Christopher Kranert

Christopher Kranert

Work experience

Work experience

Manager of Training and Quality

Manager of Training and Quality, Dallas, TX.

Responsible for the training and quality initiatives across multiple client contracts in the Dallas, TX. Headquarters of Stream, International.

Accountable for the continuous design and implementation of internal and client specific quality and training processes. These processes were standardized for use in all domestic sites.

  • Exceeded contractual specifications for a leading ISP's customer satisfaction within 30 days of project implementation.
  • Created reporting that allowed for alterations to the new hire curriculum based upon measurable production results.
  • Collaborated with Business Development (Sales) in the RFP Process to acquire new contracts with significant earnings.
  • Implemented a leading DSL hardware manufacturer's contract, authoring and facilitating training curriculum. This included internal and customer facing troubleshooting flowcharts for various DSL modems and personal networking equipment. 
Apr 2005 - Present

Senior Customer Service Manager

Senior Customer Service Manager, Orlando Region 

Accountable for managing and providing leadership to the Customer Service teams in the Orlando Region.

Responsible for the operational aspects of the Customer Service Contact Center.

  • Developed the Quarterly Business Review process for our Supervisory staff. It enables them to publicly share their successes and opportunities with their peers and management.
  • Instrumental in the implementation of the Compass Knowledge Management System in Orlando, as well as suggested several key features. For example, suggesting articles be numbered and the Internet Explorer start page be directed to Compass.
  • Designed and implemented a measurable coaching process (CADET) used throughout the Orlando Contact Center. This process includes coaching of front-line and Supervisory staff.
  • Promoted to Senior Manager in 2009.
Nov 2004 - Dec 2005

Manager of Training and Quality

Managerof Training and Quality, Orlando Region

Accountable for leading all quality and training initiatives within the Orlando Region’s Customer Contact Center.

Responsible for developing, implementing and facilitating quality and training processes and standards to ensure the delivery of exceptional quality support and services to Bright House Networks customers.

  • Developed the key performance indicators used to manage the Orlando Region’s call center staff. The process was later refined and implemented across all Bright House Networks call centers.
  • Designed methods and procedures to test course materials for quality, audience suitability, and accuracy of objectives and expected learning experience.
  • Established standards for selecting and developing new instructors while appraising the performance and developmental needs of existing training resources.
2002 - 2004

Operations Manager / Business Director

Operations Manager/Business Director, Tampa, FL                

Responsible for the overall financial and operational aspects of domestic and international call centers.

Accountable for growth and profitability of Stream International’s client base across multiple sites.Managed new client implementation, pricing and sales promotion.

  • Established an offshore site in Bangalore, India. It required the design and delivery of training materials as well as the on-site and remote management of the Bangalore site.
  • Re-established a multi-contract domestic site in Dallas, TX. It included the successful launch of a leading ISP's Narrowband and Broadband projects.
  • Managed a remote site tasked with providing local IT support to users in Plantation, FL. Responsible for reacquiring the contract with potential earnings over one million dollars annually.
  • Managed process improvement initiatives meant to reduce defects within the organization. For example, collaboratively authored a process that ensured a new hire was able to access all systems on their first day of work.
  • Consistently delivered gross margin percentages above the 31% goal.
  • Created measurable and timely reporting enabling projects to surpass client dictated quality and service delivery goals.





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