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Lighthouse Labs

Jun 2015Aug 2015

Web Development Bootcamp

  • Coursework Included: Ruby, JavaScript, Object-Oriented Programming Best Practices, Ruby on Rails, ActiveRecord, SQL, jQuery, Google API, Wikipedia API, AJAX, Advanced CSS, HTML5.
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UBC Okanagan

Sep 2006Jun 2009

Bachelor of Arts

  • Philosophy Major
  • Writing and Philosophy Tutor
  • GPA 80% (A-)

Douglas College

Sep 2003Jun 2006


  • Transferred coursework for UBC Okanagan degree credit.

Web Development Projects

Chime   (Red Stamp Agency)

This project involved building a client portal and account management tool for a community management service (social media, blogs, etc). It is built with Ruby on Rails, Foundation, and jQuery, and relies heavily on the Recurly API. 

I have been responsible for the majority of development. 

  • Implemented Recurly's "PCI-DDS Level 1" compliant payment system. Form fields are delivered via iframe, and match the project's design.
  • Built coupon code support and subscription management tools into the Chime app, using the Recurly API to integrate with billing.
  • Added functionality for better UI and business logic, such as modals, mail service integration (via Postmark), and a full community manager back-end for client management. 

vDevice Learning Management System   (Blacktusk Media)

This project is the main client interface to access simulated smartphone devices. Admin users can create and manage courses, which involves pairing course steps to simulator states. Courses are part of the local database, while simulator data comes from an API.

My major contributions are as follows. 

  • Rebuilt 'course builder' to be asynchronous and considerably more stable. This course builder used jQuery and AJAX to interact with the Ruby on Rails database, saving each change in real time.
  • Transitioned this project to use ActiveResource and pull smartphone simulator data from an in-house API. 
  • Contributed code to a new Analytics suite for this project. This contribution involved adaptations to handle API data that may or may not exist.


vDevice API   (Blacktusk Media)

This project serves simulation images (screenshots) and simulator architecture data. Blacktusk admins can log into the API and create new smartphone simulators, as well as manage client subscriptions.

I contributed approximately 90% of the code for this project, including the following features.

  • "Simulation builder" was built using jQuery and includes clickable hotspot mapping, screen linking, and hardware device button mapping (e.g. a smartphone's 'back' button). 
  • Smartphone simulations can be exported and imported. An export includes all screenshots and all relations between them. Imports are processed using an asynchronous worker (DelayedJob). 
  • API data integrates with Angular app to display smartphone simulation. This required CORS 'preflight' request support in Rails. 

Work experience

Red Stamp Agency

May 2016Present

Lead Ruby on Rails Developer

  • Responsible for full-stack feature development for the "Chime" project. 
  • Provides feature consultation for ongoing development, based on non-developer (stakeholder) requests and feedback. 
  • Recommended and wrote full test suite for app. 

Lighthouse Labs

Feb 2016May 2016

Mentor (Part-Time)

  • Provided one-on-one support to students undergoing the immersive web development bootcamp.
  • Tutored students in the basics of Ruby, Rails, databases, Sinatra, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Reviewed student code and gave and constructive feedback.

Blacktusk Media

Aug 2015Feb 2016

Web Developer

  • Built asynchronous course builder using jQuery.
  • Transitioned Ruby on Rails app to use ActiveResource with API.
  • Built 90% of API project in Ruby on Rails.
  • Designed and built smartphone simulation builder using jQuery.
  • Managed git repositories in correspondence with JIRA project management tool (sprint management).

iData Research

Nov 2012Apr 2015

Senior Editor and Publishing Executive

  • Edited research reports for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and consistency.
  • Tracked anywhere from 8 to 12 market research projects simultaneously.
  • Led workshops to teach writing and formatting best practices.
  • Organized archive of more than 500 reports to be significantly more efficient.
  • Implemented report product version control systems.
  • Spearheaded and supervised office-wide software upgrade.
  • Designed report templates from the ground up.
  • Assisted in managing a team of researchers.

True North Management

May 2012Nov 2012

Lead Copywriter

  • Created content for 6 e-commerce websites: blogs and email newsletters.
  • Ensured writing quality and production workflow.
  • Provided product descriptions, targeted for audience interests.
  • Coded HTML and CSS.
  • Edited article submissions.

Array Studios

Sep 2010Feb 2012

Content Strategist

  • Consulted with clients regarding options and recommendations.
  • Interviewed product experts to identify key selling points and features.
  • Created goal-driven, branded website content after interviews.
  • Developed and implemented SEO and online marketing campaigns.

Other Employment

Jun 2009Sep 2010


  • Wrote and edited websites, presentations, brochures, and print pieces.
  • Edited for 'Island Times Magazine' startup business.

Activities and Interests

Game Design and Development

Designing, writing, and coding a game engine for dynamic story generation.

Philosophy - Research and Writing

Current focus: existentialism, metaphysics, and linguistics.