Charis Rock

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Charis Rock



Creative Skills

I desire to express my creativity.  I want to find what will catch someone's eye and keep their attention.  I feel successful when combine a picture or expression that closes the deal on a sale.  I enjoy designing anything with colorful arrangements or boldness to pull the attention to the product I am working on.   I enjoy writing.  I am currently working on writing my own book in my spare time.  I have also worked on a few children's short stories.     I find it a desired challenge to mix the correct words with the perfect illustrations.

Leadership Skills

I have no problems taking the role of a leader.  I enjoy making sure that everything is done as planned.  I enjoy being in a leadership position to: organize, delegate, and work hard to succeed. 

Researching Skills

I love to research and dig to find the whole story of what I am researching.  I like to find details and include them in my work, when they are needed.  I mostly enjoy research, because I get to learn about new things.

Organizational Skills

I am a very organized person.  I like to know exactly where something is and what needs to be done with it.  I feel organization brings simplicity in life.

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills is another area that I feel is essential.  I have always worked closely with my clients and most bosses. 

Communication Skills

I have two degrees from college in Speech Communications and Communications & Theatre Arts.  I taught as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at ASU during my Masters degree there.  I feel clear communication is essential when working with anyone to get the results needed and wanted.

Wordpress Website Design and Maintenance

I began working with Wordpress' web design for my parents in their real estate venture.  I learned most of what  I know concerning Wordpress websites by searching for what I needed to do.  I enjoy designing the site to fit the business or main idea of what is being sold or advertised.  I don't have many years experience, but I feel I can do a good job and learn anything else I need to learn.  If I don't know it, I learn from tutorials or others that use it.

Wordpress Blogging

I started helping others on their blogs over 3 years ago.  I enjoy creating the design of the blog to grab attention and keep them reading.  I also enjoy coming up with the most tag words for posts, so I can to bring in more traffic to the blog.  I currently have 3 blogs for 3 different reasons.     I used my passion for education and homeschooling in one blog to share about resources I found that are FREE or not very expensive.  I also shared things my children and I do for our homeschooling.   "Free or Inexpensive Homeschool Resources" --   In my second blog, I focus on living life to the fullest.  My main focus currently has been finding a job that will work with me homeschooling my children.     "Winding Roads in this Journey Called Life" --   In my most recent start of a blog, I focus on mental health topics (stemming from my most recent degree in Rehabilitation Counseling).     "When the Mind Verses Dreams" --  

Microsoft Powerpoint

I have used Microsoft Powerpoint for almost as long as Microsoft Word.  I loved using Powerpoint for my educational purposes.  I also loved using it when I taught communication classes.  It made things easier to me to have it all organized in a powerpoint with colorful layouts to keep everyone interested.  I think the content along with the layout is essential.  If you can't keep someone interested, then the content doesn't matter.

Microsoft Word

I use Microsoft Word for multiple things on a daily basis.  I started using Microsoft Word when I went to college.  I have continued using it to design any documents I need to do in written form.


I am interested in doing work from home.  I love to write (technical writing, research with report, blogging, responding to e-mails or notifications, etc.).  I have helped the real estate company my parents work for to manage their website through wordpress.

I guess to put my interests in bullet form, I would say:

  • writing
  • research
  • basic website design (preferably Wordpress based, but I am willing to learn others too)
  • blogging
  • proof-reading
  • Posting videos or pictures
  • ... I am open to other opportunities.

Work experience

Work experience
2005 - 2012


Abilities Unlimited

I worked for this company in three different positions. My most recent position was an Internship during my Masters Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling.  Before my internship, I was an implementer for multiple different clients during a total of about 5 years.  I originally started with the company as a WACAD teacher/instructor.

I left to move on to another internship in 2012.

2009 - 2012

Internship -- Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling

St. Bernard's Behavioral Health

I did over 1500 internship hours at St. Bernard's Behavioral Health.  I learned on the Geriatric and Adult Wards.  

2012 - 2012


Arkansas Rehabilitation Services

I did a Spring semester internship at Arkansas Rehabilitation Services.  I learned how to assist individuals with disabilities or impairments in getting assistive technology.  I also learned about providing career counseling to help the clients obtain the education and/or job experience for a lasting career.

I learned how to perform the  assessments needed and the steps that must be followed for a person to obtain these services.


Aug 2010 - Dec 2012


University of Arkansas in Little Rock
Aug 2005 - Aug 2007


Arkansas State University
Jan 2000 - Aug 2005


Arkansas State University
Aug 1996 - Dec 1999


Ozarka Technical College (Now -- Ozarka College)


Sep 2012 - Sep 2017

Certified Rehabilitation Counselor