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Welcome to my ePortfolio and resume. Below you will find my vision, mission, and value statements.  You could also find my work history, education, and my volunteer work. I provide some of my skills and the different activities I do on my spare time. I also provide you with my short and long term goals.

Vision Statement

I'm striving to become a leader within my community by developing the necessary skills I need, in order to become more professional, and a positive role model.

Mission Statement

I'm a hardworking, dedicated, and respectful person who is always ready to help those who need it.


Wally Shingoose 403.331.7878

Fr. Nathan Siray 403.327.8931

Mary Anne Healy 403.327.6807

Volunteer Work

Sacristan/ All Saints parish/ august 2014 - present

  • Maintained an organized and clean church
  • Played a leadership role during clean up
  • Managed time efficiently while setting up mass

usher/ all saints parish/ august 2014 - present

  • Communicated with a variety of people
  • Worked efficiently in a team
  • Built a positive rapport with other members of the church

maintenance worker/ sikoohkitooki friendship society/ february 2013- march 2013

  • Maintained a clean workplace for employees
  • Repaired damaged equipment
  • Worked efficiently on my own


I value integrity, honesty, respect, hard work, dedication, and the idea that you can always strive to become a better person.

Short-term Goals

  • Go to the Bold Eagle Program this Summer to obtain military skills
  • Finish my schooling in the Criminal Justice Policing Diploma
  • Develope more work experience before I go through an agency's application process

Long-Term Goals

  • Further my education towards my degree, or join the military after graduation
  • Get recruited with an agency as a constable
  • After I become a constable I want to try become a tactical officer


Sep 2013Dec 2015

Criminal Justice Policing Diploma

Lethbridge College
  • Enhanced knowledge of the criminal code and the criminal justice system

  • Communication on an interpersonal level or public speaking

  • developed Clear and concise police writing techniques

Sep 2010Jun 2013

Highschool Diploma

Catholic Central Highschool
  • Received eagle feather as a first nation’s graduate
  • Played football JV year

Work experience

Aug 2014Aug 2014

Powwow Dance Instructor

Employer- Mary Anne Healy
  • Taught children how to dance traditional

  • Instructed about different styles of dance

  • Helped children develop their skills in dancing

  • Displayed knowledge about my blackfoot culture

Jul 2012Aug 2012


Employer- Wally Shingoose
  • Handled a large sum of money
  • Balanced my time between dancing and working
  • Maintained a positive attitude with customers


As a sacristan and an usher I learned to work with others well. I also show leadership when we have to clean up after mass because the Eucharistic ministers help the sacristan. A lot of the time the Eucharistic ministers don't know where things go but I do
I developed communication skills through the different classes in the Criminal Justice Program. I also developed some communication skills as an usher. When I worked in a powwow concession I learned how to stay positive while communicating.
Time Management
I managed my time efficiently as a powwow dance instructor and a sacristan in the church.

Hobbies and Activities

  • Powwow dancing

  • Camping

  • Playing sports

  • Hiking

  • Reading

  • Going to church