The CMP Group provides a variety of security and investigative services, including crisis management, security consulting, event security, personalized investigation, and executive protection, to individuals and companies all over the world. Former New York City Police Detective Investigator, Thomas Ruskin, established the CMP Group in 1999, where he has since applied the insight and skill acquired from over 20 years in law enforcement. Based in New York, the CMP Group provides services to top executives, politicians, and celebrities from around the world. The staff of the CMP Group is composed of seasoned investigators and protection specialists with extensive experience handling all levels of law enforcement and security. Leading law firms frequently employ the CMP Groups Investigation division to conduct in-depth investigations into criminal and civil cases. Employers use the CMP Group to perform exhaustive background checks on prospective hires.Private parties, companies, and organizations hire the CMP Group to carry out security at a wide variety of events to provide a safe environment in order to ensure that everything operates smoothly and without incident. Additionally, the CMP Group provides comprehensive protective services to high profile clients confronting a large amount of media attention. In addition to the myriad of protective services the CMP Protective and Investigative Group, Inc. provides, it also contributes to a safer community by offering training, lectures, and seminars to companies that want to improve their emergency procedures and intellectual property protection protocol.

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Work experience
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