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Skills gained
Through writing I have gained many skills. Personality traits that I have gained I treasure most of all, but learned skills should not go uncredited either. I have learned to work under a deadline. I know, I should have learned that earlier, but I was (and still am, though not as severely) a serial procrastinator. I learned that throwing something together at the last minute just isn't going to cut it. Most of all though, I learned how to form an opinion, research said opinion, defend the opinion, and eventually convince others of the opinion. Reason, logic, and wisdom are never to be underestimated here.
Competitive Spirit
I won't deny that I have been competitive my entire life. One of the biggest things that I accomplished in journalism is honing that skill. I learned that when getting into a debate I needed to conduct more extensive research and that my opponent would be armed with knowledge as well. I learned how to construct a convincing and effective argument, which I had never needed to do before this year. I learned the importance of real effort in an assignment. I learned that I couldn't just wing an assignment and expect a good grade like I could in the past, I had to really work and put in a lot of effort. I have journalism to thank for that. 
I chose to add two personality traits I have gained, because I feel that the journalism program deserves credit for both. Having courage does not mean never being afraid; it means doing what is right when you are afraid. My politics (and opinions in general) conflict a great deal with those of most other Californians. Being a conservative, Catholic, republican/libertarian, and basically everything else the liberal media makes out to be bigoted and evil is never easy. But I'm slowly becoming better at dealing with it. Just living here has given me thick skin, but journalism taught me that there is no point in having a unique view if you are just going to stifle it. You need to be willing to express what it is that you believe.

My Online Portfolio

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My Best Work of 2013-14

Our Desperate Need for Pension Reform

The city pension system is out of control. Former city employees who retire at 45 lap up pensions of up to nearly 300 thousand dollars year. And all they have to do is walk to the mailbox and pick up their monthly check.

Marijuana legalization ballot measure: pro

In November of 2014, there will be a ballot measure in which voters will decide whether or not recreational marijuana will be legalized in California. This is how the legalization of the now illegal drug will help us.

The Second Amendment: the one law that is against the rules

Both the Second Amendment and the students who support it are constantly (and unconstitutionally) critisized, harried, and (in the case of the students) often punished.


- Violin, both self-teaching and giving lessons

- Amature music composition

- Volunteering at various events set up by Catholic Charities

- Sewing and pattern design

- Self-defence lessons

- Poetry


Although as an opinion writer I never had the opportunity to show intitiative like some of the people in other sections, I still had to show some level of initiative for every article written.

Illegal music downloading: both sides of the fight

I actually came up with the idea for this article after stumbling across a study conducted by the Institute for Policy Innovation, that told how many jobs were lost because of online music piracy (71,060 to be exacy). Until that point I had been on the side of the piraters. And I still do believe that music costs too much on places like itunes and google play. But after learning about how much piracy hurts the economy, I am able to see both sides of this ongoing argument. And I hope that by writing this, I could help to spread knowledge too.

The spying and scandalous NSA

Although this argument was written some time after the NSA scandal, I was looking for an article idea when I stumbled across more information on the NSA. Things that I never knew about, like the USAUK agreement, (nicknamed "the five eyes club") I suddenly learned. There is so much more to this scandal than I realized, and I cannot be the only one who was ignorant to this. Like the illegal music downloading article, I wrote this to try to help to get the word out. Could I have written a different article with much less troube? Of course. But this is something that needs to be known.



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