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Executive Summary

Results-driven marketing and social executive with over five years of experience in the entertainment and advertising industries.  Core competencies include marketing (grassroots and social), production coordination and client relationship and development. Currently pursuing a Master's degree in Business Administration with a focus on Data Analytics. My goal is to collaborate with advertising agencies on seamlessly integrating data into the creative process--developing distinct, relevant ads with measurable efficiency in an oversaturated marketplace.

Work History

Production Coordinator & Ops manager

Big Block
MAY 2016MAR 2017
  • Created multi-tier production schedules and budgets for 14 productions (two week to six month spans, $50k-500k).
  • Managed production startup materials,  job setup, team procurement and minor casting duties for over 40 productions.
  • Collaborated with PMs to ensure productions were on scope, spec and budget.
  • Supported job wraps (formed POs, actualized budgets, created wrapbooks, etc.). 
  • Generated invoices, payroll and COIs for over 40 productions.
  • Established, maintained and renegotiated 16 vendor contracts for organization saving 10-12% per year in overhead costs.

Office Manager

Milkt films
Aug 2015Feb 2016
  • Supported job wraps (formed POs, actualized budgets, created wrapbooks, etc.).
  • Coordinated production efforts for team, vendors and clients.
  • Set up casting sessions/collaborated with agencies for role selection & contract acquisition on six independent projects.
  • Developed social media marketing concepts to highlight branded content raising online impressions for the company by over 20%.
  • Generated invoices, itemized all company expenses and maintained petty cash for office.

Label Director

Industrial Amusement
Nov 2013Dec 2015
  • Developed all branding initiatives for the startup, including logo, website, style guide, etc.
  • Conceptualized/launched label website and maintained all HTML/CSS updates.
  • Drafted licensing contracts and helped secure placements for seven artists in 25+ spots.
  • Developed standardized artist/songwriting agreements and event contracts.
  • Created/oversaw yearly production schedule for 30+ digital/physical releases.
  • Registered and distributed 30+  albums internationally via digital distribution platforms.
  • Initiated successful social media marketing campaigns for artists, releases and events, generating a 25% increase in brand awareness and average of 19% fan engagement for content.

Music Licensing & Technology Coordinator

Antic, Inc.
Apr 2012Dec 2015
  • Implemented/executed a metadata tagging software (Soundminer) within the company and its subsidiaries, reducing database maintenance costs by 30%.
  • Registered sound and performance copyrights for entire catalogue (over 15,000 cues).
  • Coordinated delivery of musical assets to clients.
  • Managed distribution of master and sync licensing contracts to artists.
  • Populated and maintained SourceAudio website for over 100 composer releases.