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About Cliff Marks

All Mark wanted was50-yard-lineseats for theRedskins, but like any other college kid, he was short on cash, so he brainstormed several software solutionsto create a pool for splitting event tickets.Thus was a business born. His site, which doesn’t sell tickets, but allows consumers to comparison shop, indexes an estimated$16 billionin tickets each year. Now Mark can see the Redskins—at thelowest price—whenever he wants.

About Ninja Tickets

Ninja Tickets was created to fill a void in online event ticket shopping — fast, easy, and unbiased price comparison. Ninja Tickets indexes every ticket from the best sources on the web and enables you to find the cheapest and best priced tickets with our Price Rating technology — an exclusive algorithm that rates tickets based on their market values. Ninja Tickets is the only site to offer on-demand ticket searches via Live Results™. Download the Ninja Tickets toolbar to find and compare tickets in real-time from all major ticket sites. Ninja Tickets was made for fans.

Welcome To My VisualCV!

You’re looking at my new VisualCV. has reinvented the resume and will soon revolutionize career management.  Read more about their company, the benefits and great uses for a VisualCV, and once you’ve reviewed my VisualCV — get started creating your own.  Or you can pre-register your business for a Company VisualCV.  Have fun, and let me know what you think…