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Aug 2010May 2014

Ironwood High School
Dec 2011Aug 2013

Glendale Community College

         I took Spanish III Honorsand Pre-Calculus as dual-enrollment

        courses from December 2011 to May 2012. During the summer

of 2013, I took Calculus with Analytical Geometry at GCC. I have 

        since taken IB Spanish V SL and I'm currently enrolled in IB Math

        Studies HL or Calculus II on the IB level.   


I am a senior attending Ironwood High School and am currently a participant in the International Baccalaureate Program offered at the school. I have taken through Engineering III H and am enrolled to take IB Math HL, a Calculus II class taught at the IB level. 


My objective is to do everything that I can to benefit my work place.

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My hobbies and interests include learning about SolidWorks, Blender, Unity 3D, and UDK. I also enjoy playing sports like football, basketball, baseball, and swimming. Reading non-fiction novels dealing with natural sciences and playing video games are also hobbies of mine.


65 words per minute
Knowledge of Calculus
Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and Powerpoint

Work experience

Sep 2013Present


Excalibur Precision Machining
Worked as an intern at the company. The title involved packaging, sorting, scrapping, designing, and collecting parts that would be shipped to Boeing and other aerospace companies, including the producer of the Apache Helicopter.