Claudia  Buchegger

Claudia Buchegger


My name is Claudia Buchegger and I am a seventeen year old AP/ honors student. I care about my grades tremendously and try my best in school. I play tennis, love to volunteer, and I am involved in clubs. My goals for the next 4 years include going to a UC college, learning how to be completely independent, and becoming a nurse practitioner. The top three colleges I want to attend include UC Davis, UCSD, and SDSU. I want to become a nurse practitioner because I have always been interested in working in the medical field and many people in my family have that job. I love to help people and make sure they're alright, therefore, If i were to become a nurse practitioner then I would be able to help people and make them healthier. When I become a nurse practitioner after 7 years of studying in college, I will work my hardest and try my best.  



Currently enrolled in High School 

Valhalla High School

My current GPA is a 4.3 and I'm rank 50 out of my class.

I have not taken the SAT or ACT yet. 

My class schedule:

12th grade: AP environmental science, AP statistics, English literature, AP government, and on your own

11th grade: AP U.S. history, AP language, Pre calculus, honors Spanish 5/6, and physiology

10th grade: AP World History, honors english, Algebra II,  Spanish, Chemistry and Art

9th grade: Biology, Honors English, World History, Geometry, Spanish, Physical education 

Extra Curricular Activities

I have played tennis the past several years and I enjoy it greatly. It is my favorite sport and it has improved my coordination. I played soccer before tennis and I enjoyed it as well. In addition, I join clubs such as key club. I learn to help out my community and make a change. It has evolved me into a better person. 

Interests and Community Service

 I volunteer at my church every weekend. I have learned a lot from volunteering, such as leadership skills; I teach young children at my church about God every weekend and I have improved in communicating and understanding how young children think. I tutor my friends in math and help them the most I can. My interests include tennis, history and teaching young children about important factors in life. 



Text Section

A quote that reflects my personal philosophy: "We should not judge people by their peak of excellence; but by the distance they have traveled from the point where they started." -Henry Ward Beecher