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My objective is to accomplish several tasks:

A. Get excellent experience through hard work & education.

B. To continue my education up through an MBA degree in Business.

C. Help an organization become an authority in their industry by using outstanding leadership, and by using creativity & innovation.

D. After receiving my MBA, I plan on teaching the values and lessons that I have learned. I believe in mentoring the future leaders of the world.

E. My goals include the well being and advancement of all stakeholders of the organization.


Clyde D. Rhodes Sr. ambitions are to achieve success, not only for an organization, but for all of its stakeholders. Clyde believes all should be treated with respect and admiration. He believes that no one can fail or succeed without effort. Clyde believes that being prepared creates the highest outcome for success.


During his teenage years Clyde worked on a dairy farm, where the lessons of hard work and a job well done were learned. Clyde has remarkable work ethics that he learned from several different individuals in his life, especially his dad. His work ethics include dedication, determination, honesty, courteous to people, critical thinking, ambitious, analytical reasoning, problem solving and volumes more. Clyde entered into the United States Marine Corps and after four years of service, he was discharged with an Honorable Discharge in 1986. While in the Marines he learned and displayed many leadership traits, including, “Leading by example”.

Clyde has been trained to handle a varied of emergencies such as: Nuclear Disasters,  Anti-Terrorism, Fire Fighting, Accidents and volumes more, to include, Incident Command Training. Clyde’s desired tasks would be to develop, create, implement, and deliver outcomes that will illuminate the many advantages and high standards that your organization delivers.

He took these work ethics with him when he enrolled at Davenport University, where he graduated in 2008 with an associate’s degree in business management (3.90 GPA). Clyde graduated in 2011 with a BBA degree which includes Leadership and Governance specialties! (3.78 GPA). Clyde displays deep compassion for all he meets. Clyde helps out everyone he can, and admits he is still leaning.

Clyde is evolving from manual labor (Blue Collar) work to management (White Collar) work, while retaining his roots, meaning not forgetting where he came from and what it took to get to where he is now and where he strives to be.

Clyde relates work techniques to flies, for fly fishing. There are several out there, but which works best and why? There are techniques that will reap the best performance and others that look pretty, but do nothing else. His philosophy is, "Find the right one, and if you cannot find it, then develop one".


·        Huron County Fire Fighter of the Year Award (2001)

·        United States Marine Corps – Corporal E-4

o  Combat Squad Leader School. Camp LeJune, N.C. Placed third.

o  Super Squad Competition at Camp LeJune N.C. 2nd Marine Division. Placed Third.

·        Inducted to the Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society

·        Michigan Campus Compact Heart and Soul Award

·        Certified Instructor for Hunter Education and International Bow Hunter Education Program (IBEP) Instructor Number: 2443

·        Certified Management Program (ICPM) CM Number: 10710

He was inducted into the Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society and has just won one of the Heart and Soul awards from the Michigan Campus Compact for 2010.

Clyde was the award winner for the "Student Leadership Recognition Award" for the Caro, MI Campus for Davenport University in April 2011.

Clyde is eager to help your organization succeed in its journey to commit to great services and outstanding customer satisfaction.


Many things interest me. Many of my activities revolve around the woods, fields, and streams. I love teaching others about nature and how there is a balance and we are part of that balance.

  1. I have built homemade archery equipment; Bows, arrows, and etc...
  2. I make flies for fly fishing
  3. I enjoy hiking, camping, and fishing
  4. I enjoy my family and friends
  5. I enjoy football, basketbal, volley ball, base ball and softball
  6. I also enjoy working with wood projects
  7. I also enjoy having fun; meaning when it is time to work "WORK" and when it is time to play "PLAY"!!!


Dan Rothe

I have known Mr. Rothe when he was the plant manager at Regency Plastics. He was my wife's boss for several years. It was during this time that I began to know Mr. Rothe and appreciate his hard work and honesty that he showed through his accomplishments. His genuine care and concern for his family, the organization, and the employees in his charge was more than admirable.

On a professional note, I have met with him to discuss products that I have developed related to the auto industry. He was straight forward, honest, and very knowledgeable. He is without a doubt one of Gemini's Group best assets.

Rick Heck

I have known Rick since 1999 and I have trusted him with my life. He was the the mechanic that fix the truck and trailers for Quick Transport. He would repair the steering, brakes, and everything one could imagine that would break on trucks and trailers.

