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Work experience

2007Jan 2009


Breville Group / HWI, North America

Managed the Breville range of luxury small kitchen appliances – the “rock star” of the industry with revenue growth surpassing the balance of the industry by +30 points in 2008.Also managed the declining HWI (housewares) division. Revenues totaled $140M with 165 employees across all functions: finance, marketing, sales, accounting, product development, sourced manufacturing (China, India, Indonesia, Turkey), operations, supply chain, call center and HR.

§ Led Breville to industry-leading double-digit revenue growth in 2008 while the balance of the industry contracted by 9%.Keys to this success included: a strong new TV campaign (beat test norms by 100%+ … see video at and  Case study at; 90% growth in measured PR publicity (appearances on Oprah, Ellen, Today Show, The View, etc.); record merchandising at retailers like Williams-Sonoma and Bed Bath & Beyond; and smart new website functionality built with Avenue A/Razorfish (division of Microsoft) to grow web sales.

§ Improved USA Housewares Division revenue trend from a 25% decline in fiscal 2007 to stability in 2008 by bringing in new premium product lines (Scanpan and Laura Ashley) with gross margins much higher than the existing portfolio.Created & launched the beautiful new Laura Ashley line (150 items).

§ Bold Cost Cuts:Cut headcount by 25%.Cut housewares SKU’s from 1100 to 400 “keepers.” Built profit margin +15% via renegotiation of our Chinese costs and raising prices.Cut USA supply chain costs by $700K via lowering housewares stocks 40%, then sub-leasing the saved space and outsourcing operations to CEVA Logistics.

Jun 2006Nov 2006

Americas Region Head, Performance Nutrition


Managed all functions for the stand-alone PowerBar division in the Americas (revenues: $210M;subordinates: 65 direct, 950 indirect).Key retail partners: Costco; Wal Mart; Whole Foods; supermarkets; and sporting goods retailers.

§Led team to create and launch the “C2 MAX” upgrade giving PowerBar its first-ever superiority claim in the area of athletic performance (“up to 8% improved performance in endurance sports,” a link to an explanation of the science is at upgrade also improved taste, and introduced an additional product format (shakes).Achieved with record speed (seven months from concept to shipments).

§ Bold Cost Cuts:Led a major restructuring effort to close the stand-alone office in Berkeley and graft PowerBar into Nestle USA.This cut headcount by 35% and halved office infrastructure costs. Cut manufacturing and warehousing costs by almost 5% by rationalizing 95 SKUs (45%) which represented less than 5% of revenues.

Jun 1999Dec 2004

President of the Americas

Roche Consumer Health

Supervised Roche’s non-prescription (OTC) drug business in the Americas ($545M in revenues, 120 direct employees).This comprised a USA joint venture with Bayer ($315M) and organizations in eight Latin countries ($230M).Was also a member of the Global Leadership team, overseeing the key strategic initiatives of Roche’s $1.3B OTC division.

§ Initiated and led the clinical and regulatory programs to switch Xenical (Rx drug for weight loss) to OTC status.Coordinated FDA negotiations.Led the auction process which sold the OTC rights to GlaxoSmithKline who launched it as “Alli” in 2007.Achieved an exceptional $500M sale price based on world-class modeling of future revenues.

§Spearheaded the turn around of the US Bayer/Roche JV (5 OTC brands including Aleve) from a 10% yearly revenue decline to 41% revenue growth over 4 years while doubling profit margin to twice the industry average, resulting in the tripling of absolute yearly EBITDA.Aleve surged from being the #5 analgesic in the USA to #3 without incremental marketing investment.This was achieved via a brilliant new TV campaign, accelerated new product launches (despite significant manufacturing challenges), and strengthened merchandising at key retailers like Wal-Mart.Successfully managed legal defense against larger, aggressive competitor.

§ Built Latin American revenues at 4X norm (+12% per year vs. 3% industry average) to become the #3 OTC company in the region.Re-applied the USA Aleve marketing model to the Latin Flanax and Apronax brands (video available at with new strategies for pricing, distribution, and regulatory approval for higher dosage levels, built those businesses +40% in 2 years.

