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Work History

Kaiaroha (Parnell)

November 2017February 2018

FOH/Barista/Kitchen Hand/Dishwasher

Carried out various tasks in a new vegan cafe. Often managed the FOH/cafe staff shift by myself. Greeted customers; took customers' orders and payment; heated or prepared, plated and served food; cleared tables. Made drinks including coffees (using plant mylks), teas, smoothies, fresh juices, mylkshakes, etc. Assisted the chef with making cabinet food e.g. sandwiches & salads. Washed plenty of dishes by hand. Assisted with regular cleaning (floors, surfaces, bathrooms, rubbish, etc.) Trained newcomers for a cafe staff role. Helped the owner with admin work e.g. Christmas meal orders.

I left this job to dedicate more time to my volunteer organiser roles.

Tatty's (Ponsonby & Auckland CBD)

January 2017August 2017

Retail Assistant

Worked in a second-hand clothing consignment store. Greeted customers, assisted them with locating items, helped with fitting rooms, put items on hold, and processed purchasesUsed Traxia consignment software for sales, finding and altering consignor information, searching stock, doing (cash and card) pay-outs, processing laybys, using customer store credit, and more. Explained the detailed consignment Terms & Conditions to new consignors, handled 'drop-offs' and 'returns' of clothing from consignors and adjusted Tatty's records accordingly. Answered the phone, dealt with complaints, and called consignors if needed. Spoke with staff at the warehouse (clothing processing unit) regarding 'drop-offs' and 'returns', and spoke with staff at the other store. Tidied and organised the store, styled and dressed the mannequins, and manually reduced sales ticket prices according to the system. Regularly put out large amounts of new stock and cleared old stock from the shop floor. Showed new staff or those on trials how to perform various tasks. Helped with before and after-hours cleaning, and with cash up/balancing.

Wake Up (Parnell)

June 2016December 2016

FOH/Cafe Staff/Retail Assistant

Worked in a 'Real Food Cafe' as part of a wellness centre in Parnell. Predominantly spent my time taking customers' orders on the POS system. Other duties included serving cabinet food, menu items and drinks; processing the sales of retail items; clearing and cleaning tables and keeping areas tidy; signing up customers for memberships; assisting with other duties where needed e.g. making smoothies and teas, dishwashing.

Participated in team training (personal development and team bonding) for three weeks in June-July, lead by international trainers (from Maratea Training Company).

I worked at Wake Up until the centre closed down.

Farro Fresh (Grey Lynn)

October 2016

Checkout Operator

Greeted and conversed with shoppers and processed their groceries. Handled the POS system, bagged groceries, assisted customers with Farro's points system.

This was a short-term intermediary position whilst Wake Up prepared for opening.

Hahei Holiday Resort (Coromandel)

December 2015February 2016


Cleaned cabin-style to luxury accommodation during the peak season. Interacted with customers, communicated with office staff regarding check-in times and maintenance crew when repairs were needed.

As most of the work here was seasonal, I returned to Auckland after the summer.

Private Residence (Devonport)

January 2015December 2015


Worked part-time taking care of two boys aged 8-10. Assisted with homework, provided meals, and escorted them to after-school activities and holiday excursions.

Small is Beautiful Kindergarten (Devonport)

February 2010November 2012


Cleaned the premises after school part-time for four years.

Spotless/Eden Park Catering (Kingsland)

March 2010September 2011


Worked in the Level 5 Lounge up to and during the Rugby World Cup. Processed customers' orders, distributed food and champagne, set up the lounge.


eCornell University


Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition

Three-course certificate expanding upon the work of biochemist T. Colin Campbell in The China Study. Focused predominantly on prevention, management and reversal of chronic degenerative diseases (heart disease, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune diseases, etc.) through a whole foods, plant-based diet. Stressed the importance of a "wholistic" approach to health.

Vital Hospitality

July 2014

Certificate of Achievement

Completion of module one, two and three. Proficiency in essential hospitality service training including silver service, banquet & bar set-up, beverage service, cocktail party service, grooming & presentation.


Attention to Detail

  • At Kaiaroha (2017-2018) I was responsible for manually taking & remembering orders, checking in with customers, keeping up with the cleaning schedule, and washing dishes to a high standard without a dishwasher. 
  • Detailed consignment terms & conditions at Tatty's clothing stores (2017) meant that it was crucial to fully explain and clarify the points to consignors, in order to avoid misunderstandings. Paying attention to amounts whilst manually reducing item prices and whilst scanning tickets for sales was also important.
  • Hahei Holiday Resort held their housekeepers to a high standard, especially considering that for some of their luxury accommodation guests would pay up to $500 per night. 

