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Work experience

Jan 2015Jan 2015


Community Learning Centre Team Leader and Site

Coordinator Oversee the provision of programmes-Skills of Education and Employment and RTO Certificate delivery at three sites.

Create and conduct professional development training sessions that are delivered to teaching staff

Conducting Pretraining assessments under the Skills for Education and Employment Program to all new students for the purpose of acquiring ACSF levels

Building a positive work environment among all team members

Behavioural management for youth at risk Building close working relationships with students as a means to improve behaviour and attendance. It is from having this ability that I become a point of contact for the youth and families when issues arise that they need someone to go to for emotional support.

Organising internal events that contributing in promoting student well being and a sense of community e, g, annual International Food Day event

Support the development of teaching resources that are in line with the Australian Quality Training Framework and(where appropriate) curriculum modules that are mapped to the Australian Core Skills Framework.

Support the development and delivery of training strategies in accordance with each funded programme requirements.

Provide relief teaching and training.

Develop and maintain relationships with stakeholders. Liaise with external providers and referral agencies.

Represent at community meetings. Assist and support the provision of work experience.

Conduct regular(daily/weekly) attendance reviews and ensure appropriate follow-up. Ensure all incidents are appropriately handled, responded to and recorded.

Provide support and mentoring to teaching and training team members.

Ensure adherence to policies and procedures.

Promote respectful relationships and emphasize teamwork by actively supporting all members of the SMYL team.

Developing pretraining assessments, training handbooks and answer guides for assessors.

Developing courses and assessments for the CGEA duties relevant to the position as directed relevant Manager or the CEO. Staff meetings.

Teacher /Assessor

Demonstrated experience planning and delivering language, literacy and numeracy lessons  

using the Foundation Skills package and the ACFS as a reporting tool.


Demonstrated experience writing reports for the SEE program and taking on additional reporting loads with ease


Marketing courses at a high standard ensuring ethics are used in my delivery (public relations) with good results including building network connections


Demonstrated experience working with individuals and building positive relationships with complex barriers to employment


Preparing students for University - Alternative Pathway Entry – 100% success rate

Proven ability to develop, design and implement individual learning programs and assessment strategies and materials


Providing support for all clients whether it be emotional, educational or career

Providing support to site manager

Demonstrated experience playing a supportive role for youth at risk

Additional tasks include

Promoting a safe learning environment for all clients

Managing and resolving situations of conflict in accordance with the code of conduct

Motivating clients to engage in job seeking activities

Delivering to multiple classes during times if being short staffed to ensure the objectives of the organisation are met  

Organising small events within the organisation as a means to promote community

Assisting clients in finding work experience

Mentoring new teachers in providing all the necessary support they need to ease into their positions and to be able to perform at their best

Creating and maintaining the new teachers resource area

Demonstrated ability to apply conflict resolution skills and techniques in situations of conflict

with successful outcomes


Mar 2004Dec 2012

Relief Teachers Aid

Department of Education

Metropolitan current Department of Education-Goldfields Relief Teachers Aid Acting as a support to the teacher when working in a group setting.

Working under the guidance and supervision of senior staff in Western Australian primary schools.

Contributing to the delivery of teaching and tutorials, and providing personal academic support and mentoring for groups of students and individual students.

Working with students of lower learning abilities as well as working with and supervising students with Autism, vision impairments, and behavioural problems.


Jan 2015Jan 2015

B.A Psychology - and addiction studies

Edith Cowan University - Currently Studying
Jun 2014Jun 2015

Diploma Counselling

Evocca College - Currently Studying

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution Network
Jul 2014Sep 2014

Certificate 4 - Front Line Management

First Choice
Dec 2013May 2015

Cert 4 - TAE

Polytechnic West
Jan 2010Sep 2013

B.A in Education

Murdoch University