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ELMO Document Camera
Student taught for 8-weeks in a 6th/8th grade mathematics classroom that only had a ELMO.
AVerVision SMARTboard/Promethean Board technology
Student taught for 8-weeks in a 3rd grade classroom that had a Promethean Board.   Example lessons:   Telling Time (minute, 5-minute, 15-minute, half-hour, hour) The Meaning of Division Arrays & Multiplication Compare and Order Decimals Lines, Line Segments, Rays, and Angles Classify Triangles & Quadrilaterals Spelling Choice Word Work Adjectives and Role Play Figurative Language Making Generalizations Past, Present, Future Write It Right
Mac OS
Microsoft Office
Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Important Documents

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Whitney Bubenzer

Cooperating Teacher during Student Teaching (Spring 2013-firtst 8 weeks)

Claire Hiller

Cooperating Teacher during Clinicals (Fall 2012)

Michael Martindale

Tutored college students in pre-college level courses up to and including Calculus II.

Anne Wiet-Martin

Cooperating Teacher during Student Teaching (Spring 2013-last 8 weeks)

Sarah Cordell

- Peer Leader- Peer Leader Coordinator

Mary-Pat McKenna

Work experience

Jun 2008Present

2008 Scholar

Golden Apple Foundation
  • 2013: Tutored at St. Eulalia Community Center (Maywood, IL) and participated in various professional developments.
  • 2010: Prepared/co-taught hands-on mathematic/science lessons to 28 students in grades 8th-9th in Aurora, IL.
  • 2009: Taught/observed multiple mini-algebra lessons to small groups of students in grades 8th-9th at Illinois Mathematics & Science Academy (IMSA) in Aurora, IL.
  • 2008: Led a small group of 5th-8th grade students through lessons in mathematics and vocabulary at Seward Elementary, Chicago, IL.
Apr 2013Jun 2013


Literacy For All - Hitch Elementary School

Tutored six students, grades 2-5, in mathematics, reading comprehension, phonics, word study, and vocabulary. To broaden student’s topic knowledge, connections were made to Science and Social Science.

Aug 2011Dec 2012

Mathematics Tutor

Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) Learning Support Center

Mathematics tutor assisting college students in pre-college level courses up to and including Calculus II.

Aug 2009Dec 2012

Peer Leader/Peer Leader Coordinator

Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) Mathematics Enrichment Workshop Program (MEWP)
  • Peer Leader Coordinator (Aug 2012-Dec 2012) - provided support to peer leaders each week, as well as assisted the program coordinator with additional tasks.
  • Peer Leader (August 2009- May 2012) - lead students to help them better comprehend course concepts through the completion of worksheets for college algebra through calculus II.


May 2013Aug 2011

Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Elementary Education

Northeastern Illinois University
  • Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Elementary Education
  • Type 03 Elementary Certification (K-9)
  • Highly Qualified in ALL subjects (K-8)
  • Overall GPA: 3.68/4.0; Graduated with cum laude honors
  • Major GPA: 4.0/4.0
Jul 2011Jul 2011

Illinois State University/University of Brighton

The 3-week study abroad program at the University of Brighton provided me with the opportunity to experience classrooms abroad. Brighton schools integrate urban and rural students in the same school district, with many different family structures and economic backgrounds. The teacher education candidates experience how schools motivate their students using different learning styles. 

May 2010Jun 2011

Illinois State University

- Member and community service coordinator for the Urban Needs In Teacher Education (UNITE) club.

Aug 2008May 2010

Northeastern Illinois University

- Participated in the College of Arts and Sciences Education Program (CASEP)

  • CASEP is a learning community for students who are interested in becoming Pre-K-12 teachers. CASEP gives you the opportunity to begin your teacher training two years prior to entering Northeastern’s College of Education. All classes are linked, help to satisfy General Education requirements and employ some form of team teaching or collaboration. As a member of CASEP, you will have the opportunity as a first year student to observe in elementary and high school classrooms and to work alongside practicing teachers.

- Member and secretary for the NEIU Honors Society in 2009.

Lesson Plans (K-3)

Lesson Plans (4-8)

Contact Information

Leadership & Volunteer Activities

Rufus M. Hitch Elementary School, Chicago, IL (May 2013)

  • Work in small groups with ESL/ELL students and special education students as well as in one-on-one and whole group settings. Grades varied.

Tutor for Catholic Charities-Diocese of Peoria: Turnberry Village, Normal, IL (2011)

  • Tutored a 1st grade student in vocabulary, phonics, and counting.

UNITE: Urban Needs in Teacher Education, Illinois State Univ., Normal, IL (2010-2011)

  • Member and Community Service Coordinator.

NEIU Honors Society, Chicago, IL (2009)

  • Member and Secretary.

Teaching Experience

Student Teaching

Rufus M. Hitch Elementary School,Chicago, IL

Spring 2013

Taught third grade and sixth/eighth grade mathematics in an urban school (with a primarily Hispanic and Caucasian student population). Implemented a variety of classroom management techniques in each grade level.

  • 3rd Grade: Designed and adapted flipcharts to be used with a Promethean Board (ActivInspire Software) for many subject matters, including math, science, and language arts. Created a week-long unit on telling time and wrote an assessment plan analysis on the results. Whitney Bubenzer was the cooperating teacher.
  • 6th Grade: Designed and created a unit on integers taught over a two-week time period. Anne Wiet-Martin was the cooperating teacher.
  • 8th Grade: Was provided the opportunity to co-teach two eighth grade Algebra 1 classes along with an after-school review class to help better prepare the students for the Citywide Exit Exam. Anne Wiet-Martin was the cooperating teacher.


Haven Middle School, Evanston, IL

Fall 2012

Taught seventh/eighth grade mathematics using small groups and integrated technology into most curricula. Developed lesson plans, created a bulletin board, attended all staff meetings, and attended one field trip. Completed over 100 hours.

Additional Experience

Reuther Central High School, Kenosha, WI

Spring 2012

Observed a ninth grade special education classroom for 20 hours.

Illinois State University/Brighton University, East Sussex, England

July 2011

  • Grovelands Community Primary School: Observed grades 2 through 6.
  • Portslade Community College: Observed grades 8 through 11.

Various Schools (2009-2010), Chicago, IL

  • Lincoln Park High School
  • Thomas Kelly High School
  • John Spry Community Elementary School
  • Ida Crown Jewish Academy
  • George B. Armstrong International Studies Elementary School
  • Audubon Elementary School


To obtain a full time elementary or intermediate teaching position that incorporates my enthusiasm for collaboration, technology and mathematics.

Highlights of Qualifications

Student taught in both a 3rd grade classroom and a 6th/8th grade Mathematics classroom.

Completed an educational Study Abroad program in England (Summer 2011).

Endorsements: Middle School Mathematics and Social Science

Certified CPS Substitute & CPR Certified