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Bradford White


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Pursuing Bachelors

Davenport University


I am a programmer with an ultimate goal of getting into game design.  I understand just how competitive this field can be to get into, and my philosophy on that is simply to be the best at what I do and the rest will happen for me.  I spend countless hours doing things that many other men my age would only do for a grade or pay.  My determination and enthusiasm towards this subject is what I'm counting on.  I would happily work for someone who would allow me to strengthen these skills further.


While the video game design industry is my ultimate goal and very difficult to get into, I feel my best chance is simply to be the best at what I do.  It's because of this philosophy that I spend countless hours doing things that other programmers will only do if it's for a grade.  I would be honored to work for anyone who would help me strengthen these skills.


While I haven't taken any advanced C++ classes just yet, I have spent countless hours of free time strengthening my skills in this area.  I am sure there are many things I do not know yet, but what I do know, I know very well.  I look forward to my advanced class in this subject this coming semester.
While I haven't gone through any advanced classes just yet, enthusiasm and determination have caused me to work in C++ for countless hours of my free time.  I look forward to taking my advanced C++ class this semester.