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Jan 2009Jun 2010

Masters of Education - Elementary

Griffith University

This program was a professional preparation for teaching in primary schools.  It included topics on Informing Discipline Studies, Key Learning Area Studies, and Professional Studies and Practice. Graduates will be eligible for registration as teachers and equipped to teach in a primary school setting.

Sep 2000Apr 2001

Bachelors of Business Administration

Lakehead University

Lakeheads Business Administrations aim, is to empower you with knowledge and experience to develop as a leader.  The program provides a useful balance between theory and applied learning and offers specializations to meet career interests.

Sep 1997Apr 2000


Sheridan College

Sheridan’s Business Administration–Marketing Program prepared me for an exciting career in marketing, advertising, promotion or sales.  They ensured that I learned all aspects of marketing so that I had all the necessary skills to excel in a business career.

Post Secondary Degrees

Teaching Portfolio

Work experience

Aug 1999Present

Customer Service Representative

The Beer Store

The job entails running the many facets that are incorporated with overseeing the success of a retail outlet. My responsibilities day to day range from customer service, loading unloading of trucks, opening and closing the store at night as well as acting manager on weekends.

Jan 2007Jan 2008

ESL Teacher

Nova Corp.

As a teacher of conversation techniques for Japanese students of all ages,  each lesson had to be preapared understanding the students needs and level of english skill they currently possessed. I also was a liason for various projects within in the schools kids groups and business students.

May 2003Jan 2007

Resource Associate

Bell Canada

The job entailed the production of various daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports for different managers across Bell Canada, Bell Mobility and Bell Express Vu. These reports were critical to allow managers to make decisions and company initiatives.


It is with great enthusiasm that I pursue a career in elementary education. I have completed a Masters of Education - Elementary, a Bachelor of Business and a Diploma in Marketing.

I will apply my passion across a variety of leadership, athletic and outdoor activities in the classroom. I will also support my students through extracurricular and coaching opportunities. My enthusiasm will encourage a reciprocal sharing of experiences and skills between my students, colleagues, and myself, thus promoting the development of my own abilities as a leader and coordinator, as well as those of my students.

I understand that all students learn differently. Through knowledge of their strengths, needs and backgrounds, I will create an inclusive setting, where all students are provided with motivating, differentiated learning opportunities and the potential to succeed. I will strive to develop a learning community that focuses on the development of strong, creative problem solving skills. I will also encourage students to become accomplished, self-confident and resilient learners who are able to meet challenges and overcome adversity.

These strengths are essential in successfully taking initiative in, and responsibility for, directing one's own life.Throughout my work and travel experiences, I have encountered many different challenges that have helped me to learn the importance of being flexible, while maintaining an objective and open-minded approach to problem solving. Travel has also instilled in me a keen curiosity, resulting in a constant desire to learn and an openness to new learning approaches. These qualities will compel me to constantly evolve as an educator and will be a great support in overcoming any challenge that I might face in my career as an educator.

I am looking forward to answering any further questions you may have in an interview.Thank you very much for your Consideration.


One of favourite pastimes is travelling. I have throughly enjoyed experiencing other peoples cultures and the variety of experiences they have had to offer. I have lived in Japan and Australia each for one year. I have also been to many places including Hawaii, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Chicago, New York, Florida, London, Paris and Cebu Island in the Philippines.  Some of my favourite experiences are the food, people and all the leisure activities that these places had to offer and from them I have collected a lifetime of memories.