§ Bold Cost Cuts:Launched plan to save $2M per year and improve service by cutting 35% of SKUs

§ Led major initiatives as a member of the Global Leadership Team, including:

oIntroduced world-class consumer segmentation models that we pioneered with USA Aleve to be used for Roche’s 4 largest product categories globally (analgesics, vitamins, skin care, gastro-intestinal).Resulted in strengthened TV advertising, doctor detailing, and product innovation globally.  Example of strengthened global TV ad available at:

oOverhauled the Swiss-based global product development organization.Devised and implemented new guidelines for setting priorities, for allocating staffing, and faster procedures for project management.This directly led to an increase in the net present value of the new product pipeline by +30% to +100% (depending on product category).

oCo-led Roche’s divestiture of the Consumer Health Division.Participated in road show presentations and the extensive due diligence process with Private Equity firms (KKR, Blackstone, Carlyle) and industry buyers.After the sale to Bayer for $3.0B, led the integration in the Americas.

Jan 1997Jul 1999

Vice President, Argentina Consumer Bank


Led marketing for Citibank’s third-largest consumer business in the world (bank accounts, mortgages, credit cards, stockbroker services, etc.).Built revenues 51% to $714M and EBIT +66% over three years.Also led two business units as General Manager.These units achieved double the growth rate of the balance of Citibank Argentina.

§ Created an “Infinite ROI” advertising plan as a way to multiply modest advertising budgets:Created a direct-response TV campaign in which third-party salesmen received in-bound calls from consumers to whom they sold mortgages.The third-party salesmen would share their sales commissions with TV stations to pay for all of the media.Since the media was free to Citibank, the ROI for the activity was “infinite.”

§As General Manager of the CitiGold business (banking services for consumers with assets over $1M), built revenues +75% to $36M and EBIT +60% to $28M over 2 years.Conceived and kicked-off the “5X2K Plan” to build our share of the affluent consumer segment 5X by year 2000.Plan included expanding branches 4X and stockbroker staff 6X.Partnered with Cablevision to offer free cable modem video conferencing to CitiGold advisors.

§ As General Manager of the Corporate Employee business, built revenues of this young division by 14X to $19M and built EBIT 7X to $6M over two years.Created a partnership with KPMG to offer a “20% Better Than Free” product bundle which offered companies free Citibank products for all of their employees plus a 20% discount on KPMG’s payroll processing services.This is estimated to have sold 80,000 Citibank products.

May 1995Jun 1996

VP Marketing

Led B2B marketing for an entrepreneurial company ($124M revenues; 450 employees) which offered manufacturers of consumer goods the ability to target customized promotional incentives (the red-bordered coupons that print out with your receipt) to individual consumers in over 10K US supermarkets.Invented an upgrade which improved product performance +25% in test market.Launched a new B2B print advertising campaign featuring retailer endorsements.During tenure revenues grew +18%, market capitalization doubled and Catalina was ranked by BusinessWeek as one of America’s top 100 “Hot Growth Companies.”
May 1994Aug 1994

General Manager, Continental Foods

Prior to a Euro-reorganization, briefly led Continental Foods, a stand-alone company ($70M revenues, 220 employees).

§Bold Cost Cuts:Conceived, designed and kicked-off a program to build EBITDA from breakeven to $4M.Cut 285 SKUs (55% of total, 3% of revenues) and closed 1 of 3 manufacturing lines to save an estimated $1.2M per year.Reduced staffing by 33 people to save $2.8M annually.

Sep 1981Jan 1994

Marketing Director

Procter & Gamble

Spend 5 years in USA in Brand Management. Then spent 5 years in Latin America, leading all marketing in P&G Brazil, then 3 years in P&G Malaysia/Singapore where I also had regional marketing responsibilities for the $1B Paper category.

Asia Region Paper Category Marketing Director; Singapore 1993 -1994

Regional marketing director for the $1B Asian paper business.

§ Conceived, sourced and launched a test market of a low-priced version of Pampers diapers on a “skunk works” basis.This built Pampers’ Asian revenues by 40% (+$200M) within 18 months of regional expansion.

Malaysia / Singapore Country Marketing Director; Singapore1991 -1994

§ Led a Marketing department of 30 people to build revenues +70% to $95M in three years by launching/re-launching brands in seven categories behind new channel strategies, ads, PR, pricing.Became #1 in 5 product categories.Built margins by cutting promotional spending by 35%, helping double profits.

Brazil Country Marketing Director; São Paulo, Brazil1989 -1991

§ Pioneered P&G’s entry into Brazil as one of six managers taking charge of a $90M acquisition.Doubled revenues to $180M in three years by leading a re-vamped 25-person Marketing department to launch Pampers and Pantene while re-launching 5 local brands.This was achieved in the face of massive macroeconomic turbulence in which inflation surpassed 20,000% per year.Personally conducted 40 training seminars per year.

§ Forged a world-class 5-year strategic for P&G Brazil plan by working with Michael Porter’s Monitor group.