He does everything with care and he does it right. We have built a very strong friendship and I vaule him and his family as if they were my family.

Thomas Lounsbury

I have known Tom for serval years. He is retired from the State of Michigan and is a column writer for several local papers and Michigan Out of Doors. Tom also has a radio show that I have been a guest speaker for. The topic was building wooden bows and other archery equipment.

I consider him a very good friend and his love of people and the Michigan out of doors is shared by many.

Vicki Revoldt

Vicki is one extraordinary lady. She is very compassionate towards the knowledge that she passes onto her students, and her humor compliments her style of teaching.

Her experiences in the plastic industry along with other industries including tax 

preparation has added to her wealth of knowledge.

She works very hard and long hours and she loves to talk about her family. She is an asset that compliments the success of Davenport University.

Work experience

Nov 2011Jan 2012

Sales Representative

Infinity Home Improvement
  • One on One Sales with Home Owners
  • Presented Products and Represented Infinity Professionally, Thoroughly, and Honestly
  • Worked on Starting a Farming Target Market
  • Researched the Dairy Industry and Presented a Write Document to the upper Management
Jun 2011Nov 2011


Narayan Rehabilitation Inc.
  • Negotiated Payment Disputes for Services Rendered
  • Increased Sales
  • Built Relationships
  • Created and Distributed Marketing Material
  • Wrote Television Commercials
  •  Promoted High Quality Customer Service
Jul 2010Apr 2011

Pass Coordinator

Davenport University
  •  Present valid information to students (men-tees) at workshops
  • Encourage students to be successful through examples and knowledge
  • Assist with student retention by holding events that connect students to the university
  • Assist students in developing action plans and goals for their college experience
  • Coordinate guest speakers
  • Develop and organize special events
  • Coordinated Special Events
Feb 2009Jul 2010

Career Service Coordinator Assisstant

Davenport University
  • Assist the Career Service Coordinator with duties and tasks to help make the office run efficiently
  • Perform administrative duties
  • Research material associated with careers
  • Develop brochures and bulletin board materials
  • Develop monthly fliers such as the “The Stall”
  • Enter data
  • Assist with obtaining guest speakers
Jun 2002Nov 2005


Vita Plus Feed & Grain Elevator

Maintain equipment, bagged feed, worked well with others. Helped customers, drove feed truck, tractor, forklift, and loaded and unloaded trucks.

Jun 1999Jun 2002

Truck Driver

Quick Transport

Drove and maintain semi and eight axel asphalt trailer. Face to face professional customer service. Safe driving (Accident Free). Worked long hours, committed to employer and cutomers. Hauled asphalt, sand, gravel, and etc....

Worked well with fellow empoyees and all workers related in line of work, and in general everyday.

Sep 1994Jun 1999

Surface & EWAG Grinder

Spartan Carbide

Maintain my machines, ran high quality-low tolerance parts-Including + 0  to - 2 tenths. Read blueprints, made setups and acuired first tool approval. Helped others and worked together to solve manufacturing problems.

Jul 1986Sep 1993

Truck Driver

Wiederhold Freight Lines

Drove and maintained a semi and a set of Michigan doubles. Displayed a high level of professionalism and customer representation. Hauled grain, fertilizer, sand, stone, sugar beets, and etc... Made prompt load and delivery times. Safe driving with no highway or road accidents. Generatined a huge level of networking with farmers, grain elevator employees and other people in the industry. Worked long hours with an excellent attendace record.

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Comprehensive Problem Solving
This is a skill that is utilized throughout one's life, and is under rated. Connecting this skill on a professional level I utilized problem solving in the Marine Corps to aid in completing our mission and to influence the well being of the Marines under my command.   Problem solving is an essential tool in any organization today. Without it, task cannot be accomplished and problems will overflow into serious matters. This tool will also help retain efficient employees and maintain a sufficient supply of motivation from the employees.   Knowledge-Skills-Abilities-Other Talent Customer and Personal Service                    Ability of Persuasion             Social Perceptiveness Administration and Management                  Critical Thinking                     Deductive Reasoning Active Listening                                               Speaking                                Written Expression Solving Problems                                            Problem Sensitivity                Resolving Conflicts Reading Comprehension                                Researching                           Analyzing Making Decisions                                           Communication                      Team Player  


Hunters Education & IBEP

Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Certified Manager 10710

Certified Management Program; Institute of Certified Professional Managers (ICPM)