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Work experience

Apr 2008Nov 2008

President & CEO

Porsche Cars Canada

First ever CEO of Porsche Cars Canada with the mission to create and staff the enterprise as an independent national sales company reporting directly to Germany. Reported to the global Director of Sales Porsche AG, Stuttgart, with full P&L responsibility for the Canadian market. Led a team of 17 employees, generating annual revenue in excess of CAD $180 M.

  • Recruited the team in direct collaboration with an experienced executive search firm. Developed and mentored the group through regular communication and by providing ongoing training opportunities in Canada, Germany and the US.
  • Guided the organization to facilitate the separation from the US operation. Identified and signed Canadian partners in the field of advertising, architecture, legal and public relations.
  • Developed a three year business plan to upgrade the existing dealer network according to the global Corporate Identity standards of Porsche AG with the aim of optimizing the efficiency of the retail organization in view of a planned extension of the Porsche product range.
Sep 2005Mar 2008

Managing Director Jaguar France

Jaguar Cars

Reported to the Director European Operations in the global headquarters, United Kingdom. Full P&L responsibility for the French market. As head of the French national sales company, led a team of 28 employees generating revenue of 95 Million Euro.

  • Increased the average retail price per car from 45,000 to 59,000 Euros within 24 months by focusing on high margin products and shifting marketing spend from classical advertising into CRM activities.
  • Developed and implemented a pre-launch marketing campaign for the new Jaguar XK resulting in an order bank covering 80% of the annual sales target before launch date. Achieved an all time sales record, surpassing the 2006 budget by 50% and establishing the benchmark for all European markets.
  • Restructured the distribution network in Paris, Toulouse, Bordeaux and Marseille delivering a 15% increase in sales.
Sep 2004Aug 2005

General Manager

Jaguar & Land Rover China

First employee of Jaguar & Land Rover China, recruited and led an all-Chinese Team of 12 employees to establish the basis for an independent national sales company. Full P&L responsibility for China. Reported to the PAG President China (PAG within the Ford company represented the following car brands: Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover).

  • Developed and executed successfully a new brand positioning for Jaguar by communicating European luxury brand values and English tradition.
  • Increased sales for both brands from 40 to 100 Million Euro in the first year.
  • Managed the launch of two key products for the Chinese market with luxurious and innovative launch events for the press and the dealer body.
  • Increased the dealer network to 25 partners according to the international corporate identity guidelines.
Jan 2002Aug 2004

Managing Director

Jaguar & Land Rover Austria

Executed the acquisition and the merger of Jaguar Austria with Land Rover Austria with a shared back office, which was a pilot project for all European Markets. Reported to the Director European Operations, United Kingdom. Full P&L responsibility for the Austrian and Croatian markets. As head of the national sales company, led a team of 27 employees generating  revenue of 90 Million Euro.

  • Delivered a 74% increase in sales for the Jaguar brand between 2002 - 2004 by restructuring half of the sales network. Nominated new distribution partners, who were critical success factors in the launch of key products. Achieved the highest growth of all European markets.
Jan 1999Dec 2001

Product Director

Renault Germany

Reported to the Marketing Director of Renault Germany, responsible for the newly created department “Premium Vehicles”, representing 30.000 sales and generating revenue of 900 Million Euro.

Sep 1993Dec 1998

Product Manager Special Products


Reported to the Product Director Special Vehicles, managing the development process of the BMW Z3 Roadster and the Z8 Roadster. Co-ordinated all global marketing activities. A member of the engineering team that worked on the development and the production of these products.




Technische Universität Berlin

Studies of Management Engineering incl. Business and Chemistry Courses in organic and inorganic chemistry, technical chemistry and chemical engineering


Executive Management Skills
Superb general management abilities covering marketing, sales, distribution, finance and after sales Specialized in recruitment, coaching and developing motivated teams Focused and driven to identify new business opportunities and achieve sustainable growth Sophisticated company and brand representative with excellent public relations Fluent in English, Spanish, French and German


Vittorio Senso

“Christian is an excellent Managing Director. Focused on the customer, great with his team, supportive of his management. Straight clear communication and very effective execution are his strengths.” February 22, 2009

Vittorio Senso, European Operations Director, Jaguar Carsmanaged Christian at Jaguar Cars


Snowboard, Fitness, Tennis


Classical Music


To further develop my career, I am looking for a new challenge as CEO, COO or Vice President Sales & Marketing in the automotive industry, in consumer services and products or in the fascinating area of Cleantech and renewable energies. I would also consider a position as a senior consultant in one of the renowned management and strategic consulting firms or as an executive in residence for private equity and venture capital groups in the process of restructuring newly acquired companies.


Profile An experienced senior executive with a strong background in change management honed through a variety of international assignments in Europe, China and Canada. Known as a passionate leader with a proven track record for building new companies and high performance teams resulting in profitable growth and compelling brand positioning. A multi-lingual, charismatic and visionary entrepreneur able to combine intuition with analytical business intelligence.