven years with USDA FAS stationed at the OAS IICA HQ in Costa Rica; built strong network of high level professional contacts in both public and private sectors throughout the Americas . Extensive experience developing and executing policy and project initiatives on both the production and diplomatic levels in various countries .   Additional experience includes work as environmental engineering industry lobbyist in Washington D.C., USGS water resources and ecological researcher, Peace Corps Volunteer in Natural Resources Management (1994-1996) in Costa Rica. Worked as international green coffee buyer with specialty coffee importing company and as individual coffee consultant.  Currently working in the facilitation and maintenance of international direct trade agricultural relationships for private companies. 

Work History


Independent Coffee Consultant
Consultant Responsible for direct green coffee sourcing, producer relations, quality control and principle client contact. Focus is to source directly traded high quality green coffees that are traceable to the producers and are bought and sold at prices that are fair and sustainable for both producers and quality roasters.

International Green Coffee Buyer
Green coffee sales, quality control, green buyer and origin relationship development for the company. Perform all activities associated with developing origin producer relationships then selecting, buying, importing, tracking, and selling green coffee to roasters both US and international.

Specialty Coffee Exporter and Agricultural Development
Exporter and Agricultural Development Exclusive Coffees-Costa Rica

International Agricultural Development Specialist

Organization of American States(OAS)/USDA Foreign Agriculture Service

Specialist for IICA, the agricultural institute of the OAS. Coordinated with government agencies and representative from all 34 OAS member nations.  Extensive travel and projects throughout L.A. Provided technical assistance and developed and executed projects in cooperation with national and international partners.  Included research and policy discussions concerning climate change, water and food security for the Americas.  Position was as diplomatic official of OAS(IICA) but managed through USDA FAS in Washington DC.  Facilitated inter-governmental and public-private sector communication on politically sensetive policy initiatives.  Produced technical and educational presentations at recognized international forums in both Spanish and English.  Supervisor contact -, 516-427-9117 


Ecological Research Specialist

National Water Resources Project USGS - Reston Virginia
Water Research Specialist U.S. Geological Survey-Reston, Virginia Water resources specialist. Government researcher for three national wetland research and restoration projects located in the Chesapeake Bay, Florida Everglades and Lower Mississippi Basin. Coordinated with regional scientists, generated scientific reports, abstracts and GIS data sets based on remote sensing and experimental results. Developed and executed field and lab research experiments. Studied the biological, chemical, and physical processes, including climate change, that impact aquatic and wetland ecosystems. Promoted technical exchanges of information through presentations and training with other scientists and organizations.

Asistant Director Government Affairs and Operation

Assistant Director, American Consulting Engineers Council, K Street, Washington, DC.  Registered lobbyist for Hazardous Waste Action Coalition (HWAC). Represented and supported the interests of 60 leading U.S. environmental engineering and science firms.  Worked with U.S. lawmakers to provide technical analysis of implications of proposed government regulations.


Peace Corps-Costa Rica
Natural Resources Managment Specialized in natural resource management, sustainable rural agricultural and environmental education. Coordinated and assisted network of over 500 farmers with all stages of the production of high altitude crops and exportation and certification of organic agricultural products. Organized and taught technical training sessions on food safety, BAP, and quality control. Conducted resource analysis, reforestation, watershed management, soil enhancement, and sustainable agricultural practices.


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