§ Bold Cost Cuts: Downsized the organization by 1K employees (50%), exited a product category, closed 5 brands.

Puerto Rico Group Marketing Manager; San Juan, Puerto Rico1986 -1989

§ Grew revenues +20% to $50M and EBITDA +400% to $5M via a ROI-based overhaul of all marketing activities.Led a “deep dive” analysis showing that 95% of promotions that had been fielded were money losers.Aggressively dropped the “dogs” and invested in the “stars” to revolutionize the profitability of the business.

§ Created a unique marketing campaign that achieved the world’s largest gain in market share behind the global launch of Ultra Pampers: +22 market share points in 2 months … and 80% of this gain was sustained.

USA Brand Manager / Assistant Brand Manager; Cincinnati, Ohio1981 -1986

§ As Oxydol Brand Manager, beat annual sales target by 10%, reversing eight years of decline. Appointed by A.G. Lafley (P&G’s current CEO) to lead the design and execution of the division’s advertising training program.

§ On Liquid Tide, developed record-setting TV ads for one of P&G’s most successful launches of the 1980’s.On Era Plus, led creation of a new advertising campaign that built business for 20 years (video link at







General Management of Consumer Products Companies
Strategy • Revenue & EBITA Acceleration • Organizational Re-design / Re-structure / Topgrading • Process Optimization • New Channels / Markets • 3PL • Margin Enhancement • Turnarounds • Exit Strategies • CEO • Chief Executive • President • Chinese Manufacturing • Outsourcing • New Product Development • International Expansion • Turnarounds • Exit Strategies • Acquisitions • Cost Reduction • M&A • Asia (3 years) • Latin America (7 years) • JV • TV Advertising • Internet Marketing • PR


CEO/GM of consumer businesses.Trained by blue-chip multinationals like Procter & Gamble (13 years), Roche (6 Years)and Citibank. Recent successes building mid-sized businesses $140M - $210M (Breville, PowerBar). Kellogg MBA.

Growth Driver:Ignites superior profit growth (4X industry average for past 20 years in 20+ product categories).Spearheads big new product innovation.Inspires brilliant consumer marketing.ROI-focused.

Change Agent: Sharpens strategy while upgrading structure, processes and staff.Identifies & implements bold cost cuts.

Deal Maker: Initiates and manages joint ventures, licensing deals, divestitures, and integrations.


“Today's environment demands that leaders make decisions that involve risk, and take their stand in the face of ambiguity or adversity. Cliff lead his team courageously, confronting problems directly and taking action based on what he believed was right. He won the respect and commitment of our management team by making tough decisions and by following issues through to completion. Cliff was extremely "bottom-line" focused and demonstrated a keen understanding of the financial and quantitative aspects of the HWI business. He encouraged our employees to set ambitious goals and through his newly established STI program, rewarded for effort and achievement. During Cliff's tenure as my manager, he was a highly committed CEO and set high standards of performance for himself and his team and worked hard to achieve them. His working environment was one of nuturing, learning and development. Cliff encourages and powers his team to achieve with great enthusiasm. A pleasure to work with and a "fantastic" surfer.” February 10, 2009

Pat Fergus, VP of Sales, HWI USAreported to Cliff at Breville Group / HWI, North America

Roche Consumer Health

“Cliff combines strengths in strategy with execution to be an active, positive agent for sustainable change. I worked with Cliff on multiple projects (e.g., product marketing strategies, market entry, Rx-to-OTC switch). Perhaps the most impactful work we did together was for an OTC pain reliever that led to the tripling of profits of that business over a 24 month period. This success led the company' $1.3 billion consumer health division to adopt Monitor's strategic models globally. Through Cliff's influence, we worked to re-structure the product development organization's processes and priorities, resulting in a major increase to the net present value of its pipeline. This work helped to increase the sales price of the division when it was divested a few months later. On the interpersonal level, Cliff displays an inspiring enthusiasm which is a central element of his leadership style.” March 27, 2009

David Levy, Group Leader, Monitor Groupwas a consultant or contractor to Cliff at Roche Consumer Health

“Cliff and I worked together starting up P&G's operations in Singapore and Malaysia. He brought creative ideas, energy and leadership to a very young organization ... a key reason that we achieved share leadership in four of five categories that we entered during those first few years in Southeast Asia.” January 31, 2009

Vandy Van Wagener, Vice President, Procter & Gamblemanaged Cliff at Procter & Gamble

25+ more testimonials available at my LinkedIn page.


CEO or Senior GM position at an aggressive consumer company.  Geography flexible.