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Jun 2010Present


Team Impact

I am a qualified Youth Pastor. I have my diploma and I am presently completing my third year towards my bachelors degree.

Aug 2010Jan 2011


Jul 2007Feb 2008

Marketing Diploma

Boston City Campus

I started with my diploma to then eventually get my Degree in Marketing but our daughter died in a car accident and so I stopped studying due to a lack of funds, because we had to use those funds to pay for the funeral.

I would like to apply again this year to complete my diploma and then move onto my Degree in marketing, I believe education is the strongest tool one can use in this world and is something that can never be taken away from you.

Jan 2003Jan 2004

Travel and Tourism

Boston City Campus

I completed my course with distinction.



Additional Skills
Sales and revenue generation Account management Computer skills Customer relations development Promotion and sales tactics Customer service tactics New business development Effective presentation skills Leadership expertise Negotiation ability Customer satisfaction Good communication skills  Good interpersonal relationships Responsible  
Sales Training
I've given Sales Training to all external sales and classifieds reps working for all our 16 publications at Lowveld Media. I've given training at the Standerton Advertiser and I've given national sales training to Caxton sales cadets at Aloe Ridge, which was a huge success.
I was solely responsible for creating the Looklocal marketing plan for the Lowveld. We officially launched 1 July 2011 obtaining the highest ranking within the Looklocal stable (Our stats beating Benoni's stats during the same timeline). I anticipate a rise in stats of more than 250% within the first month of the launch.   The competition aspect of the campaign was also launched where I exclusively obtained sponsorship deals with Vodacom, Jacaranda RM/FM, Damelin Campus, Riverside Mall Nelspruit, Be Visible Creative Studio, Vision 2000 and Puzey Motorcycles all to the value of over R20,000.   I initiated a Viral Marketing Campaign with Damelin students which will be published and uploaded onto You Tube, Facebook and Looklocal and opened to the public for voting from 31 November 2011.   I created an SEO and content management strategy for our websites and PPC campaign during the launch of our Looklocal brand.
Social Media
I managed the Lowvelder Facebook page, Get It Facebook page and the Lowveld Media Twitter account. I have created a You Tube account for when Lowveld Media will start to cover stories live (which should be about mid September 2013).   I managed the sales aspect of WOMF - the blogging platform for a short period before it was taken over on a national basis, where I was able to increase advertising revenue by more than 400% while the advertising budget was under my control.   I managed the Looklocal Lowveld website and the digital billboard in the Lowveld.   I  created and manage the Geanker in Christus Facebook Page since February this year and I have various other clients that contacted me to manage their Facebook pages like Ilanga Mall and Riverside Mall while assisting our congregation with their online presence. I've also been approached by Mad Brand who run the My Players Facebook Marketing (the top rugby players like More Steyn, Bryan Habana etc) to assist with my knowledge and skills


Natasha Pretorius

I report to Natasha with all aspects of of planning, projections and social media for the congregation which she directs straight through to Dr Venzke

Hanlie Lombaard

As a part of Senior Management at Lowveld Media, Hanlie and I shared a close working relationship together, I had to co-ordinate her sales staff along with the editorial staff for online purposes

Roche Esterhuizen

Roche was first my manager while working in the classifieds department before I was promoted to online manager.

Lowvelder Facebook Page

Work experience

Jan 2004Apr 2008


Claire's Tennis Academy

I ran my own tennis academy in Gauteng from 2004 until 2006. I received an opportunity to coach in Mpumalanga in Nelspruit, Lydenburg and White River so I moved to Nelspruit March 2006, where I continued to coach until April 2008

Special Projects Training

Looklocal Lowveld


  • Obtain a senior managerial position at where I can manage and direct an overall operation, improve and grow existing conventional / digital operations within an organisation, program development and training experience.
  • Create integrated strategies to develop and expand existing customer sales, brand / product evolution and media endorsement from across the board.
  • Identifying / Implementing a corporate plan and vision for future developments within a company. Communicating clearly with all regions on company goals and initiate tools to measure the success of each region.
  • Highlights

    • Proven ability creating highly effective sales and marketing campaigns.
    • Skilled in training, and motivating sales teams.
    • A near perfect record of attaining sales and performance objectives.
    • Able to manage multiple projects simultaneously while meeting all deadlines.
    • Demonstrated ability troubleshooting business problems and implementing creative, highly effective advertising solutions.
    • Highly motivated, confident, organized, detail oriented, patient and disciplined.
    • Strong track record, delivering outstanding sales results and effecting massive positive change in a wide range of challenging situations.     


    Ability to multi-task -- Daily functions within Lowveld Media would include:

    Online Reputation Management (ORM)

    Customer Relations Management (CRM)

    Marketing / eMarketing

    Social Media Management

    Content Management

    Digital Billboard Operational Functions & Support

    Sales Training

    Sales and Marketing Functions (Media Industry)

    Online Strategic Planning

    Web PR

    Overall Multimedia Packaging

    I know how to prioritize job assignments, work independently and resolve problems on my own. I am very well organized and detail-orientated and can find effective solutions to get the job done. I've been able to take on bigger work loads with the management of the digital billboard, running the clicked and picked events on Looklocal and taking charge of the sales training on a regional basis without suffering a decrease in productivity.

    Managerial and marketing experience - I have more than 4 years experience of online marketing. I managed the WOMF, and Get It websites and more recently over the last year - Looklocal Lowveld. I have managed and launched our Marketing and eMarketing strategy for Looklocal which includes the use of Social Media, Viral Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Direct and In-direct Marketing and Online Reputation Management. Our website went live as of 1 July 2011 and out of 29 Looklocal sites countrywide (which have been running for a year now) we have the best site in the country due to my technical and marketing ability. We thrashed the stats record in fact. Google analytics can be provided upon request. Looklocal Lowveld won the award for best website in the country at the Caxton awards due to my foresight and managerial skill.

    I have created business plans for joint ventures within Lowveld Media, managed the digital billboard, create sales and marketing strategies for reps to sell newsprint and online ads, set work schedules, maintain customer records and complete marketing performance assessments. 

    Training experience - I've trained new and existing employees at branch level as well as nationally (at Caxton's training facility in Aloe Ridge). I've also developed training improvement programs where necessary. Overall I have trained approximately 125 to 150 employees during my time at Lowveld Media from which results are visible in the sales figures, especially in our outside branches.

    Excellent communication skills -- I have extensive knowledge dealing with the public due to my experience in the customer service industry for an average of five years. In my position, I was responsible for maintaining good relationships with all our online visitors, existing Lowveld Media customers and staff within all organizations. This requires interaction with the sales-, editorial-, classifieds-, graphics- and accounts departments as well as clients on a daily basis.

    I would welcome the opportunity to discuss in more detail how my background can be of benefit to you.

    Awards Received

    Telesalesperson of the year for Lowveld Media 2008

    Character of the year for Lowveld Media 2008

    Telesales person of the year for Lowveld Media 2009

    Personality of the year for Lowveld Media 2009

    Caxton finalist for telesalesperson of the year 2009

    Caxton winner for best website in the country for Looklocal Lowveld of the year 2011


    • New Media
    • Exercise: cycling, running and adventure sports
    • Reading
    • Theology
    • Music - I play guitar and sing in our church band
    • I run the youth group at our church consisting of 40 teenagers - keeping them off the street and equipping them with Christian morals and standards