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Core Competencies

·Strategic Quality Planning & Alignment

·Independent Verification & Verification

·Budget Management

·Lean / Six Sigma Facilitation & Training

·Profit Improvement / Cost Reductions

·Project Management (PMO)

·Accreditation / Regulatory Compliance

·Productivity & Efficiency Optimization

·Learning & Development

·Supplier Quality Mgmt., Audits, SLA’s

·Voice of the Customer / Business

·Business Analytics & Reporting

·Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA’s)

·Cost of Poor Quality

·Market Psychometrics

Professional Affiliations

  • Member of American Society for Quality (Senior Member)
    • International Team Excellence Award (IETA) Semi-Finalist Judge for 2008 and 2009
    • Divisional Member for Quality Management, Healthcare, Six Sigma and Service Quality
  • Institute for Industrial Engineers (IIE) (Member)
  • Care Continuum Alliance (formerly DMAA) Participation
    • Committee Member, Research and Quality
    • Subcommittee Member – Physician Satisfaction Research & Development
    • Subcommittee Member -- Quality Information & Tools
  • 2010 DMAA Judge for Leadership and Quality Awards
  • 2013 HERO on Satisfaction:Workgroup adopted my process and evaluation methodology
  • URAC / DMAA Collaborative Workgroup Member – Wellness Participant Satisfaction Development

Business Profile

·Call Center Quality Mgmt.

·Packaging & Kitting

·Regulatory Compliance

·Consumer Advocacy

·Fulfillment & Distribution

·Accreditation / Certifications

·Operations (Mfg. / Svc.)

·Logistics & Reverse Logistics

·Information Mgmt. Systems

·Supply Chain Mgmt.

·Laboratory Quality

·e-Commerce Fulfillment

·Telephonic Medical Advisory Services


·Environmental Compliance

·Information Security Management


·Safety Mgmt.

Six Sigma Certificate

Work experience

Feb 2004Present

Director of Quality

Alere Health

Director of Quality Operations responsible for building a Quality Management System for complex service delivery that integrates call center quality programs with professional and technical services specific to healthcare, education, and behavioral change with respect to Chronic Care Management, Case & Utilization Management, Nurseline, Wellness, and Maternity as well as other patient-centered services.Other areas of focus were on Supply Chain Quality with Fulfillment and Medical Device inspection & testing and distribution.The QMS focuses on participant’s Quality of Life as well as to ensure ROI & Performance Guarantees with Clients are being met.

Select Accomplishment…

  • Educated clients on different statistical models allowing for re-negotiated contracts to reduce costs of key performance measurement programs reducing annual expenditures by $240k.
  • Introduced Lean / Six Sigma to organization and realized improvements in efficiencies by $120k in first six months of implementation.Hired Black Belt and trained others as Green Belts.
  • Introduced and implemented Independent Verification & Validation organization whose goal was to reduce noncompliance, build confidence in performance metrics and improve efficiencies with supervisors.Savings of $340k per year in supervisor labor while realizing verifiable improvements in staff performance by building independent audit team.
  • Client request of a 5 year Improvement Project for Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) with no supporting data by Client.Constructed the 5 year plan within the 3 day window with a first round approval by CMS.Client extremely impressed and delighted by the quality of the submission in light of the time frame given for independent research and to complete.Value-add to client and brand awareness.Project adopted as model for other similar clients in need of similar services.
  • Implemented new modality for surveying for Clinical & Loyalty survey assessments reducing the annual cost by $400k.
  • Provided value add services by designing and creating customize analysis on key client data per client request which created such an impact as client requested for my services for future analysis and was written into contract.
  • Established Supplier Quality Program and assessment reducing supplier risk in Quality, Information Security, and Regulatory Compliance (HIPAA, CLIA).Development of key SLA’s to manage vendors w/ quarterly reviews.
  • Developed Client Satisfaction and Loyalty Program which identified key clients at risk for termination, worked with Client Management to address action plans and have retained several key clients due to identification process.Implemented process 4 years before Corporate and was looked upon as model going forward.

