A confident, persuasive professional in the ICT industry who has a strong professional demeanor, and a proven ability to create, maintain and enhance client relationships. Clayton is a driven individual who will have a significant impact on the overall value and future success of any company that he joins. He thrives in a fast-paced, agile and dynamic environment, and is more than able to make good business decisions based on ROI and risk assessment. Deeply knowledgeable about market, customers and competitors, he more than anyone else knows the importance of having the right products, in the right place, at the right time. Right now he is looking for a suitable managerial position with a fast paced, dynamic company that is continually growing

Work History

Work History
Aug 2014 - Present

High Value Customer Champion - Customer Experience Management

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe

• Proactively offer differentiated, personalized & prioritized HVC support for Gold & Platinum customers (top 100.000 customers)
• Plan HVC loyalty events in major cities of the country
• Implement loyalty programs like distribution of Platinum Connect Credit Mastercard to HVC
• Use Astellia to do customer analytics so that we identify problems and resolve them before customers can complain, to also help design promotions and products that benefit the customer
• Initiate contact with the (principle) subscribers within the allocated HVC portfolio and introduce yourself to her.
• Provide prioritized support for HVC product & service fulfilment
• Segment & continuously track top 20% HVC subscribers
• Ensure optimal use of devices by HVCs, aid & facilitate ease of access to products & services by HVCs
• Maintain a HVC Portfolio that includes a holistic profile of each HVC under your management.
• Analyze HVC portfolio to establish the best possible packaging that meets the subscribers needs based on usage history.
• Undertake a needs analysis with the subscriber to establish ideal service needs and structure a service package to meet these needs as far as reasonably possible.
• Advise the subscriber of any specific needs or requests that cannot be met and agree alternatives.
• Schedule regular of contact with the subscribers
• Monitor, manage and personally respond to any direct and/or indirect service request received from the subscriber and related accounts identified.
• Maintain a record of all direct and/or indirect interactions and service support interventions with the subscriber in the HVC Management Portfolio

Oct 2012 - Jul 2014

Customer Service And Sales

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe

• Consult with customers about their product or service needs or their wants. • Analyze what the customer says they want and need then tailor it to what we offers. • Troubleshoot products and services to best fit their needs and expectations. • Receive customer calls of requests for products and services. • Investigate what products and services the customer will need even if they may not know what they need. Probing as to what they want and present what they feel they may need dependent on their needs and wants. Middle liaison between the workers (technicians, SBC and whoever supplies the products or services) and the customer. • Testing of new products. • Full responsibility of ensuring that campus is aware of what products and services (applicable to CCU) is trained in understanding what products and services are available, what they do, and how they can order them.

Nov 2010 - Sep 2012

Data Service Support Technician

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe

• Installation and configuring of CPE’s/ mobile devices/software • Network data monitoring • Customer care consultancy • Sales • Internet and Email configurations • Remote Linux Administration • Configurating WiMax devices • WiMax Network surveying • WiMax troubleshooting • Wimax Service Consultancy • WiMax Testing


Nov 2014 - Present



The CCNA R&S certification validates the ability to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot medium-size routed and switched networks. CCNA certified professionals have the knowledge and skills to make connections to remote sites via a WAN, and mitigate basic security threats. CCNA R&S training covers (but is not limited to) the use of these  topics: IOS, IPv6, IPv4, OSPF, Cisco Licensing,  Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP), Serial Line Interfaces,  Frame Relay interfaces VLANs, Ethernet, VLSM, and basic traffic filtering.

2015 - Present

ITIL Foundation


ITIL IT Service Management Processes

Service Desk: Understanding its role and function in the IT infrastructure and its relationship with

ITIL Service Support Processes:

Incident Management: Definition of an incident, description of Incident Control (including recording, classification, co-ordination, matching and resolution)

Problem Management: Definition of a problem and known error, proactive problem management (identification of problems and prevention of further incidents)

Configuration Management: Defining a configuration item and the configuration management database; impact of Configuration Management on other IT processes.

Change Management: Definition of a change and request for change (RFC); description of change control and change procedures; role of the change advisory board (CAB) and CAB/EC (for handling urgent changes).

Release Management: Scope and concepts; definition of definitive software library(DSL) and definitive hardware store (DHS); description of planning, testing and implementing.

ITIL Service Delivery Processes:

Service Level Management: Definition of a service catalogue; identifying, negotiating, monitoring and reviewing service level agreements (SLAs).

Financial Management for IT Services: Reviews of budgeting, charging and IT accounting; analysis of running costs and charging policies.

Availability Management: Review of reliability, availability, resilience, maintainability and serviceability, calculating availability, review of planning, monitoring and reporting.

Capacity Management: Review of application sizing, workload, performance, demand and resource management and their inputs to modelling, definition of the capacity management database and contents of the capacity plan.

IT Service Continuity Management: Re-view of business continuity, risk analysis and risk management, defining assets, threats, vulnerabilities and countermeasures (protection and recovery), development, testing and maintenance of the IT Service Continuity Plan, IT recovery options and management roles.

..underpinned by Security Management


2015 - Present

Customer Service Support

Service Quality Institute

This program will...

Help you define ways SPEED can work in your organization to provide exceptional service
Define the internal and external barriers to SPEED
Work with employees to identify the SPEED mindset needed for success
Show the relationship between empowerment and effective use of SPEED
Recognize how your policies and procedures can affect SPEED
Show employees that waiting until the last minute doesn’t leave time to overcome problems
Push the envelope... differentiate and revolutionize your organization, become an industry leader with SPEED .

2014 - 2015

Customer Service Support

Service Quality Institute

Feelings for Professionals has three main objectives:

Change attitudes and behaviors.
Provide leading edge customer service skills and principles.
Increase the self-worth, pride, and professionalism of every person within your organization.

Aug 2006 - Jun 2010

BSc Honors Degree Computer Science

National University of Science and Technology (ZW)

Computer Science, generally defined, is the study of problem-solving procedures, computability and computation systems. Its core areas include Algorithms, Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, Programming, Human-Computer Interaction, Software Engineering, Net-Centric Computing, Programming Languages, Intelligent Systems, Information Management, Social and Professional issues, Discrete Structures and Numerical and Symbolic Computation methods.Computer engineers and computer science professionals are proficient in several programming languages and are familiar with advanced mathematical concepts such as linear algebra, matrix theory, calculus, and Boolean algebra.