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Work experience

Jun 2010Present

Account Manager

Marketlinc Telecommunications Inc.

I work as an Account Manager, via home office, for the company. In terms of social media, we utilize video blogging, micro blogs, podcasts of shift summaries and select social media platforms. Additionally, I assisted in designing and editing the library of responses used by account managers and sales agents.


Public Relations Officer

Elan Games Inc.

I worked as a public relations officer for the franchise, in the Peterborough, Lindsay, Ottawa and Belleville locations. While working for the franchise, I learned about, and provided, systems management; IT support, customer relations, advertising, technical writing and video blogging assistance.


Sep 2010Present


Durham College

The Operations and Management major at Durham College allows students to gain real-world experience with internships at top-rate agencies and the opportunity to run their own agency. Also, it allows for graduates to advance their education via a two-year program, at University of Ontario Institute of Technology, and receive a Bachelor of Commerce.


Content Editor
I have been providing, freelance, content editing services for several years. Through this, I have received a  conditional offer to teach a communications course at a local college.

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Some of my personal interests are reading; soccer, writing, board games, watching movies, editorial work, training/teaching, listening to music, personal organization and relaxing with both friends and family.

Blog post

I wanted to share some of my posts from my blog that I created for my social media class at Durham College. I feel that these blogs provide moderate insight into how I write and my views on social media.

Here is a blog I created, to answer the question:

"What is your perception of social media, do you think it is a fad or the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution?"

I believe that social media has become the biggest societal shift since the Industrial Revolution. Social media creates an instantaneous means for the conveyance of viral information. It allows for users to instantly communicate with countless people, and for the receivers to forward information in an endless cycle.

      Social media has become a marketers perfect tool via being cost efficient; being tailorable to a specific target audience, dramatically increasing awareness, projecting to millions of people per day, increasing revenue and building trust/loyalty.

      When compared to traditional media, social media wins without competition. This is due to social media providing a means for instant communication between companies and buyers, retailers can offers promotions, provider reassurance and provide generic information to secure customers loyalty.

    On an individual level, social media has become a means to magnify the voice of the average person. If there is an opinion to be voiced, it is a sure bet that countless people will become aware of it. This is a concept that was unimaginable just  a decade ago, when to advertise any sort of information was costly to do.

    The use and demand of social media has altered the nature of it's existence. Social media has become the greatest amplifier of information the world has ever seen, as well as established itself as the greatest societal shift since the industrial revolution.

Blog post

This blog was written to answer the question: 

"Do you think that social media has the potential to bring about real social change?"

Not only do I believe that social media has the potential to bring about a real social change, but it already has; several times. For example, social media platforms such as Facebook and MySpace were huge contributors to the downfall of the Egyptian government; nearly one million dollars of relief contribution to Japan, the success of the Koby 2012 campaign, creating online jobs, inventing new markets(Second life), expanding the internet’s seemingly endless supply of information and the list goes on. Anytime over 250 million people have the ability to instantly communicate ideas and thoughts, as there is on Facebook, there is more than just a potential for change; it becomes inevitable.

Granted that a lack of face-to-face interactions would make organization and action more difficult to commence, the efficiency of these platforms more than compensates for drawbacks such as these. Additionally, even if users of social media are not willing to become activists toward change or a cause, they will still be aware and may offer support of some kind.

The security and power of information is paramount: take away that security and the power shifts to any and all that are willing to seize it.