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Awards and Achievements

Island Manager of the year 1993/4

Training Manager of the year 1994/5

Training Manger of the year 1995/6

Island Manger of the year 1996/7

Island Target Achievement 12.67% over target 2003/4

Island Managent of the year 2003/4

Island Target Achievement 8.23% over target 2003/4

Island Manger of the year 2005/6

Store Target Achievement 2005/6

N.B. These annual awards were discontinued in 2007.


Valid Drivers License

Caricom National

Clean Police Record

No Health Issues

Retail Professional

Managing businesses across a broad spectrum over the past 35 years.





Working with a number of NGO's for the betterment of an improved standard of living ie Served on the Board of The Blind Society and the Society for the Disabled.

Member of Rotary International


To apply my intensive knowledge and experience to direct and improve your business operation, at the same time advancing my career and gaining additional skills and management expertise.

Work experience

Oct 1986Sep 2010

Island Manager

Colmbian Emeralds Internatonal (CEI)

With over 35 years in management, 24 years of which was with Colombian Emeralds International, a duty free retailer of luxury jewelery and watches with 60 stores across the Caribbean grossing US $170m with over 10,000 emplyees in addition to stores on 9 Norwegian Cruise ships and 2 on MSC vessels. In the earlier years, one of these stores (Mosaic Designs Ltd) was dedicated to ladies high fashion apparel, which I was directly responsible for, along with three jewelery stores.

I grew the business from one store with 10 employees with a target of less than 1M to three stores with 46 employees, to in excess of 9M

I have served on many committee's including a Government Think Tank on how best to move tourism to the next level in Antigua, which included a Ministerial field trip to neighborouring St. Martin to examine their model with a view to improving ours here in Antigua.

Responsible for the management of several construction projects including six stores as the company grew and we expanded to larger and new locations in Antigua. This also entailed, not only overseeing the construction, but the training of staff  and management to CEI standards in areas such as merchandising, display, product knowledge and point of sale systems. 

After the passage of several devastating hurricanes in the 1990's, oversaw the reconstruction of the damaged stores. This included utilising the many staff that were not able to work due to store closure's by co-ordinating community work with a view towards helping to rebuild a damaged infrastructure, thereby returning them to their work as quickly a possible

Oversaw the construction and launched a new store location in The Commonwealth of Dominica in 1999,  I was directly responsible  for this location which entailed regular trips to control and ensure compliance of the operation to CEI standards.

Opened new stores in Barbados, St. Lucia, Mexico and Trinidad, trained staff for new stores in Cayman Islands and Bermuda. Trained new management for other islands as well as cruise ships.

Integral in training of staff on both product knowledge exemplary customer service.

Set up best practices which were adopted throughout the CEI brand.

Impeccable record for inventory control in a high security environment.

Nov 1983Jun 1986


The Bucket Club

Day to day management of sports/recreation club.

Coaching of National Squash team and club members.

Organising leagues and tournaments against other islands.

Weekly radio program promoting the game of squash.

Organising functions for weddings and parties.



Bromsgrove Squash Club

Day to day running of sports club with over 1500 members.

Running of sports shop.

Coaching members to their optimum potential.

Organised schedules for booking of courts, sauna, sun bed room and ensured accurate payment for same.

Ensured yearly subscriptions were up to date.


Womens Squash Rackets Association

Only one of twelve students to pass the coaching exam.


Management Experience
Residing in Antigua for 27 years - I am very familiar with the Labour Code and laws of employment. Very experienced manager with excellent interpersonal skills.   Training - especially in the area of succession training, product knowledge, morale building, building a strong team, together with the necessary computer skills to function effectively at the point of sale.   Strong team leader possessing the skills to lead by example.   The preparation, co-ordination and monitoring of work plans, strategies and agenda's  to align business initiatives.   Dedicated to meeting and achieving goals and targets set by the organisation.   Totally committed to policies, procedures, processes and deadlines while working within budgets to ensure maximum bottom line profitability.   I will bring to the table new concepts that will better streamline your organisation through my many years of experience.      


WSRA Coaching Certificate

Womens Squash Racets Association




Jack Coote

My direct superior for 18 years.

Peter Allen

CEO of the Holding Company that CEI is part of.

Stephen Crane

Owner of Colombian Emeralds International until 2010.