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My passion is working with Flash on mobile devices. I've been using and teaching Flash since 1999.

Work experience

Apr 2008Apr 2009

Senior Flash Engineer


Working with a team of engineers and designers to create configurable widgets for social networks.

I worked on project for clients including:

Aug 2006Apr 2008


Programming Pharmaceutical presentations for various drug companies. I've been working a lot with AS2, Flash Video, and Slide Presentations. I'm starting to get into AS3, Flex, and Ruby.
Nov 2005Jul 2006

ActionScript Developer

Orange Design
Programmed games for the Leapfrog Leapster. I participated in programing the titles Animal Genius, Clifford the Big Red Dog, and Pet Pals.
Jun 2004Nov 2005


Antenna Audio
Programmed XML driven interfaces for Pocket PC base Museum Tours. Also worked extensivly with subtitling/captioning content, and compressing audio/video files for various distributions.


Learn iT!
Mar 2003Nov 2003

ActionScript Programmer

ManageStar Inc.





I've been working with ActionScript since Flash 3 (circa 1999). This is the primary language I work with on a daily basis. I periodically teach a beginning ActionScript class to designers at the College of San Mateo. Working with ActionScript in Flash is my passion and where I envision spending most of my time when working.   I have extensive knowlege of ActionScript 1 & 2, and more recently ActionScript 3. The last two positions I've held required me to maintain, update, and enhance ActionScript 2 code repositories. I'm using ActionScript 3 in the class I'm teaching at the College of San Mateo, and I've been using it when I can at work.