Effective Time Manager

  • The environment at Kaiaroha cafe (2017-2018) could be fast-paced. There was always something to do at this start-up. Prioritising my time in order to be ready for busy periods was important. 
  • Whilst working at Tatty's clothing stores (2017) I was often busy both with handling customers & consignors, and executing daily and/or weekly tasks. I was aware of having to balance the needs of browsing or paying customers, with those of consignment customers whose items we were responsible for processing. During the lunch rush the store was especially busy. good memory and the ability to multi-task were essential. 
  • At Wake Up's Real Food Cafe (2016) I gained valuable experience working under pressure. During busy times I was usually responsible for managing the POS system, and keeping an eye on other areas to help out if needed. For example, serving treats, salads, or sandwiches from the cabinet, toasting or microwaving sandwiches, serving menu food and drinks, clearing & wiping tables, making smoothies & teas, assisting the barista with drink-making, and doing dishes.
  • At Hahei Holiday Resort I cleaned under pressure and to check-in times, whilst maintaining a high standard of cleanliness and presentation.

Computer Literate

  • Familiarity with both PC and Mac systems.
  • Experience with POS software (Traxia, LS Retail and MINDBODY).
  • Knowledge of film editing software e.g. iMovie and Final Cut Pro, and photo editing software e.g. Adobe Lightroom.
  • Competence using social media for basic advertising.

Team Player

  • The team at Kaiaroha (2017-2018) being small meant that the FOH and BOH roles often overlapped. It was important to communicate well throughout the day and to take initiative, to ensure that tasks were completed on time.
  • The Tatty's team (2017) was spread between two retail stores and also the warehouse (clothing processing unit). It was important to check in with staff in other areas throughout the working day. In the large CBD store, I needed to communicate with staff in each of the three sections about supervising their respective areas.
  • As part of the Wake Up team (2016) I grew to understand and appreciate what each team member could bring to the overall operation. By getting to know the team on a personal level, I was able to better interact with them in a work environment. Team training taught me the importance of checking in with colleagues to gauge how they are feeling and perhaps what is going on for them outside of work. This not only brought us closer but also helped with task delegation and avoiding conflict in the workplace.

Confident and Friendly

  • I enjoy interacting with people and learning from their life experiences. I regularly greeted and interacted with customers as FOH staff at both Kaiaroha (2017-2018) and Wake Up (2016), as a Tatty's retail assistant (2017), and more recently for my partner's 'Conscious Action' events (2017-2018).
  • If the environment allows for it, my preference is to interact with customers or clients as people first, taking the time to get to know their personality type, opinions, likes & dislikes, and so on. 
  • Although I am comfortable with customers and a team, I also show initiative when working alone and I enjoy my own company.

Strong Written and Oral Communication Skills

  • I am a keen writer, as shown by my choice of school subjects & results.
  • I also enjoy discussion and debate.


University of Otago



  • Studied towards a Law Degree for the first Semester.

University of Auckland



  • Gained a Faculty of Law Entry Level Prize (awarded to top 40 applicants).
  • Studied media studies, politics, and philosophy within the Arts faculty. Gained entry into the University of Auckland and University of Otago law schools.

Diocesan School for Girls


  • Passed NCEA level 1 (2010), 2 (2011) and 3 (2012) with Excellence
  • Top of Subject prize for Media Studies & Classical Studies (2011) and Art History (2012)
  • Leadership positions on the Arts Council, Media Committee, Ethics Council & Human Rights Committee (2012)
  • Awarded Scholarship in three subjects (Media Studies, Classical Studies, NZ History) valued at $4,000 towards tertiary study.


In my spare time I enjoy exercising and practising yoga, making healthy & delicious food, exploring new places and being out in nature, meditating, watching documentaries, and reading.


Alara Varnel

Owner of Kaiaroha cafe

Mobile: 021 071 0920

Ju Park

Retail Manager at 'Tatty's' clothing stores

Mobile: 021 077 8157

Kayla Greenville

Former Manager at 'Wake Up' wellness centre

Mobile: 021 675 004


Rachel Goddard

Nannying client (2015) and babysitting client since 2012

Written reference available

Jamie Woodward

Babysitting client (2012-2016)

Mobile: 021 249 0645

Val Morrison

Owner of 'Small is Beautiful' Kindergarten

Ph: 09 445 2288 (please leave a message)
Mobile: 027 713 9958