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Husband, dad, extreme sport wannabe, pastor, exec. life coach, architect of possibility, fitness fanatic, swimmer, blogger to boot, on a 3 year fast from wearing a suit. Embraces the simple life, & eating clean, only black guy u know going green!

I am a student of behavior and influence who is dedicated to helping people challenge and change the way things are done to improve the world we live in.  I believe in mobilizing resources and relationships around big ideas that make a difference, and seeing the human spirit triumph in the process.

The latest BIG IDEA that I am working on is called the Modus Creative. I truly believe real Influence happens in "how" we do things even more than "why" we do things.  Like most of the projects I launch, this project is designed to transform people from the inside, while at the same time harness the collective force of the Modus Creative community to make change in the world happen NOW!

You can follow the launch process by going to





Political Science & Business


Masters in Organizational Leadership