Research Institute "Carlo Ghiglieno"


Post Graduation Course: the thesis is devoted to CNC and CAD in mechanical engineering

• Engineering design for banking automation industries

GPA: 8 (italian high school grading system)

GPA: 3.4 (U.S.)

High school

Technical Institute "Camillo Olivetti"


Applied mechanical and computer design graduate with profound study of foreign languages: english

GPA: 8 (italian high school grading system)

GPA: 3.4 (U.S.)

Oct 1994 - Oct 1994


Rolls Royce Training Center

Thanks to my good english knowledge, good language skills and my self-motivation I've been awarded from my School Institute with a working and studying experience at the Rolls Royce Training Center of Filton (Bristol) - UK

Work experience

Work experience
Sep 2008 - Present

Senior Technical Support

CTS cashpro

The main purpose of my activity is to assist customer after sales.

My key point in this activity is that I am strongly determined to reach the target.

Technical trainer

Technical writer

Jan 2004 - Sep 2008

Senior engineering designer

CTS cashpro

Coming from a similar experience in another branch of the company I've spent four years in the engineering department offering my knowledge to develop several mechanical equipment for testing parts of banking automation devices.

Thanks to my natural attitude to understand and solve problems, operating "hands-on" in the field, I was promoted as "Senior Technical Manager".

May 1997 - Jan 2004

Technical Support - Product Manager

CTS electronics

After a brief period in the engineering development of credit card personalization system, the Company discovered my excellent skills in english language and my strong interpersonal relations attitude and I was promoted as Technical Support - Product Manager.

This activity made me "falling in love" with Technical Support and gave me the chance to meet a lot of interesting people from all over the world, train dozens of people on banking automation devices and to attend at most of the main exhibitions in Banking Automation World:

- CeBIT (Hannover - Germany)

- Cartes (Paris - France)

- Cartao (Sao Paulo - Brasil)