Other Responsibilities…

  • Oversight of six centers with respect to their quality programs and strategic alignment to corporate goals.Direct reports included Quality Analysts and Internal Auditors with varied professional backgrounds such as LPN’s, RN’s, Quality Engineers, Black Belts, and MBA’s.
  • Contract reviews for Proposals (RFP/RFI) pertaining to organizational capabilities around Quality & Performance Management tied to contractual guarantees and standards.Detail current organization quality programs and capabilities in bidding process for new business.
  • Development VoC/B program including Satisfaction and Loyalty, Service Recovery / Complaint Management System as well as dedicated Adverse Event DBA for BioPharma Clients (21 CFR Parts 11, 210 and 211).Including accreditation, regulatory and legal compliance measures and reporting.Integrated International Standards such as ISO 10000 and ISO 20252.
  • Managed budget of $2mil for market psychometrics tied to contractual SLA’s valued greater than $30mil.Created monitoring system related to modality and tools that were integrated into quarter performance reviews with market research vendors.Four market research vendors reported to me for services.
  • Designed and delivered reporting and analytics of performance metrics to key stakeholders by reports and dashboards.Provided analytics on organizational services and programs for periodic reporting to meet internal and accreditation needs.Trend development, baselines, goals, outliers and integrated tools from SPC to help identify negative trends and outliers in services.Built Quality Information Management System DBA to compliment process. Could identify issues with client’s process as they affected ours before the client knew of issues they had themselves.
  • Developed and Implemented Quality Management Review process, analytics and reporting providing quarterly QPI’s directly to clients showing both transparency on their programs performances as well as opportunities and compliments.
  • Development and management the supplier quality management program by which audits were conducted of the organization monitor and work in development of improvement efforts as they pertain to our products and services of which they directly affect.Includes quarterly meeting, scorecards, supplier corrective action plans, improvements in effectiveness / efficiencies, approved supplier lists, contract development, regulatory / delegation assessment of supplier.
  • Participated with strategic partners in helping suppliers achieve performance goals and efficiencies.Invited to sit in Suppliers Information Security Committee’s.Assessed current state and recommend changes based on observations and audits.Reduced Information Security Risks in Supply Chain.
  • Worked with Medical Device Vendors and internal departments around device nonconformance, Mean Time to Failure, Life Cycle Management as well as inspection and testing equipment.Work with our internal device group to help them register to FDA.
  • Worked with Medical Lab Kit Vendors to ensure integrity of the kits, their Quality Processes in alignment with Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) Regulations.
  • Training programs for organization as they pertain to quality topics such as Root Cause Analysis, FMECA, DOE, DFSS / DMAIC projects, QFD, 7 Basic Quality Tools, 7 Advance Management Tools, Auditing, Quality 101, ANOVA, SPC and so on to build a foundation of quality tools within our culture and for my team to facilitate during projects.
  • Introduced Quality Improvement Initiative (QII’s) programs using model primarily around LEAN and Six Sigma though hybrid with elements of Healthcare which focuses on FOCUS PDCA and PDCA models.Hired BB to facilitate QII’s and training of tools and techniques. Championed QII programs.
  • Responsible for key performance metrics and analysis to feed into Annual Quality Work Plans, Quality Manual, and recommend organizational QIP’s which tie into required standards (i.e.:NCQA, URAC and Joint Commission).Worked with team to ensure audit readiness based on internal audits of processes and policies.
  • Development of patient safety and risk management programs.Includes Quality of Care issues as well as immediate Emergent issues.
  • Development of internal Quality Information Management System DBA for tracking, managing and reporting metrics and trends for both quantitative & qualitative analysis on organization performance and dashboards.
  • Work with peers on ensuring accreditation (NCQA, URAC standards) / regulatory (FDA, HIPAA) readiness within the organization.Internal audits of processes and policies.
  • Worked with cross functional teams for Policy and Procedural development for enterprises deployment, addendums, etc.
  • Development and management of internal monitoring systems and reporting infrastructure to operations and executive management on quality performance including sampling plans and benchmark metrics.
Mar 2003Sep 2004

Quality Manager / Process Engineer

Fidelity National Information Solutions (FNIS)

Recruited by ComStock President to develop and optimize business processes related to services and products for more efficient operations.ComStock was acquired by FNIS and within the year moved services to west coast.I was offered a position to move but decline.

