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My goal is to use the skills that I have learned in previous employments in a new environment, and to learn new skills, and meet new people and grow with what I have learned.

Work experience

Dec 2007May 2008

Crew Trainer


Trained new employees, operated drive-thru, ran the shift from time to time. I made sure the store was ready for the next shift to take over, but never left until my job was completed, if I was needed to stay late, due to other employees running late, I always stayed. I cleaned to store, restocked the shelves, and coolers, and talked with customers. I operated the drive-thru from time to time as well, and also ran the front counter, and prepaired orders for other employees. I have worked in the drive-thru, front counter, and the grill areas when needed.

Mar 2006Oct 2006

Crew Member


I worked thired shift, operated drive-thru, greeting customers, taking orders, and preparing orders for the customers, I stocked the store, cleaned, and communicated with customers, and employees that I worked with. I prepaired the store for the next shift, and never left until my duties were completed and approved by the manager for the first shift.


Oct 2003May 2004

High School Deploma

Wichita South High School


customer service
I worked for the public. I communicated with customers on a daily basis, wheather working in fast food or automotive. I always listen to what the customers have to say, and never argue with them. The customer is always right.