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Work experience

Six Sigma Black Belt

General Electric Capital International Services

§Institutionalized quality by taking trainings on Six Sigma, Lean and other process improvement tools; and mentored GB projects. Accomplished two high impact Six Sigma Black Belt projects:

- Improving Late Fee $s Collected for Commercial Finance business: Business Impact- $ 6 MM

- Improving Call Back Rate for a customer service call center business: Business Impact- $ 2 MM

Key Achievements

§Conducted Six Sigma and Lean trainings with an average rating of 4.67 out of 5

§Delivered productivity benefit of 15.67 % against a target of 5 %

§Delivered high impact Black Belt projects ($ 8 MM business impact) and mentored 9 GB projects

Lead Reengineering

§Understanding, scoping, diagnosing and recommending strategic and tactical improvements to the customer’s business problems

§Ensuring engagement of multiple stake holders through active change management and continuous communication

Key Achievements

§Analyzed $ 5 billion business for one of the top 5 US bank and made recommendations for business transformation leveraging process improvement levers

§Strategic assessment project scoped and concluded of a $ 120 million financial business and recommended efficiency improvements leveraging the power of Six Sigma and Lean principles

§Completed Strategic off shoring and outsourcing assessment for a leasing business

Project Interaction

C-Level, business leaders, functional/ departmental heads, support partners, SMEs and analysts at client end

Operational Excellence Leader,

Genpact ( GE subsidiary)

§Continuously improving the quality, delivery and cost of operations

§Defining strategic and tactical business goals and getting them aligned to employee goals

§Leading change management and complete stake holder engagement to ensure smooth integration

§Provide leadership and guidance to the teams in selection, scoping, execution and implementation of high impact business projects aimed at reducing cost, improving quality and customer satisfaction

§Direct, motivate, mentor and manage performance of a team of professionals aligned to the business goals

§Institutionalize business and process performance metrics to identify opportunities and drive improvements

§Benchmarking and identification of opportunities for translation of best practices

§Lead Kaizen events and Lean tool (5S, VSM, Standard work, Kanban, Visual Management) implementation

§Provide guidance and training in Lean Six Sigma to all for business effectiveness;

Key Achievements

§Lead two cross functional Lean projects to improve efficiency/ reduce cost by eliminating waste

- Delivered 30% reduction in cycle time for a mortgage product (7 FTE impact)

- Reduced cycle time for a swift mortgage product for VIP customers (from 7 days to 3 days)

§Designed the business metrics and dashboards to monitor and drive business performance improvement

§Trained 25-30 people batches on Lean and Six Sigma

§Mentoring one BB and 2 GB projects

Project Interaction

Active engagement with the Business President to identify and prioritize key improvement areas, scope and staff projects engaging operating leaders, analysts, associates, functional managers and customers

Dec 2001Dec 2003

Operations Leader

General Electric Capital International Services

§Led P&L responsibility of a cross functional team of 150 people delivering to global customers

§Built, mentored and sustained a very strong cross functional constantly striving to improvise performance in all domains

Key Achievements

§Redesigned the hiring screen for processes that reduced costand improved employee retention and motivation

§Improved EBIT from 24% to 46% by improving efficiency and redesigning team structure

§Delivered highest business impact by leveraging Six Sigma, Lean and people engagement (250+ lean ideas); mentored and evaluated BB/GB projects as part of the certifying panel.

§Accomplished team growth from 50 to 150 in 2 years


Business leaders, functional managers, customers, associates and Six Sigma project certification panel members

Jun 1995Dec 2001

 Manager (QA)/ Plant Diagnostician

Delphi Automotive; Whirlpool; Eicher Mitsubishi

§Articulated plant goals for safety, quality, cost and productivity and formulated strategy to accomplish the same

§Redesigned complete value stream and improved inventory turns from 92 days to 18 days

§Led and analyzed plant performance, identified roadblocks and prioritized focus areas for improvement

§Led QS 9000 and ISO 9001 implementation as part of the core team

§Led re-design and standardization of supplier processes to consistently deliver world class quality


13 years of delivering business impact by leading process design through identification, scoping, managing and execution of high impact projects using Lean Six Sigma and change management for Fortune 500 companies


Career Highlights

oAs operational excellence leader at Genpact Mortgage Services, led the operational integration of the newly acquired company by defining business metrics, translating best practices and deploying Lean Six Sigma; received leadership excellence award for accomplishing successful integration.

oCertified Six Sigma Black Belt (BB) on GE’s DMAIC methodology and Lean concepts; and certified Red X Journeyman on Shainin’s statistical engineering tools and techniques

oAnalyzed a $ 5 billion business for one of the top 5 US bank and made recommendations for business transformation

oStrategic/diagnostic assessment project scoped and concluded for a $ 120 million financial business and recommended efficiency improvements leveraging the power of Six Sigma and Lean principles

oDelivered $ 8 million business impact to the GE financial business through the efficient execution of BB projects; was awarded the “Best Black Belt” award

oAs operations leader, led the P&L responsibility of a 150 member cross functional operations team supporting commercial finance business for Fortune 100 customers in North America, UK and Australia. Improved EBIT contribution from 24% to 46 %; received the “Diamond” award from the president of the company (awarded to the top ~0.02%).

oTrained more than 500 people on scoping, management and execution of Six Sigma, Lean and other continuous improvement projects and mentored more than 20 GB/ BB projects.

oInvited by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) to deliver a seminar on “Statistical Tools and Techniques in Problem Solving”.

Awards & Recognition

§“Diamond” Award (Annual award given to the best 0.2 % in the organization) for achieving outstanding business impact

§“Performance Excellence” award for 2007 for successful operational integration

§“Customer Leadership Excellence Award” for meeting 100 % customer metrics

§“Best Black Belt” award for delivering outstanding business impact

§“Leadership Excellence” award for redesigning process flow, institutionalizing metrics & performance


Six Sigma Black Belt