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Best Work


I have been a teen volunteer for the Thousand Oaks Library since 2010 and a member of their Teen Advisory League since 2011. As a member of this advisory league, I help plan activities, organize events, and give reviews on books. I also help sign people up for the library's summer reading program. Over 2,000 kids sign up for the summer activities each year, and I work at the signup and craft tables and help with special programs. This summer I will work as a "lead volunteer," taking on increased responsibilities and helping new volunteers learn their duties. 


Cooperation is vital for a successful newspaper. As an illustrator, my job is to highlight someone else's article with a meaningful illustration that sums up their points or calls attention to the article. Sometimes I create an illustration for an article I do not entirely agree with, but I work to create the best illustration for it that I can. My job, just as any other member, is to add to the success of the newspaper. We divide up the articles to be illustrated with drawn images or photographs, knowing that we can count on each other to put out our best effort.

Personal Initiative

  1. I began the year as a Features writer for the Foothill Dragon Press, but found my interest turning toward illustrations. I spoke to Mrs. Wantz about changing my role at the newspaper,and became an illustrator, where I have been able to make my best contribution while enjoying my work immensely.
  2. This year the Foothill Dragon Press did not have a comics feature. On my own time, I developed a comic strip that I named "Penguinoid"and spoke to the journalism adviser, Mrs Wantz, about publishing it in the school newspaper. I showed her the samples I had created, and the newspaper began running my comics.


Time Management
I manage my projects to meet deadlines for articles.
I create characters and stories for the Penguinoid comic strip for the Foothill Dragon Press.
I create meaningful illustrations that summarize the main topics of opinion and news articles. I am experienced in a variety of media, including Copic and Prismacolor markers, as well as digital illustration and modeling programs, including Autodesk Sketchbook Express, Paint Tool SAI, Google SketchUp 7, and Corel PhotoPaint.

Work experience