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Core Competencies

Wient documentation. 

Scan documents and file them in a resident’s medical chart in a systematic order. Ensure that each section of the resident’s record is maintained in a neat, organized and readable format. May require analysis of appropriate medical records to be attached to a particular quality assessment electronic tools. 

Provide Documents and guidance for all assessments.

Creates schedules for assessments within the medical record. Prepares assessments for completion and appropriately correlates assessments to the electronic schedule.  

Ensures that Physician’s orders, telephone orders and other records requiring signatures are received and filed within the required time frame. 

Maintains effective communication with others, both inside and outside the department, to give or obtain needed information or coordinate activities of residents (e.g., doctors’ appointments). 

Ensures that all residents are seen by their physicians, and routine lab work is completed and filed in the required time frames. 

Ensures personal and staff compliance with all State and Federal regulations including blood-borne pathogens, infection control, use of hazardous materials, and fire safety. 

Ensure personal and staff compliance to Residents’ Rights.


Medication Administration

  • IV Assembly and Feeding Tubes
  • Charting Databases
  • Intravenous Access and Therapy Pain
  • Management
  • Monitoring Vitals
  • Vaccinations 
  • Patient Confidentiality
  • Acute/Emergency Care
  • Patient Relationship Building
  • Care Plan Administration
  • Phlebotomy
  • Wound Care / Bedside Care
  • Catheterization/Irrigation
  • Patient Education



Medical assistant

Med Tech

High school Diploma

Apopka High school



Computer, typewriter, file cabinets, charts, telephone, copy machine, scanner and other various office machines.

Work experience


Certified Nurse Aide

Orlando Health rehabilitation center

Provide patient care to include patients in all age groups while gaining a comprehensive understanding of the nursing practice .Hospice Care, Oncology, Step-Down, and Rehabilitation.

  • Administered medications and pain management in accordance with care plan instructions
  • Implemented patient care in accordance with established policies and procedures
  • Monitored and communicated patient conditions using computerized documentation systems
  • Delivered thorough patient evaluations, collecting and prioritizing data to effectively provide care for patients
  • Assisted in developing care plans and appropriate medical attention, conferring with physicians
  • Maintained patient records within the electronic medical record (EMR) system
  • Performed comprehensive heath assessment and health histories

      Reception Clerk/Health information specialist

Orlando health rehabilitation center
  • Maintained all medical records both in the filing room as well as on the electronic medical records system.
  • Complied with all laws regarding release of information.
  • Coordinated compliance with subpoena requests with the office's Legal counsel.
  • Accessed the electronic record for diagnostic and pharmacological information and medical reports.

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