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What can you say about John Coatsworth?

29 years old, blond, 180 pounds, green eyes, 6 foot tall.

By the age of 19, John had attended numerous different public and catholic schools, and lived in more places in Canada than his age.

John is outgoing to say the least. He enjoys not only the solitude of the deep forest, wild, or body of water, and also seeks out large events, parties and concerts.

Hard working and energetic, John loves what he does, even if he doesn't, making everything somewhat pleasing, no matter how daunting.

John plans for infamy and legend status.


John's interests and tastes range from the average person's, right into heavy metal culture and excerpts from high society. Avidly pursuing these in all combination's, he still finds the time for researching, studying, and designing.

One of John's favorite things to do is having long drawn out conversations with his eccentric father, in the interior of British Columbia.

Other interests Mr. Coatsworth invests in are study of nature, design, and the possibilities of the future, the lively company of women, drink and food, song and dance.

John, when not plotting the exploits on the path to fame and fortune, relaxes by letting his mind wander into the future, only to return with new insight.

Work experience

Founder, Head of Promotion

the Bala Clavas

Created series of designs for clothing improvements with stencils and paint and treatment.

Designed and organized a team in painting a tribute to local fire fighters on local fire fighter's truck.

Built signage for multiple store fronts.

Illustrated several tattoo pieces.

Promoted local talent, frequented the circuit of bars and restaurants, and organised meetings meeting with backers, long distance travel, organised large events for 100+ people.


Mana Food Bank/United Church.

Door to door collections, organising and packing foods, delivery.


Royal Canadian Legion

Organized seniors dinners, for cooking to setting up tables, set up and take down. There were several events like thanksgiving and holidays.

Master Carpenter Apprentice.

Wahta Mohawk Contracting.

We spent 6 weeks in the bush, in the rain, and killer black fly season in marshes and sand pits. We took saplings to strip off the bark and made shingles. We delivered them with no small amount of effort to Ottawa, where we assembled sections of a long house on a reservation area.

There's really too much to put more.

Kitchen Manager.

the Bala Bay Inn

Sous chef

Moon river look out

First Cook.

the Rex Jazz Club




Graphic Design and Advertising

Humber College, Lake Shore Campus

Illustration program in the Faculty of Design


Cartooning Cirtificate

George Brown City College

Grade 12

St. Dominics Secondary Catholic School

Grade 11

Bracebridge Public High School

Grade 10

St. Joseph Secondary Catholic School

Grade 9

Gravenhurst High School

Grade 7 and 8

Westwood High School

Grade 6

William Burgess Elementary

Grade 5

George Brown Public school

kindergarden to Grade 3

Northlea public school



Design and build with dry wall, framing, painting, finishing and trim, unit installation, roofing, foundation, tiling, landscaping and maintanence, light electrical and plumbing.
I have cooked professionally in approximately ten different venues, from greasy spoon to fine dining, and have endeavors in countless other events, concession stands and retail.   Favorite meal to prepare recently: 70% cocoa chocolate/thyme/chili/ginger sauce over Oyster mushrooms, on top of steamed Beets, Bok Choi and sweet Potato. Side of stemmed Portabello mushroom, stuffed with Roquefort, Rosenberg, and Brie, topped by Artichoke hearts and Basil, and extra virgin Olive oil.  
I have illustrated and used wet and dry media for twenty years. Drawing has always been a fond love of mine. If a mark can left on it, I would certainly feel the need to try.
Digital Graphic Design
Proficient use of the Adobe Creative programs, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Dreamweaver.