Work experience

Work experience


Masalo Partners

Masalo Partners shows you a simple, quick, and profitable way to take your company's most precious asset (your customers' relationship) to the Next Level.

Ask yourself this:

a) How much is your customers' list worth now?

b) What's the risk of having a big list of indifferent and dormant clients?

c) How much would your list be worth if you could double or triple your customer's respect & admiration to you?

The "Massalo Effect" is a key component to your sustainable long term success.


Restaurant ÉS

- Fund raising (debt and equity) - Marketing Plan - Accounting and Financial advice

Jun 2007 - Present

Project Manager


Sergi has served as a Board Member of the EBAN (European Business Angel Network) and coordinates 9 different Business Angels Networks promoted by ACC1Ó (CIDEM-COPCA), the Catalan Governamental Agency, together with different organizations and agents, and he also helps entrepreneurs raise funds from public and private sources.

As a representative of Spain, he participated in the creation of the future International Business Angel Federation (or World Business Angel Association).

He coordinated one of the largest investor-entrepreneur Forum in Europe. It took place in Barcelona on April 2008, and more than 950 participants attended, among who there were about 400 investors, 400 entrepreneurs and 150 consultants.

Sep 2004 - Jun 2007

Controller & Investment Manager Assistant

Caixa Capital Risc (Venture Capital)

Sergi analyzed hundreds of innovative business plans and closed sixteen investment deals.

He reported the overall fund's activity directly to the Investment Manager.

Jun 2000 - Dec 2002

Marketing Manager

Panasonic Sales Batteries Europe (Tempel)

- Marketing plan for 7 product lines (batteries). - Promotional activities in 2 sales channels for every product line (batteries) - Plan for Customer Retention.

Main public events




Clean Coaching with EK

Clean Coaching with Emergent Knowledge is the most radical and futuristic approach to coaching I have known so far. If we take the client as being at A, the goal at B, and the space in between as C, C is the place where we are likely to find all kinds of resistance built up from habits, memories of unsuccessful experiences, fear and other hurdles. Conventional knowledge moves you from A to B and is goal oriented. Emergent Knowledge changes both the nature of the person at A and the nature at the problem or goal at B, such that, to a new world order, getting from A to B is irrelevant.

It is accepted wisdom that achievement requires effort, will and determination and that conventional coaching, using models such as GROW, will provide the motivation for all these qualities. However, where Clean Coaching differs is that it integrates innate obstacles, such as fear, anger or limiting behaviour patterns, into energies which will participate with instead of working against the client.

Jun 2007 - Nov 2008

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)

Coaching Training Institute

Coaching is a deliberate process using focused conversations to create an environment for individual growth, purposeful action, and sustained improvement. Since 1992, Co-Active Coaching™ has impacted the lives and careers of thousands of managers, leaders, and coaches around the world. It has led to the first ICF accredited coach training program, the most widely used text book in coaching, the largest number of certified coaches globally and a powerful, experiential leadership program that unlocks participants' unique and natural leadership strengths.

1992 - 1997

Bachelor in Business Administration & MBA

ESADE based in Barcelona Spain is the 6th top business school on an international level  and number 1 in Europe according to the opinions of companies according to BusinessWeek.

ESADE receives top ratings for its students' ability to work well within teams, their analytical and problem-solving skills, and student chemistry. The international ranking includes nine U.S. schools, nine European, three Canadian, and three Latin American schools.