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Using the army issued m-16 a4 I am trained to destroy the enemy in close combat. (US ARMY)
Tricaster operations
Video switcher for live productions such as the School news, and church events Using Newtecks Tri-Caster products. 
HTML writing
Adobe Photoshop CS5
Microsoft Exel (PC)
Microsoft Powerpoint (PC and MAC)
Microsoft Office Word (MAC or PC)
Apple GarageBand
Composed one song so far.
Visual 2D-3D Effects in Adobe AfterEffects CS4
Editor in Adobe PremierePro CS4
Audio Editing in Adobe Soundbooth CS5


Working towards a bachelor in radio and television broadcasting, Visual Media, and Journalism. I’m very technical savvy; therefore my goal is to become more experienced in the news media field. I love to be on both sides of the camera. But I want to become a News Director or Live Broadcast Director. I can survive with very little sleep. My mind never stops working at coming up with new and exciting ideas for making things appear real, and unique, but beautiful within the video frame.

After that I'm going to a music school to pursue my passion for Performance and maybe even Composition


Andrea Henderson

Janna Stapleton


To me the single best moment during a production is when I created a promotional video for the movie group at our school. When I was assigned this bit I had no knowledge of what the story was about. All I knew was that I had to put this into the timeline in 46 minutes. I began vigorously to write up some kind of script for a voice over, and just run the interviews as they came. What I liked about this bit is that I had the privilege to work with some of the best cameras we have, and edit in HD, as opposed to the horrible video quality of the old handheld cameras that are now falling apart one by one. I believe that the excitement of having the freedom of to do whatever I wanted on the bit I created an ironic image into the viewers mind. I used a dramatic song for an intro to a pointless story about the video contest that the film group attended. Not only was it fun it was easy most of it was pre-recorded by our beloved teacher, and submitted to me for editing. I hope that next year that we will be able to use the newer camera a lot more often but the news, is news weather or not you have awesome cameras or not.


The most important trait to have in the working world is respect. Treating others with respect at first can be a key detail that could change the way people see you as a person or as a reliable business partner. A part of having respect is the ability to tolerate different things in life. Like not staring at a severely disabled person, or laughing at the fact that someone is not as smart as you are. You never know...respecting one another could improve their day. Respecting someone creates a connection, a relationship of goodwill. I also believe in the golden rule; treat others the way you want to be treated. Practicing this trait as much as I can helps me in my constant state of mind and mood, and helping me to become an overall better person. If there where better people in the world I think it would make it a lot easier to live in.


I use to be a small town kid, but things have changed. Wylie has grown larger more and more each year when I was 10 years old in 2006 Wylie had less than 15,000 residents; now Wylie has over 35,000. This is great for me because the more people that are in my working area the more news stories I can cover. My dedication towards every reporting story distracts me from my grades, and other responsibilities. I believe in freedom of speech and always love a great story. My favorite thing to do is make someone laugh and help viewers relate to a story. 


Living in Wylie, there is vary little we could do during our liesure for a long time; Until three years ago. In the summer of 2009 rumor of a new building in wylie was arising. Little did I know that later that year when they released the designs of the buildings; that it would be the place i would spend most of my time. The building was established as a recreational building. Housing a full size library, a wieghtlifting room, basketball courts, and alot of other things.

Not only am I a member of the Wylie Rec. Center, i also attend a curch with a youth group. I also help my dad and his business partner build up thier popularity, by promotional videos and images.

Im also assigned to the 144th INF Unit in Fort Worth. Protecting my country is very important to me.



Wylie East High School

During my terms here I have learned how to edit in most Adobe CS3-CS5 programs, I have learned how to direct a production, or news segment, and I'm interested in learning a lot more. My goals for next year are to be more lenient and open to ideas. I want to be more involved in my studies, and in my community. I'm a bit of a control freak but I manage to overcome it pretty well. But the thing I have learned the most is the use of "B-Roll" in my news packages. I intend to improve in my stories to a point that I can produce a news bit and be able to place it anywhere in the timeline. I also want to improve in my spelling, at times I tend to misspell words and forget to proofread my content. Next year I hope to produce a news headline scroll in productions. I also want to be able to produce breaking news for our campus. This will help the popularity and overall interests for the viewer.