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Tiffany Cerf

Volunteer/Social Work-Seeking Part/Full Time Employment

Work experience

Volunteer Work: CWA Local 7901

Volunteer Work: CWA Local 7901
OR Local, statewide, and nation campaigns(ballot measures and elections). Organizing, mobilizing, fundraising, phone bank, canvassing, strike prep, securing volunteers.

Vendor Representative

Elite Volunteer Work: CWA Local 7901
Vendor Representative: Fundraising: Vancouver, WA Fundraising for nationwide schools & organizations. Marketing, contacting of businesses, nonprofits, school programs, community centers and more to provide discount rate to youth and support school music, sport, and art programs nationwide. Designing, proofing, printing & documentation for each client.

Community Action

Community Action
Experience /:, OR: Presidential Elections Support, local, statewide, & nation campaigns(ballot measures and elections). Organizing, mobilizing, fundraising, phone bank, canvassing, strike prep, securing volunteers

SEIU Local

SEIU Local
Community Action/Volunteer Work:, Salem OR: Phone Bank Canvassing for 2010 & 2012

Community Action/Volunteer Work: SEIU Astoria

Community Action/Volunteer Work: SEIU Astoria
OR: Obama for America Campaign
Oct 2013Present

Intern/member of Social Media Board/Correspondence Comittee

OADP Oregon Alternatives for the Death Penalty


Western Oregon University Non-Traditional Students Org
Feb 2011Jun 2011


Walker Middle School

Student Aid/Assistant/Mentor: Salem OR: Assisting low income, disadvantaged youth/7th grade level in reading, writing, speech, motivation, gain in self-esteem, mentoring and conflict management. Intern/:: Salem, OR

Jan 2009Jan 2011

Domestic Violence Shelter/Thrift Store

Deja Vu

Astoria, OR: Donation Intake sorting, labeling, pricing, floor work, customer assistance and sales, cashier, providing victims with resources, and/or directing them to department/person, cleaning and organization, décor, & mural painting.


AAUW/WINGS Conference Participant & Volunteer

AAUW/WINGS Conference Participant & Volunteer

Encouraging women, over the age of 25 to attend college, as well as provide them with the resources needed to so. Student Aid/Assistant/Mentor: Salem OR



Western Oregon University


Social Media
Work involving educating the public, organization, marketing and advertising of events through use of multiple online social media sites, and printed materials, reaching multiple groups, ranging in diversity of characteristics including age groups, social -economical status,cultural aspects, class, race, religious/spiritual organizations, education level excreta..
Women Advocacy
Canvasing/Organizing/Union Work


Director of O.A.D.P Ron Steiner

Our mission is to repeal the Oregon Death Penalty Fr: Ron Steiner, OADP Re: Professional Reference for Internship of Tiffany Cerf Tiffany Cerf engaged as an intern, with Oregonians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty (OADP) since early October of this year, throughout which we had several discussions, by phone, email, and in person, about our work and the opportunities to work together. I was very impressed, when it became obvious that she had done independent research on her own about death penalty abolition work, and OADP. Originally the idea was to have Tiffany work on the proposed “Crime Victims and Law Enforcement Building Bridges event. That effort was postponed due to a need for a better organized event, mutually decided by Prof. Gibbons, Prof. Plec and myself. When that decision was made it was necessary to re-direct Tiffany’s efforts elsewhere. Part of Tiffany’s internship work involved OADP’s plan in moving forward to our “educational campaign”, which involved informing voters about the issues surrounding the death penalty. Much of that effort was centered on planning, staging and hosting events. One genre of events is ecumenical faith community gatherings. OADP and Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon staged such an event in Portland on Oct. 16th great success; which we plan to replicate that effort in several Oregon towns/cities over the first half of 2014. Since the postponement of the Victim’s event, Tiffany has been working on the ecumenical event preparation efforts. In my observations I would state that Tiffany is well-intentioned, well-skilled and well-focused in her work on behalf of OADP and the multiple details involved in the projects we have given her. She has shown great initiative in searching out potential supporting organizations, which went beyond the list of potential participants we originally provided to her. This work requires here to do research on line, make telephone contact to verify contact persons, contact information, and record that information for future contact. I am doing similar work on different identified towns/cities; therefore I understand the time and effort it takes to accomplish the tasks. Tiffany has done an excellent job of keeping up with my own individual progress and has proven to be successful in this line of work, and at the tasks involved. I would evaluate her work as “exceeding expectations”. Tiffany has also been pro- active with our Social Media, and Communications Committee, working with its chair and board member Terrie Rodello. She has demonstrated valuable talent, as well as interest in the social media aspects that OADP is trying to develop. She has also been working with Donna Selbeck and the Correspondence Committee. She has been of great value to both of these endeavors. I have been very pleased with Tiffany’s efforts, tasks, and dedication and over all work she performed as an intern for OADP. Tiffany’s dedication, knowledge, experience, and passion to encourage, assist and educate people of all backgrounds, and diversity, in order to better communities makes her a perfect candidate for work that involves the betterment of communities, organizations, and individuals. Please let me know if there are more specific things you wish to know. Ron Steiner, OADP board chair (503) 990-7060 [email protected] P.O. Box2765 Salem, OR 97308

Dr. Emily Plec Communications Proffessor

Please accept this letter of recommendation for Tiffany Cerf, who has applied for a position with your organization. I was Tiffany’s professor at several points throughout her college career at Western Oregon University and can attest to her passion for issues of justice and equality. Tiffany is a dedicated individual who is willing to work hard to help improve the lives of others. She has a broad familiarity with social media and conducted senior capstone project in which she assisted a local human dignity group with outreach, event planning, and organizational communication. She is hard-working and resourceful, willing to take initiative and follows directions well. Tiffany is also a good team player and able to establish rapport with a wide range of people from all different walks of life. I hope you will give her application the utmost consideration. If I can be of further assistance in answering any questions you may have about Tiffany’s qualifications, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]


Oct 2013Present

Institutional Review Board Certificate for Study of Human Research

The study, testing, and research of human study following with completion of human studies test in order to complete/ gain certification to perform studies of diverse, vulnerable groups of human subjects. Earned through Western Oregon University Institutional Review Board. .