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Job Experience

Sep 2015Present

Marketing Manager 

The Tulane Office of Multicultural Affairs

At the Office of Multicultural Affairs, my main tasks are to design graphics for different events and topics regarding race, discrimination, gender and sexuality. These graphics consist of informational pamphlets and large posters to hang around campus as well as web banners to be advertised online. My main tools of production are photoshop and piktochart, with the occasional hand drawn poster. 

Aug 2015Present

Associate News Editor

The Hullabaloo

As Associate News Editor, my job is to assist in editing news stories for Associated Press style and content mistakes, as well as conducting research for investigative news stories and assisting in coverage of breaking news. I am also expected to produce my own content for the paper every week. Most of my content consists of investigative news pieces such as the extent racial profiling on Tulane's campus. 

Jul 2015Aug 2015

Marketing and Visual Design Intern

AppFolio Property Manager

AppFolio is one of the world's leading companies in online property management software and even recently went public on the NASDAQ. Due to its format and clientele, AppFolio requires a strong online marketing presence and social media expertise. As an intern in the marketing department, I aided in managing the various social media accounts (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and creating new content for the company blog, as well as updating client spreadsheets and working extensively with Microsoft Excel. 

Apr 2014Apr 2015


The Foothill Dragon Press

As Editor-in-Chief, it was my job to oversee all content management on the site. I edited every article for Associated Press style, grammatical errors, content errors, and I format them visually using photos and coding. Sometimes, I even had to create infographics or visuals for articles that need an extra pop. I also led a class of 36 journalism students, handled personal conflicts between the staff, manage complaints, did damage control when readers were unhappy or angry with what was published, released apologies when articles needed to be edited after publication, and created my own content. I also led the Editorial Review Board of 9 editors for our paper to see what articles were coming in for the week and what issues occurred in the sections.

Apr 2013Apr 2014

Assistant Editor-in-Chief

The Foothill Dragon Press

My job as Assistant Editor-in-Chief was to aid the Editor-in-chief with their duties. I had to edit a third of the articles on the site, manage other editors, and create my own content for the site. 

Nov 2012Apr 2013

Opinions Editor

The Foothill Dragon Press

As Opinions Editor, my job was to oversee the five staff members in the opinions section of my school's online newspaper. I had to edit each of their articles, which they wrote once a week, lead section meetings, be a mediator when personal disputes broke out, and produce my own articles once a week.


Aug 2015Present

Bachelors of Arts

Tulane University 

Double Major- Digital Media Production/Political Science
 Minor - English


Feb 2015Mar 2015

Columbia Scholastic Press Association Ed Sullivan Award

Columbia Scholastic Press Association

Free the Playwickian Indiegogo campaign

This Award is given to publications that stand bravely in the face of extenuating circumstances. Although our publication was not in harm's way, we still acted to defend the rights of our fellow journalists who were.  When my journalism adviser informed our publication about the injustice the Playwickian, a high school publication in Pennsylvania, was facing I wrote an editorial about it for our site. However, soon after we came back to school, we received news that our efforts had not stopped the publication's school board from reaping more havoc on them. Their Editor-in-Chief was stripped of her position and their adviser was suspended for 2 days without pay. We had to act. The day we heard, we put together an online campaign to raise money for the advisers lost pay and to pay for the legal fees the Playwickian would need to fight against their school board's decision. We raised over 200 percent of the funds we had intended to raise: $6,810. 

Jan 2015Jan 2015

1st place Columbia Scholastic Press Association Gold Circle Award in Breaking News

Columbia Scholastic Press Association 

Breaking News: "Foothill Fire" forces school to evacuate

On our way home from school, Foothill Dragon Press Video Editor Kazu Koba and I saw smoke rising from the hills adjacent to the road we were driving on. We decided to pull over to see what was going on and sure enough, stumbled upon a full-blown breaking news story. We both put on our press passes and while he began taking photos with his iPhone, I started asking questions to teachers at the school we had pulled into. The school was being evacuated. After realizing that this story was larger than what we had initially thought, we raced home to grab cameras and reporters' notebooks. In a matter of hours we had pulled together an entire package, complete with a Soundcloud, photos, and a Storify of social media posts regarding the incident. I even had to write the story after being injured while reporting; I had rolled down a concrete hill while running to the car so that we could race home and start reporting. It was one of the most fun-to-create packages we had ever assembled.

Jan 2015Jan 2015

1st Place Columbia Scholastic Press Association Gold Circle Award in Editorial Writing

Columbia Scholastic Press Association 

Editorial: When one publication is threatened, we all are

A school publication in Pennsylvania was facing serious consequences from their school board for exercising their First Amendment right to a free press. Our publication felt that it was our moral obligation to stand up in solidarity with this publication, because as journalists, we must protect our fellow reporters. As newly appointed Editor-in-Chief, it was my job to write an unsigned editorial on the matter in a timely fashion. Even though I did not receive direct credit for it, it being an unsigned editorial, it is still the piece of writing I am most proud of. Standing up for freedom of speech is more important than any reward I will ever receive.

Mar 2014Mar 2014

1st place Columbia Scholastic Press Association Gold Circle Award in Information Graphics 

Columbia Scholastic Press Association

This infographic was created to help illustrate the facts of a scandal regarding cutbacks in our Associated Student Body's (Student Government) budget. I was awarded first place in Graphic Design at the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Gold Circle Awards for it. This was the first time I created an infographic by myself. This competition is between the top high school publications and college publications in the nation. Both College and High school students competed in my category.