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-Able to work with children in various teacher to child ratios

-Able to lead circle time  and other activities

-Adapt to each child’s individual needs

-Be able to adapt to any programs specific needs

-Confident working with all children from infancy into adolescents


 California State University, Chico

Bachelor of Science: Child Development

Bachelor of Arts: Liberal Studies

Relevant Courses

Introduction to Democratic Perspectives in K-12 Teaching   

Psychology of Teaching

Child Development Health Education for Elementary School Teachers

The School-Aged Child                                             

Access and Equity in Education Developmental

Appropriate Curriculum for Children          

Child Development Practicum

Reading Literature for Future Teachers                       

Foundations of Childhood Physical Education

Professional and Senior Seminar in Child Development

*Personally provided for 100% of college and living expenses


Crew member

Trader Joes                                                            February 2008-Present

As a crew member at Trader Joes my everyday job was to check, bag, and stock shelves. On a weekly basis I interacted with the public by working in the demo station and helmsing.  Helmsing is circulating around the store, greeting people and making sure that all customers are satisfied. I was expected to come to work daily prompt and ready to work.

Paid staff

Associated Students Child Development Laboratory                January2013-Present

As a part time teacher at the preschool I was thrown into new situations daily having to think on my toes and do what was best for the children. I learned to have fun while still learning from the children, guiding them to success, and keeping them safe.

Experience with Technology

Proficient in: Microsoft Office Programs, Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat, Facebook, Twitter, and SPSS

Supervised Fieldwork

At Mi Escuelita Maya Preschool I observed the other teachers a lot and helped out with the duties at the preschool such as cleaning and creating my own activity which I implemented on my own.

Supervised Practicum

The Associated Students Child Development Lab preschool room was a much more hands on experience I feel. Between being there for eight hours a week, facilitating the DRDP for the first time, creating an inquiry which I implemented for a minimum of eight weeks, and forming positive relationships with the children, I learned a lot about my own teaching techniques and the children.

Supervised Internship

At The Esplanade House I interned for six hours a week. While being there I learned more about the transition housing process and the children and families involved in these services through spending time around these children and observing their personality and behaviors, educating the children on the importance of family, and learned the skills needed to work with children and families in transitional housing.