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Cody Aalo Guha

Technician / Developer / Audio Enthusiast


Established procedures for appropriate set-up and clean-up of studio spaces and labs at Columbia Academy and Van-arts. Assisted students and set up equipment and materials for Studio sessions, Music lab classes, and other things(Mac computers, mixers, keyboards, PA systems, speakers, amplifiers, built-in consoles, portable console, patch bay, external effects racks). Set up and took down equipment and materials for live sound events. Prepared and updated instruction sheets for set-up and take-down, to document appropriate operation of specific pieces of equipment(step-by-step instructions on systems/equipment use). Selected, Installed upgraded software ensuring that authorization and copy protection protocols are followed. Ensured adequate inventory of supplies needed for course delivery. Invigilated and helped assess practical exercises and assisted with the development and revision of practical exams. Assisted students and faculty with minor technological issues during class time to ensure effective Studios and Music labs functionality. On call 24/7 to help support faculty and student use of Studio and Personal Music lab spaces. Produced, updated, and maintained an on-going archive of work and events by digitally storing student work and assisting faculty in manufacture, duplication, printing and distributing of student work. Cataloged, repaired, maintained, ensured proper storage inventory of portable equipment and spare parts (headphones, microphones, microphone clips, cables).

Work experience



Imaginations Treetrunk

• Produced, mixed, recorded, and mastered multiple studio albums for various artists.

• Live sound setup and mixing for various musical performances.

• Performance of live sound installations and art exhibitions.

• ARDUINO open-source electronics prototyping.

• Built various audio applications with PureData / MaxMSP.

• Digital/Analog  Instrument and controller building and synthesis analysis and creation.

• Produced thousands of pieces of music for artists using Reason/Reaktor/Ableton Live.



Columbia Academy

• Introduced students to new computer programs with tutorials in Reason and Pro Tools.

• Completed over 1000 advertisements for radio with over 300 unique students.

• Created various music production projects for each individual student.

• Gave Digital Mastering lectures.

• Supervised multiple recording sessions a day in studio A and C and presented challenges to students.

• Performed maintenance on studio equipment and studio.

• Administrated sharing network and performed general computer maintenance.



Vancouver Institute of Media Arts

• Created and taught daily workshops for Adobe Audition.

• Created thousands of custom/original sound effects and beds for Radio production.

 Completed thousands of voice recording projects with Pro Tools. (mixing/mastering/engineering).

• Setup and maintained Internet Radio Broadcast Studio.

• Administrated sharing network and performed general computer maintenance.



Vision Critical

•Development of custom chat bots for survey taking and recording for Slack, Facebook Messenger and Kik.

• Ruby on Rails web applications.

• Text-to-speech/Speech-to-text chat bots for web applications.



VC Labs

• Developing chat bots for survey taking and recording for Facebook Messenger.

• Developed Next/React/PostgreSQL application for deploying custom chat bots with response collection and analysis. 



Conti Evolution

• Notable Work Sites - Nordstrom's, Nat Bailey Stadium.

• Installation/Maintenance of audio/video solutions for specific client’s needs.

Programming Languages and Software

• JavaScript, React, Express.js, Next.js, Mongo DB, AJAX, Node, HTML5, CSS, SQL, Apache Cordova, Git
Pure-data, Max MSP, Pro tools, Reason, Ableton Live, Adobe Audition, Adobe After Effects, Sound Forge, Reaktor, Web Audio



Lighthouse Labs Web Dev Bootcamp

Lighthouse Labs

ITA Certification


Digital/Analog Recording Arts Diploma