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Work experience


senior crank press operator

Danville metal stamping 

i was the first person to touch the part. i took the roll of sheet metal and put it in the die that i setup in the press and blank the part of a progressive die which turned in to a part. i also had to train people on my job as i was a senior crank press operator one of the few that was certified to do all the jobs safely and correctly.


aerospace T.I.G. welder

Danville metzl stamping

i was a certified tig welder. i was responsible for setting up my own jobs and getting the weld wire and filling out a wire rec.



oakwood high school

high school diploma


im a people person, i try to get along with everyone and try to help people with everything even if i dont know what im doin its better to have two heads working together then one. i work hard  and take pride in whatever it is that i am doing . i can tig weld i know press work and a sheet metal fabricator. i like to work with my hands and if i can put my mind to it im capable of anything.  im  a quick learner and like to learn new things.