  • Responsible for building effective relationships with business units to develop a joint vision.Assists in the establishment of priorities related to process evaluations.Focus was on the integration of departments such as client implementation, account management, education, and project management.
  • Provided analytics and reporting for process optimization and continuous improvement.Develop and implement system quality control practices and procedures.Ensure correct process functionality and requirements are achieved. Responsible for determining how changing business needs will affect processes.
  • Worked with clients regarding current and potential system inputs, processes, and outputs.Conduct research and analysis into the nature, effect and results of process problems.Develop detailed process requirements, system documentation and workflow procedures.
  • Responsible for migration of facility when decision to close facility was made.Managed and integrated with cross functional groups for successful migrations.Migration of Accounting, Call Center, Multiple Listing Services functionality.
  • Function as a Process Analyst.Provide analysis, definition and direction to process development and continuous improvement methods.Develop and implement system quality control practices and procedures.Ensure correct process functionality and requirements are achieved.
  • Focus on the integration of various process methods specific to client implementation, account management, education and project management.Responsible for determining how changing business needs will affect the processes.Provide ideas and recommendations regarding the evolution of the processes.
  • Responsible for managing queries with the client regarding current and potential system inputs, processes, and outputs.Conduct research and analysis into the nature, effect and results of process problems.Develop detailed process requirements, system documentation and workflow procedures.
  • Review and approve requested process changes and develop detailed specifications for implementation.Communicates the changes and issues at all levels.
  • Ensure current and accurate documentation, coordinates and performs testing of process modifications, and develop & coordinate system training, educational tools and materials.
  • Produce reports, timelines, and graphics.Creates reports from existing client databases to satisfy user requests, data sampling, project analysis, or testing verifications.

Corporate Process Control Manager

Associated Hygienic Products, LLC

Quality Assurance Manager accountable for Manufacturing Quality, Quality Laboratory, and Consumer Advocate Department.Through M&A several organizations integrated which expanded manufacturing capacity.I was then promoted to Corporate Process Control Manager expanding responsibilities over all three Manufacturing Plants and respective Quality Assurance Labs (Directed Reports included 3 QA Mgrs., 1 Corporate Quality Analyst, and 12 Quality Inspectors and Auditors).

  • Within first year as Quality Manager decreased consumer complaints by 21%.Created and implemented Supplier Evaluation System.Identified and eliminated 60% of print suppliers due to poor quality performances.
  • Production crew of 3 shifts was made up of an extremely diverse group of workers with over 13 different languages, cultures, and religious beliefs.Evaluated communication strategy regarding processes, procedure for production and inspection & testing requirements.Created training program on basic quality programs, evaluated level of language diversity to build an organizational sponsored training and development program for our employees to help improve their ability to speak English which reduced the language barrier and improved safety and quality in the organization.
  • Developed DBA, responsible for design of corporate Supplier Quality Management System, and research design changes for improvements pertaining to performance deficiencies.
  • Managed Quality Assurance Lab (Direct Reports included 4 QA Auditors, 1 Mfg. Trainer, 1 Materials Inspector, 1 Lab Technologist).Inspection and testing of raw and process materials before, during and after being processed into final product.
  • Managed Consumer Services Department for North America Operations.(Mgmt. of Consumer Complaints, Tracking & Trending Analysis, Distribution of Refunds, Coupons and Product Samples as well as Good Will activities.)
  • Responsible for oversight of new materials and process changes implemented into Duluth facility.

Quality Assurance Supervisor / Safety & Environmental Coordinator

JVC Disc America Co.

Quality Supervisor responsible for Kennesaw Fulfillment & Distribution Center’s Quality System and was site management representative for ISO 9000 QMS (Re-certifications, Internal Audit Mgmt. and Registrar Liaison) as well as for ISO 14000 Environmental Management Systems (Obtained Registration in 2000), and Training Coordinator for Quality, Safety & Environmental Programs.Direct reports consisted of 7 QA Inspectors, 1 Group Leader, and 1 Facility Trainer.Responsibilities covered all Incoming, In-process, Finished Goods, Shipping, Rework and Returned Materials, CAPA's, Process Improvement Activities, Engineering Change Approvals, Statistical Analysis, Supplier Corrective Actions, etc.

