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Hands-on producer with extensive experience working with high profile clients.

Expertise in conceptualizing, writing and storytelling across multiple media platforms.

Experience in producing visual content, directing children and unique talent.

Familiarity with budget management, bookings, union regulations and industry laws, etc.

Skilled in studio and field production techniques, short and long content media creation.

Comfort: leading or collaborating with a diversity of creative team members.

Producing  8, 16, 35 millimeter film, Digital and DSLR, High Definition Video.

Experience in Robotic Multi Camera Operations, Technicl Directing, Master Control Operations.

Work experience

Production Assistant

Los Angeles

Below, is a short list of  Directors, Producers, and Production Companies that I have previously




In House Productions FMAmeritechJoel Ziskin

Productions CollossalBig Mountain ~ “Sweet Sensual Love”Mick Haggerty

Blanco Productions'Chili’s Restaurant’Richard Klug

Records SunshineHiroshima – “One Fine Day”Marc Klasfield

FilmworksMelissa Etheridge – “Little Secret”David Hogan

Satellite FilmsMichael & Janet Jackson – “Scream”Mark Romanek

Independent ArtistsMichael Jackson & Lisa Marie Presley’,Wane Isham

0 PicturesPaula Abdul ~ “Never Gonna Give You Up”Matthew Rolston

Mortal Films                                           Seal- “Newborn Friend”Matt Mahurin

Peterman MossSubaru “Outback” w/ Paul HoganJim Gable

0 Pictures                                               TLC – “Creep”,Matthew Rolston

A&R GroupAaron Neville – “Use Me”Andrew Dosunmu

0 PicturesPartnership for a Drug-Free America’Geoff McGann

Warner Brothers Pictures Batman Forever Visual EffectsJoel Schumacher

Fugitive FilmsCema DistributionJay Torres

Propaganda FilmsBudweiser – “Classic”Domenick Senna

Fugitive FilmsJade – “5, 4, 3, 2, 1”Jay Torres

Peterman Moss FilmsJ.C. PenneyJim Gable

Propaganda Films                                Levi’s-“Chase”David Fincher

Robbins & AssociatesLincoln MercuryBill Masson

The EndMegadeth-“A Tout Ie Monde”Justin Keith

The CompanyMegadeth “Train of Consequences” Wane Isham

Santiago, Inc.                                         NexxusMatthew Rolston

Propaganda Films                                Pizza Hut- “Defeat”Anthony Hoffman

Price Entertainment“The Walking dead”Preston Whitmore

Propaganda FilmsBudweiser – “Born on Date”David Kellog

Propaganda FilmsKodak-“Gremlin”David Kellog

Propaganda FilmsKodak-“Pie PlateDavid Kellog

Propaganda FilmsRolled Gold Pretzels w/ David AlexanderDavid Kellog

Satellite Films“Big Star” jeans-#8429Antoine Fuqua

Johns & Gorman“Lee” jeans-#3387Brian S. Webber

United Paramount Network,“Sparks and Sparks”Ed Weinberger

S.I. Communications“Story of the People”Bob Dockery


TransMedia Coordinator

Young Adult Project

Design computer lab, technical workshops and educational plan for teen’s ages 12 to 16.

Conduct technical workshops, which teach teens, the fundamentals of Propaganda.

Basic camera operations, creative script writing, teaching MAC / Final Cut Pro editing,

PC / Adobe CS6 and mentoring of students to promote alternate career and life choices.

Sep 2006Aug 2011

Camera Operator, Floor Director, Writer

Known Associates,

Operating camera during live taping of internet show:

Taking direction from producer and director during live taping of the show.

Now assisting with writing show content.

Jun 2008Aug 2011

Control Room Operator , Producer

City Council, Rent Stabilization, Unified School District, Zoning Adjustments Board Meetings.

Council Chambers prep:  Set up audio, pre-check video monitors, cables, cameras.

Configure laptop computer system for power point and other visual presentations.

Link scan converter to primary computer system for digital and analogue signal manipulation.

Orient four chamber cameras, using Cam Motion X Cam v5 system and software.

Prepare and input "LIVE" titles over video, using Common Gateway Interface Software.

Navigate switching of City Council meetings while streaming live video content to the internet and to subscribers of comcast cable channel 33, additionally, live by Radio Station KPFB 89.3 FM. 



ENGR 7820 Project Management

California State University East Bay

The course introduced the structured project management framework of initiation, planning, execution, control, and formal closing. The course focused on practical tools and techniques which were covered at enough technical depth so that I have use these skills immediately. Course concepts were applied and reinforced through the use of homework, computer exercises (Microsoft Project), case studies and a team project. This course covered the following topics:

• The Project Management Framework • Project Scope Management • Project Definition and Work Breakdown Structure • Estimate Duration and Cost • Identify Project Activities & Developing Project Plan • Project Scheduling • Project Resource Management • Project Risk Management • Project time management • Monitor and Control Project Progress • Project Audit and Closure • Project Organization Structure and Culture • Managing Project Teams • Introduction of the basics of MS Project software


  To obtain a position as a Director, Producer, Creative Team Member.

Video Production Samples



The study of energy as it relates to the environment, I find intriguing. 

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Certification.

Ruby on Rails. 

I like to surround  myself with good positive people, play basketball, go fishing, ride my bike, write, hike  in the forrest or near water, and spend a lot of time with my ten year old.

I love to learn!  











Field Camera Production

Berkeley Community Media

Studio Production

Berkeley Community Media

DVD Studio Pro

Berkeley Community Media

Final Cut Pro

Berkeley Community Media


Camera Operator
SKILLS: Cameras: 35M, 16M, 8M, Digital Video, DSLR, High Definition, GoPro HERO.  Cam Motion X CAM v5- Robotic Camera / Multi-Camera Video System, Cosmos SxCGCommon Gateway Interface Software. Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, MPEG Streamclip, LiveType, Adobe Premiere CS6.   A creative team member, pitcher, concept writer; Ability to collaborate, or oversee project from concept to finished product with powerful results, diverse, seasoned Project Manager.
Producing Digital Video, High Definition, 35, 16, and 8 Millimeter Projects. 
      Directing adults and young people by coaching them, to enhancing their character       development and dialogue delivery for film, television and videos. 
Writing for media
Experience conceptualizing, storytelling and instructional writing for media.