  • Site Management Representative for Safety Program.(Program Development, Implementation & Training as well as managed all facility regulatory requirements with local and state as well as insurance inquiries. (i.e. Local Fire Marshall Inspections, Facility Maintenance and Inspections, OSHA Log Documentation, Insurance Claims Investigations, Internal Drills & Certifications.)Created internal safety instructions, safety training programs (e.g. BBP, Forklift training & certification, etc.)Worked with temp agencies to ensure temp staff is properly trained before entering facility.Fire Drills, Hazardous Weather Notifications, etc.
  • Created and facilitated quarterly management meetings (QuEST meetings which outlined Quality, Environmental, Safety and Training Initiatives, Quality Improvement Initiatives, Corrective and Preventive Actions, SCAR’s, etc.)Responsible for review to Executive Management on site annual performance activities at Corporate Headquarters pertaining to Quality Management, Safety, and Environmental Systems.
  • Developed, implemented and managed several key knowledge management programs pertaining to Quality, Safety, and Environmental Affairs.(I.e. Supplier Management, Internal Process Failures, Statistical Analysis, CAPA's, Training Database, Environmental Inquiries and Safety Data.)
  • Responsible for Supplier Management Program, which includes performing supplier site audits for outsourcing potentials evaluations.
  • Performed Industrial Engineering Functions such as Time Studies, Layout Design, etc., for internal process improvements.

Quality Systems Coordinator / Lead Quality Systems Auditor

Cadmus Marketing Services

Created and developed Quality Department at Cadmus Marketing Services.Responsible for strategic plans, policies and procedures for Quality Management System.Developed internal standards and statistical process control programs for production.Developed, managed and facilitated quality teams.(e.g.: Management Quality Council, Customer Quality Council, Set-up Reduction Teams.) Facility liaison to Cadmus Communications (Corporate) with respect to the implementation of the QMS ISO Standards as part of the Corporate ISO 9000 Development Board.

  • Created image DBA for key client to manage respective image and logo inventory for placement of critical files within the Stripping Process and later the Pre-Press functions.
  • Implemented quality tools and protocols into a culture designed around an apprenticeship structure with barriers to using such tools as seen as irrelevant to a printing culture that prides itself on its artistry than technical elements.Goal to reduce variation in printing process with using such tools as densitometer, barcode scanners, SPC tools, etc.Delicate situation but one that with patience incorporated those tools to help not hinder the quality of the job and was accepted by the Pressman.
  • Created Quality System Software and trained production personnel on utilization to capture key quality performance measures for trending analysis, error tracking, process improvements, scheduling, and customer image database.
  • Implemented the Customer Satisfaction Index using the Customer Quality Council to enact Quality Improvement Initiatives.
  • Co-developed internal training programs while developing systems for determining "Needs Assessments" structure and analysis for both local and corporate initiatives.
  • Worked on various operational projects such as: Estimating, Scheduling, Warehouse Inventory Management, Accounting and Order Processing Software Integration, as well as Training.Responsible for Hazardous Waste Program for print facility.

Quality Assurance Technician

Network Publications Inc.

Documented manufacturing areas as assigned to fit ISO-9002 compliance.Provided division wide associate training on ISO Quality Standards.Devised instructions for "Train-the-Trainer" classes "Q" teams on Procedural Training.Performed Audits on Production and Customer Claims.Determined Root Causes of issues derived from Audits.Departmental Representative for the Manufacturing Safety Committee.Performed Safety Audits in Facility.


Bachelor of Science (BS)

Southern College of Technology
  • Minor:  Engineer Sales
  • Minor:  Technical Management


Statistical Process Control

Southern College of Technology


American Management Association (AMA)

Basic Supervisor

American Management Association (AMA)

Seven Habits of Hightly Effective People

Covey Leadership Center

Environmental Compliance

Center of Environmental Compliance

Hazardous Waste Management

Environmental Resources Center

Introduction to ISO 9000

Southern College of Technology

Internal Auditor (ISO 9000)

Jan Roovers & Associates

Lead Assessor (ISO 9000)

The Victoria Group via AT&T

Six Sigma Black Belt

Institute for Industrial Engineers

Six Sigma Green Belt

Southern Polytechnic State University

NCQA Disease Management Standards + ISS Training


Measuring & Managing Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

American Society of Quality (ASQ)